Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tofu Burji

So the Valentines Day is over and here I have something for all your hearts which went through a lot on this day. So here’s to a healthier, better HEART --- Tofu.
Tofu Burji is something I learned recently from my wonderful friend S. The first time I had it , it tasted so good, I didn’t believe it was tofu, I was sure it was eggs. It is sooooooo tasty that you have to eat it to believe it and even if you are not a big time Tofu fan, I insist, yes insist that you try it at least once before giving a verdict.
Of course the fact that S is a great cook made the whole thing easier. She told me exactly what to do to make it simple yet very tasty. Thanks to S who is not only a great cook but also a entrepreneur, check out her business portal BombayAvenue

Tofu Burji, a very simple and easy recipe, healthy and yet delicious. This tastes exactly like egg burji or scrambled eggs. Only thing is it takes more time than to make egg burji, don’t try to rush it, doesn’t help. Since we are great “egg in all form” lovers ( Sunday ho ya Monday, roj khao Andey) but can’t have too much because of the cholesterol factor, this recipe was a delight. Now I make it enough and pack it for lunch often. You can have it with Roti or just by itself, what we end up doing most of the time. My daughter who is an egg fan too, eats this happily thinking its scrambled eggs and that is a big achievement I tell you


Tofu Burji

What you Need

Tofu ~ 1 packet NaSoya soft tofu
Onion ~ 1 and ½ chopped fine
Tomato ~ 1 chopped in small pieces
Garlic ~ ½ clove chopped fine (not shown in pic)
Green Chilli ~ 4/ 5 finely chopped (not shown in pic)
Corriander leaves ~ quarter of a bunch chopped (not shown in pic)

Olive Oil

How I Do It

Drain water from the soft tofu packet and crumble it with your hands. It’s very soft and will crumble easily
Chop onions real fine, chop the tomatoes in small pieces. Same as you would for egg burji
Heat Olive Oil in a Frying pan
Add the chopped garlic
As soon as you get the flavor of garlic, add the chopped onion. Fry till they turn a nice pink
Add the chopped tomatoes and sauté till the tomatoes are well cooked and mixed well
Add the green chillies if you want them.
Add the crumbled tofu.
Sauté till all the water evaporates. Since soft tofu retains a lot of moisture a lot of water may come out and so this step will take some time. You need to dry up all the water and by the end of this the tofu should be dry
At this point you may need to add a little oil, add a lttle to add a little more flavor
Add half of the chopped coriander, salt and mix well and sauté for some more time
Taste to see if it tastes like scrambled eggs, if not yet, you need to sauté a little more.
The end result would look like the pic below
Garnish with rest of the coriander and serve with Roti or enjoy by itself

Note: More Tofu Burji Recipes
Tofu Podimas from

Update on May 2007: Did this with Firm Tofu and that turned out good as well

Trivia:The English word "tofu" comes from the Japanese tōfu which itself derives from the Chinese dòufǔ. Though Tofu is of Chinese origin in both languages it means "bean curd"



  1. Looks yummy Sandeepa, and can't get any easier... perfect for a quick weeknight supper. I'm a tofu fan so will surely try this :)

  2. Hello..
    Ur way of explaination itself make my mouth watering..I never tried Tofu,But I want to taste it anyway..Looks Yummy and delicious!!!

  3. That looks good!!!!! But I am allergic to tofu :(
    Will make it with paneer through :) !!!!!

  4. tofu burji??? now i have to try this. if u say it tastes that good then i am surely gonna try this soon sandeepa n will let u know:) thatnks to u and ur friend S for sharing this recipe...

  5. Sandeepa, Tofu Burji looks really delicious! you were'nt describing my family by any chance were you? just kidding, we all love eggs especially egg burji, in fact we cooked it last night and the rice went down(for the kids) without a whimper.
    But like you said I am averse to eating eggs daily, but tofu is something else but I can't say I like it all that much so I am going to give this a try and give the verdict soon. Thanks friend 'S' too.

  6. Almost looks like Egg Bhurgi.Yummy! Trisha loves Tofu,will try this for her.Thanks Sandeepa and 'S'!!

  7. oh this is good for hubby...he loved to experiment with Tofu...I must have him look at this one.

    Thanks Sandeepa, for your comment on my blog!


