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Mango Pudding

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With the parents gone, the 3 year old demanding total attention and all my time and the allergy season in place I am at the verge of having no time left at all. On top of this I hear GBP Summer humming at my right ear. And while I sneeze and look tearfully at the world I shove seeds in the soil with one hand the other grappling the 3 year old who wants to prod the same seed to check for life.

So though I am cooking to sustain myself and the family, I don’t get time to put it down on paper or the screen. With bleary eyes and a heavy head I don’t even know if I am typing right and have left it on Word to correct me. Fortunately these recipes were written down about a month back so I am not typing them out wrong, so stay put and don't even think of hopping on to the next lively space and not listen to my melancholy allergy induced thoughts.

I am just posting the recipes as two different posts as it helps in indexing. Don’t fret, I won’t mind if you don’t comment on both. But if you want you can do so. So while in one you tell me “how sorry you feel for me” in the next you can say “That’s a yummy looking dish”. See I even give you suggestions to make life easy for you, I am such a nice human bean with a warm compassionate heart…Achooo !!! I am blessed .

Mango Pudding is the easiest dessert that you can whip up when you have 20 guests over for dinner and you have already cooked 5 dishes and 2 appetizers. At the point when you have no energy and cursing your own social life and promising to yourself to stick to just 2 hand picked friends, Mango Pudding is the sweetest, quickest, easiest thing that can happen to you.

Mango Pudding

What You Need

This is good for 10 people, for 20 you have to pair it with mango ice cream or mango sorbet or make more of this

Condensed Milk ~ 1 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk
Sweet Mango Pulp ~ twice the amount of condensed milk. From a can of Indian brand mango pulp I measured out about 28oz
Eggs ~ 3
Fresh sweet mango Pieces - if available. In absence of this I used fresh strawberries sweetened with sugar

How I Did It

In a Bowl add 1 can of Condensed Milk
Add Mango Pulp twice the amount of the condensed milk
Mix well
Add 3 eggs
Whisk well to get a smooth mix
Pour in lightly greased Oven proof baking dish. If you can bake in individual baking/serving cups its best because taking the pudding out of the tray becomes tricky at times. If anyone has a good tip on this do let me know.
Heat Oven to 350F
Bake for 30-40 minutes till its done
Refrigerate and serve chilled. Dress it up with fresh sweet mango pieces. In absence of these I used fresh strawberries

Things don't get simpler than this. Things get better if you pair this with Mango Sorbet from Haagen Dazs

There are several different ways of doing this and there are recipes sans eggs too.

Since this has Mango albeit the pulp and looks springy enough I am sending this to Meeta's Spring is in the Air.

Also sending this for AFAM-Mango created by Maheshwari of Beyond The Usual and hosted by Deepa of Recipes N More. Thanks Sig & Deepa for reminding me

I am late but I wanted to be apart of A TASTE OF YELLOW hosted by Barbara of WineandFoodies as aLIVESTRONG DAY event. This is my teen weeny bit for all of you whose courage shines through.

Trivia:Paisley cloth really comes from India, and the design which is a stylized depiction of mango is used on cloth because the mango is held to be a symbol of fertility(Source:Everything2)



  1. Sandeepa.... Hope you feel better soon... Good to know that the allergies didn't take your sense of humor away :D U always make me smile....
    Mango pudding looks awesome, I was thinking of making mango pudding too, but a different recipe for AFAM... BTW,you should send this to AFAM too, the fruit of the month is Mango!!

  2. Hello fellow allergy sufferer,I understand your pain.Fortunately,so far I have been on just tablets,no shots yet!It rained too,so pollen is down.Hope you take of yourself,it is hard I know!Hugs.

    That mango bowl looks divine.Wish I could have some.I looked at the last post too,yummy.Enjoy Sandeepa,take it easy buddy.Hugs:)

  3. Hi Sandeepa.. Hope you feel better soon. It was fun reading your post, but I can understand the pain you are going through.
    Look mango pudding and this one is sure going to be my next to try.

