Friday, April 10, 2009

Weekly Menu -- Week of April 5th

This week I didn't cook much. First it was going to be a short week and we were going away Friday so we didn't do that much grocery. Then Sunday I spent loitering around a open air outlet mall buying stuff for the girls. Monday morning while I was about to leave home, the nanny complained that her eyes were swollen and itching. It looked like allergy, so I asked her to go see her doctor and took a sick day. It was raining and I was really glad to get some unexpected time home with the little one which I spent mostly palying with her than cooking

Mid week we went to wish two little guys Happy BirthDay and their gorgeous Mom made a truly delicious Yellow Pualo(the bengali sweet pulao) and Mutton Curry(Patha'r Mangsho) accompanied with alu'r dom and strawberries 'n' cream as the dessert

Before I go on to the menu, I would like to thank some truly wonderful fellow bloggers Priya, Meenal and Indrani for the awards they passed on. Priya who blogs at Priya in Suburbia is a mom and blogger after my own heart. Her thoughts and life sometimes resemble mine and I love what she writes.
Meenal of Meenal's Kitchen is a foodie blogger par excellence. She is back after a long time, do check her out for some her lovely new series
Indrani's blog Appayan I came across recently. She has wonderful food there for you to try out

I am deviating from norm and passing these awards on to everyone reading here.

Now to the week's menu

Chilli Tofu -- This was a disaster. It was so bad that D insisted this was what gave nanny the red eyes(though she hadn't even tasted it). Next time should try frying the tofu well, tried a healthy baking option this time. Had to convert it to a tofu burji later

Sambar -- Sambar with brussel sprouts and some drumsticks.

Bandha Kopi'r Ghonto -- the dry cabbage side dish

Baked filet of fresh Tilapia -- the fish was smeared with a little onion+ginger+garlic paste, a paste which I make and freeze and then baked with a drizzle of olive oil. Was lovely. Should do more of this

Mutton Curry -- a goat meat curry which D cooked for one dinner. It was awesome but too little

Thupka -- Inspired by Asha's version I made a similar noodle soup. Mine had chilli-garlic sauce though and instead of cooking the noodles separate I added it to the same pot. The easiest and tastiest one pot meal ever. Got to do more of this

We are away on a short break tomorrow and will back only next week in time for the Bengali New Year. I am turning off comments on this post as there is no recipe or anything here. If you have any questions/opinions please post them in the earlier post