  8. @For All Tofu Non Lovers

    My advise while cooking this is continue cooking till it tastes like egg, at least that is what I do :) So it takes a bit of time

    If you are atofu fan, you would definitely like it

    One more for K :)

    I am not very fond of tofu either but it's good for health and since this tastes so yummy, we have it often

    Yeah I was thinking of you when I was posting this :)

    Yeah try this and let me know

    I am not much of a tofu fan either but this really tastes good. Only take care to dry out all the water and coook really well

    I really love this , so hopefully you guys would too

  9. This is such a unique recipe. Tofu bhurji. I used to enjoy eating eggs in the past, but left eating them in pure form (boiled, omeletes and bhurjis). Dont mind eggs in cakes and bakes though. A logic I cannot explain even to myself. But, this is great Sandeepa. Thanks for the recipe!

  10. BTW, I have some extra firm organic tofu in my fridge waiting to be used. Do you think I could use them instead of soft?

  11. Hema
    I used soft tofu because that's what S recommended, it crumbled easily by hand

    For firm maybe you won't be able to crumble easily, but if you can that should be fine.It should be crumbled into small pieces, like say when you make paneer burji.

  12. Thats looks delciious..looks just like egg bhurji.I have never tried tofu at home..will try now.Same here, sunday - monday ..eggs..eggs n' more eggs.

  13. Great way to purge the toxins from my recent meat-eating binge! :) I don't know if you can find it over there, but when I was still in S'pore, I could find what's called "egg tofu", which actually incorporated egg yolks. It was pretty good!

  14. I've made this before!!! almost exactly like you describe - threw in some coriander-cumin and pepper too...I am a big time tofu fan and sub tofu for anything that calls for egg (omlette, deviled eggs etc)And nasoya is the best brand I've seen, except for their pre-spiced tofu, the rest are very good!

  15. nice!!!! it looks like egg bhurji and smells like it too ;-)

  16. thanks for dropping by my blog, Sandeepa! My Hubby doesn't like Tofu at all, though I don't mind it as much. Can never get him to eat it however! I gues I should try it this way and trick him into believing it's paneer! Great recipe!

  17. Hi Sandeepa

    Nice recipe. But I don't like tofu, probably I will try it with paneer

  18. hi sandeepa
    looks tasty .i have heard this recipe but never give a try..

  19. That is a great recipe, Sandeepa. Will try it soon...

  20. Tofu burfi! Looks intersting.

  21. hey sandeepa ,

    lovely recipe and i truly loved your post on val's day :)

    i am failry romantic and i agree its overcommercialised ..also we dont need a special day to profess our love for someone but i dont mind the extra celebration of love and hence so far it agrees with me...

    we both cut out the presents this yr ...cooked him a nice romantic meal though:)

  22. Maheshwari
    Tofu is so healthy that I try to incorporate in to my food and we love eggs too but D's cholesterol being on the higher side have to keep a check

    Never saw egg tofu here, or maybe never looked, though spiced up tofus can be found

    Please post some tofu recipes, I don't know many

    Sniff !! Sniff !!

    Doesn't taste like paneer though, me think

    Hey try tofu, I know even I am not a big tofu fan but this really tasted good. Paneer anyway tastes good so normal paneer burji is better than this

    Yeah try it

    Secret, Secret :) :) Don't let the hubby know

    good to see you

    Just for Fun
    Thanks :)

    Tomake anekdin por dekhe khub bhalo laglo :)

  23. Hi Sandeepa, you have an interesting blog here. :) How come I missed it all this time!

    I am a burji fan tho' not a tofu fan, but now i'll convince myself to try this recipe out -tofu being healthy et al!! Thanks for the recipe and the tips!

  24. I like tofu and though I have gone thru recipes for tofu bhurji,never really gave it much attention.I like my tofu deep fried with honey-peanut spicy sause,just like they serve in thai restaurants(atleast the one we used to frequent in NJ).Will give this a try once.guess the picture speaks more than all the recipes...

    Thanks for your comment about Ananya's injury.she is doing fine now.

  25. Hey
    I remember having this in Malaysian airlines, at first I tought it was egg, my husband told me that its made out of tofu!! I never tried this at home, should make sometime. Thanks for sharing delicious & healthy recipe.

  26. I try very hard to incorporate tofu into my know you dont have to like somethings but they are still good for you? :-)
    Maybe this burji will help!

