Friday, January 30, 2009

CLICK: Tom-a-tar


I say Tomayto, You say...

Remember my mystery bounty from Summer of 2007. This time they are being sent to the gorgeous couple @ CLICK RED.

In another news I just read that a blogger was bullied by NDTV to withdraw his post written in the aftermath of Mumbai Terror on Nov 27th. So a blogger doesn't have the freedom of speech errr or blog anymore ?

Quoting Patrix "Chetan’s post titled ‘Shoddy Journalism’ (now removed but available on Google cache) was one of the well-written rants in the blogosphere that documented the Indian media’s failings and handling of this crisis."

I don't have NDTV and didn't follow Barkha Datt's reporting either but I don't see anything wrong in what this guy has put forth, which is his opinions.

Isn't NDTV acting like the big bully. And what happened to democracy ? What is your take ?

Chetan's Cached Post -- "Shoddy Journalism"

His apologies


  1. ndtv is like all other corporate-owned media who wants freedom of expression, but not for those who criticise it.

    gorgeous click.

  2. Yeah, I remember that photo!

    Have been reading about NDTV over the blogs. Didn't expect it of them.

  3. lovely click! I am beginning to think a lot of the media operate more like the mafia!

  4. tom tom ta anek anek juicy ..i guess!great click n great entry!:)

    First time here n love ur treasure trove of recipes. :)

  5. yeah...NDTV...big fish small fish...concept dear!

    aar ki bolbo...erokumei hoye. frustating ...

  6. beautiful click!

    Thanks for the link about the NDTV issue, I wasnt aware of it really. But then, this might be just one of so many other cases....

  7. Money and power trump democratic rights. I saw a bit of the coverage and was appalled at some of what the so called journalists were saying on air. Thanks for posting this.

    I remember the photo, it is a beauty.

  8. Beautiful red Rubies! :))

    Democracy is in the name only now a days. Remember what happened to Dixie Chicks just because they said "We are ashamed that Bush is from Texas"?! :P

  9. My doubts:

    1: why did the blogger withdraw his/her observations in the first place? (I dont know the extent of bullyism or the behind the scenes activities)

    2: if it's about defamatory statements, there re lots of things being said and written about this particular journalist and the tv channel she will they go behind each blogger and demand such an apology??

  10. Lovely click, media ruling :no more freedom for a blogger!

  11. beautiful click!
    thanks for the warm wishes. have just been a bit preoccupied, and so blogging has taken a back seat, but will get back to it soon.

  12. Saw this in the gallery. What a lovely pic. I love the way they reflected on the water... Monay hochey tomar barite grow kora tomato.. tai ki? wasn't around here in 2007.

  13. beautiful click.

    and !@#%^ NDTV! I saw the coverage videos on the web, and at the end of each clip was a tag line "We are first to bring you thiS report"

  14. I renmember this gorgeous photo too :-)

    I agree,democracy is just a another word :-(

  15. that is a gorgeous pic... and yeah, I saw that story in the news too.. I am still not sure why this blogger had to withdraw his post when there is so much open criticism out there against NDTV and Barkha in the media.

  16. Hi Sandeepa

    May be what I will write will not fall in the wave of public emotions.But that is reality

    India respects freedom of speech, but since many of you would be in some way or other associated with some form of social networking site, you'd appreciate that it is absolutely mandatory that the contents/ POVs get moderated for public consumption.

    While accusations are'shoddy journalism' I think that is a little too harsh. Firstly, as we see the capsule repeatedly, does not mean anchor or the journalist is breathing down the neck of the respondent round the day.

    Secondly, no respondent is answering unwillingly, hence the act is happening at mutual interest of both parties

    Thirdly, I do accept that media today takes too much risk and covers news. This was admitted by Dr Prannoy Roy himself as well.

    In an attempt to sensitise the whole nation about the event,may be somewhere we step on the toes of people who can not face these for longer duration. I do accept this and believe no act of the news channels should in any way intrude personal areas or put the nation's security at stake.

    Whether it is Barkha or anyone else, I think they have done their duty of covering the event to the t.

    However, I as an individual might not be in agreement with the versions or modus operandi of some channel, but I do not have the liberty of defaming an individual or channel.

    I think it is this fine line of freedom vs defamation which is being debated.

    With due respect to all opinions/ comments, I request you to step down from the current emotional POV and think again

  17. BWM

    First I haven't watched Barkha Datt's reporting so I am in no position to judge her or the media.

    Secondly, my POV was nothing to do with the reporting(since I had not watched it) it was more about why the media picked up this blogger who wasn't really "defaming" a channel but putting across his opinions/criticisms. If his language was thought to be "abusive" he should have been asked to edit his post of such languages.

    Even Wiki in their article about Barkha Datt has these criticisms, so why was this blogger alone picked and asked to apologize

    I also agree with Mishmash here as to why did this particular blogger even oblige. Maybe there is more to the story than I am aware of

    I agree with you that there is a fine line between freedom and defamatory statements but then who draws the line, that is the question here I guess.

  18. Also

    Since you say,
    "Secondly, no respondent is answering unwillingly, hence the act is happening at mutual interest of both parties"

    I agree but when it is something like the media which influences the mass, don't you think there should be more social responsibilty in part of the reporters/media

  19. They way the media acted in the reporting of the crisis, they hardly have a leg to stand on. Click khubh shundor.

  20. Thanks so much for replying! Ya I guess to be on the safe side I'd just make twice the quantity that you mentioned.
    I got mango essence from the Indian Market, how much of that should I use? A few drops should be good if I want a distinct mango flavor?

    Also I see a big difference between oven temperatures and timings between your recipe and the recipe you referred to..
    I' would just go ahead and follow what you said.. 400 degree for 40-45 minutes..
    Will let you know how it turned out.. thanks a ton! :)

  21. Bullying anywhere is a sad state of affairs; unfortunately I am sure it goes on everywhere... on a happier note that's a lovely photo Sandeepa -- makes me wish for spring gardening! :)

  22. You are right! Did you see the comments section at Shobhaa De's column on the same topic where she supports Barkha Dutt's shoddy journalism? I doubt whether Ms.Dutt has assumed a name and saved herself in it!! But it is true and I did not expect NDTV to behave like this!!

  23. Dear Bong Mom, I just lllove your post and the food photography :) Do check my page

  24. I coudnt' coment on the new post.

  25. Hi,

    I Love to read your blog. I am new to blog world but reading your blog since last year and indirectly you have inspired me to write my own blog. So thanks.
    About the NDTV I havent form any opinion so far but your click for red is luscious.


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