  4. Oh Sandeepa, you are such a cutie :) With all the allergies, you wit is still supreme :) Get well soon. The mango pudding sounds yummy. Mangoes, chilled mangoes.....hmm, i can feel th yummy taste and fragrance.....i am nostalgic. Mangoes are something else, and i mean desi mangoes. Alphonso, Malda, Dassehri, Safeda, Banganapalli, Malgoba, Raspuri, missing mangoes!

  5. Just came back from DDs soccer game, her friend and her mom have allergies and I know how bad that can be. Get better how ironic we wait for Spring to get out and these allergies make you want to rush indoors it does not matter?
    Get better Sandeepa!

    Mango Pudding, I have tried a slightly different variation should give this a shot, sure would be a kids favorite.

  6. Sandeepa, what I wanted to ask was being indoors does not matter right?

  7. Hope you feel better soon Sandeepa.

    Mango pudding looks great...Now i know what i would be cooking for Coffee's MBP event

  8. Hope you get well soon sandeepa ...Different Pudding..I am also having "AFAM -Mango" ..You can send me this entry too ....

  9. how sorry i feel for you.

  10. How sorry I feel for you!!!! Take care dear!!! :) I wont say how lovely a dish is this since I am not a mango fan...... So I will save that for pineapple malpuah since I am the biggest fan of pineapple ever!!!!!

  11. Sig
    Yeah I have seen mango pudding without eggs too, haven't tried them though

    My case is not as bad as yours. Your allergy seems to be worse. I make do with OTC meds

    Don't worry sweetie, not so much pain, it's just that I don't get enough time to sit and type. See now at 2:30 midnight I am awake and typing away. No sneezing since evening only itchy eyes :)

    Yeah fresh juicy mangoes would go so well with this

    My allergy is not really that bad, hope I didn't get everyone worried. I do get itchy watery eyes and sneeze a lot but the OTC meds work ok. A friend of mine has a very bad case of allergy and she can't do any gardening at all. Mine is not that bad.

    This one is super duper easy and quick

    Sent it, thanks for reminding :)

    Got the point, ok :)

    Achche bachche baat mante hain..good good.
    You don't like Mangoes.....don't you know "Aam falo(n) ka raaja hai" !!!

  12. :) will certainly blog from india as well...u will hear me vent frm bombay. this was just a 3 month assignment. but first, ten days in shoshurbari---kolkata. so rolls and phuchka on the agenda. and before u start feeling jealous, let me assure u i will eat some on ur behalf as well ;)

    and oh...i dont think u know abt my other blog: its between the two of them u will always know what's going on in life!

    pls delete this on reading...its practically an email!

  13. Sandeepa, do get better soon...loved the one of my favourite, what else...

  14. Hi dear, what a bother.. I hope little S doesn't catch it either!

    This is one recipe my mom will definitely appreciate. She's driven me nuts with loads of different versions of mango pudding, so I failed to listen what the last one's made of, haha! Condensed milk sounds good and rich!

    Hey, thanks for the trivia on paisley, I have always wondered about the mango shape! :)

  15. sad face...think happy thoughts and keep smiling :))) Am sure it just an interim phase and you will get used to the new schedules,,,,,and all your fellow bloggers are saying 'bless u " each and everytime u 'aachoooo" :)

    Liked your mango pudding but you really made me crave for pineapple malpua !


  16. There is a Mango Icecream with chunks of Mango from hagen Daz.

    I have my eyedrops for the allergy season. Saw my car the other day it has a layer of yellow pollen.

  17. :) you're funny! I did indeed leave a 'yummy' comment in the other one, but that was an original thought - I assure you! this recipe seems like a crowd pleaser and will test it out at the next social event. all credits (and otherwise) will be rolled back to you ;)

  18. I'm sitting here sneezing too! It's no fun at all! But, I would feel so much better if I had some of your marvelous mango pudding! And with Haagen Dazs ice cream? Drool!!!!

  19. oh!!!! how r u feeling now? hope u recover from allergy pretty soon and enjoy the summer:)

  20. Hey, hope you're feeling better. Both desserts look good, don't think I've ever tried a mango-and-egg combination before!