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  29. Sandeepa,
    I kind of never liked tofu as they were always in the form of cubes. Always felt they were a little bland inspite of it being incorporated in nice tasty gravies. Now after seeing your burji I am so very much tempted to try it. Making it in burji style oh my god how creative is that.

  30. and if you are planning to come this side, do plan to drop by my place. Atleast, nemontonno roilo.

  31. I guess its okie. Actually dont know the exact address but I know where it is, maane driving raasta bolte paari but exact address dite bodhay parbo na. Ager comment ta delete korlam so that not everyone needs to know my email id.

  32. Anyways, nemontonno still roilo. I was wondering, je NJ/NY te shab pawa jaaye to why come to MD/ NOVA to get fish. Anyways, bangla chinese from Mughal keyechilam. Daroon chilo. :)

  33. Mughal e chilo, an aquaintance brought it and said it was so. Btw, bolchi, lets chat on email rather than blog, if you dont mind.

  34. dear Sandeepa,
    I am not abig fan of Tofu ,but this one is sure gonna try soon, thanks for sharing ..
    hugs and smiles

  35. Hi Sandeepa,
    Tofu is very good for health and I have tried many dishes with it. Instead of paneer I have used tofu in many dishes but somehow I did not like the taste of tofu .. but when I tried this burji recipe(I have posted it as tofu podimas) I loved it and this has become one of our regular dish.It sure is tasty

  36. Jyotsna
    Thanks for taking a peek :)

    Vini K, Ashwini, Seema
    I do not like tofu much as I find it a bit bland too. I too tried doing it like Paneer, but had to marinate it etc. to get a little taste in the tofu. However this very easy, yet tasteful, with all the goodness of tofu, so I love it

    Vini K
    Good to know little A is doing

    Airlines !!Yeah first time when I had those pasta shell salad in an airline I thought it was seafood :)

    Kolkatay ajkal Tofu paoa jay. Last time dekhechilam Soy Milk chilo

    Just checked your recipe, shall put a link in mine

    ha, ha, bhaloi blog chat hochilo :) Thanks for your help with the macher dokan. Hope she gets in touch with you

  37. Glad to be of help. blog chat guno delete korlam, i hope you dont mind. You can email me if anything else arises or you are here then surely drop by. I can also try to show of my culinary skills "Ghoti lok ranna korte jaane" prove korte hobe to. Just kidding.

  38. came across your blog and found really good delicious recipes. I generally make paneer burji and tofu version looks great and healthy. Thanxs for sharing

  39. Thanks for linking me Sandeepa..

  40. Tofu has a natural charecterestic odour which is not accebtable to many even after it is marinated and well cooked.
    I came across a recipe given by Manjula of Dalitoy to freeze the Tofu to get rid of this odour.I have found this to be the answer
    I would like to know removal of moisture by the way you have suggested will make Tofu free from the natural raw odour

  41. Hi Baskaran
    The Nasoya organic tofu that I get doesn't really have an odour that affects me.
    Anyway in this dish, I get a very pleasant appetising smell but then I thought it was all that cooking and sauteing would do that, not sure.
    I also make Palak Tofu etc. where I lightly fry the tofu pieces to a golden colour before adding to the dish

  42. Hello Sandeepa
    Thanks for the reply . Will try your ideas to fry Tofu well to get rid of the smell
    Thanks again

  43. Hi Sandeepa, I just made it this morning - I bought firm tofu by mistake but used it anyway. I made it just like egg bhurji and both my daughter and husband (huge egg lovers) did not seem to notice any difference. Only comment was "aajke dime onek beshi tel dhelecho". I'll use less oil next time as the volume of tofu reduced quite a bit as it dried up. Thanks for this awesome recipe!

  44. Nice blog Sandeepa :)
    Took time to go through some portions of your blog , will try out the tofu bhurji today :)
    By the way very nice pics of tofu burji, very well laid out and highly organised blog

    Have a great day , Sandeepa !

  45. It turned out really nice Sandeepa. Thanks for such a nice recipe.

    Actually I used Extra Firm Tofu and cut the tofu slab into small small pieces (as if you are cutting onions). I was able to prepare this dish in just half an hour with Extra Firm Tofu as there is less moisture in it.

    Definitely going into my recipe book

  46. I loved this recipe Sandeepa di. It is so easy to make and was very flavorful. If I did not know what went into it, I would have mistaken this for egg bhurji !


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