  21. Sandeepa - aswin has allergies too... Hope you feel better soon. The mango pudding looks delicious. But I have my eyes on the pineapple malpua.. If only I could put my hand through the computer, you would have seen an empty plate there :)

  22. Hey Sandeepa
    Hope u feel better soon. Mango Pudding looks scrumptious. I,m ready to dig-in:).
    Pineapple Malpua looks delicious.

  23. Hope you are feeling better Sandeepa. I am going to get hold of some mangoes today. I am somehow not able to control my urge to eat them. I love anything and everything with mangoes. Your pudding looks so good.

  24. hi Sandeepa, Me too not well:(
    btw loved the pudding. my friend made this once and i loved it. urs is different. nice vibrant pic. will try out since mango season is on its way.

  25. A friend of mine makes the same with mango pulp, cream cheese, Cool whip and gelatin. And it turns out great. You might want to try it out as a variant.
    Hope you're feeling well and like always its a pleasure reading your blog.

  26. thanks for asking about me. you are such a darling.
    I and Adi are having bad cold and cough. Adi's cold always leads him to Asthma which is very heart breaking for me. I feel terrible when he has to take inhalers at this age.
    he has been going to school since monday and I am the new nervous driver here. I get so tensed while driving that when I reach home I get a headache. Might sound funny but thats the reason I am not able to blog much.


  27. Hi sandeepa
    mmm yummy mango pudding.

  28. wow...great colours...i love the pudding...looks wonderful...thanks for sharing

  29. Hey, hope you're feeling better.That mango bowl looks great.

  30. Thank you for your entry to A tatse of Yellow Sandeepa. It looks healthy and colourful.

  31. Hay its a lovely pudding... its a colourful one.

  32. Hope you're feeling better now, San! Pudding looks good. For a minute I thought they were mango pieces! :)

  33. Mango pudding looks divine Sandeepa.. Can u make this without eggs????
    Feel sorry for you ... take care sweetie.

  34. Hi there nice blog here - recipes look and sound yummy :)

  35. Dear dear, hope you are doing well and ahem...both recipes do look great(oh, the latter part was supposed to be a comment for the previous post)! Heheehehee.
    You should read what my bro wrote a few months back in his blog

    We food bloggers are predictable...aren't we?

  36. Hi Sandeepa,
    Nice photo with my favorite fruit mango. I love your mango pudding and pineapple malpua my dear........Thanks for sharing

  37. THANKS to all of you who took the time and came here to bless me :) Sorry couldn't reply to each as I was busy sneezing :)
    take care and thanks again

  38. Looks incredible Sandeepa. You have the best sense of humor!!

  39. This one looks gr8!!!! indeed an easy dish to make when you have a whole lot of guests coming over!! :)

  40. Easy and quick recipe.I have bookmarked it,lets try it :-)

  41. Your Mango pudding looks awesome, but if one is pure veggie and/or in a rush, there's a real quickie. I've made it with pulp, heavy whipping cream, gelatin and of course sugar; done in ten minutes flat, no eggs, no baking...

  42. this mango pudding certainly superb but i m lit nervous with adding of eggs. is there any otherway to avoid these eggs. pls suggets me if posssible. thanks.

  43. hii, your dishes are a great help to me, am newly married and i can impress my husband through your recipir, they are easy to make and delicious

  44. hii, am newly married and your recipies are a great help to me..well my husband is also impressed with me.

  45. please give me a good recipe for bengali rasgulla. I tried so many, I have quite a few successful ones but I am looking for the creamy,yellowish,soft ones which never collapse and are quite dense without being tough. PLEASE.

  46. Sorry Chk

    I have never made rasgullas.

  47. I just love Mango and Mango pudding. I usually buy it at the supermarket. Now I can make my own now.. Thanks for the great post.

  48. I made this pudding, adding a sachet of gelatine to the mixture. Baked it for an hour. The gelatine helped it set very well. Thanks for the recipe.

  49. I made this pudding, adding a sachet of gelatine to the mix. Baked it for an hour. It came out very well, with the gelatine helping the pudding to set well. Thanks for the recipe.

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