Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mator/Motor Dal with Veggies


Mator Dal or Yellow Split Peas when cooked with vegetables like sweet red radish, yellow pumpkin and baby potatoes takes on a whole new avtaar. This recipe is from a friend and we thoroughly enjoyed this heart warming dal

Mator Dal with Sabji/Split YellowPeas with Vegetables

Wash and cook 1 & 1/4 cup of Yellow Split Peas in the pressure cooker with a little turmeric. About 5 mins at full pressure. You can also cook in a pot, only it will take some time.

In microwave cook 1/2 cup of chopped red radish, 1/2 cup of cubed pumpkin, 1/2 cup of tender-green cauliflower stalks. The stalks are optional, I did because I had some and my friend suggested I put them

In a deep bottomed pan heat 3 tsp of Oil + 1/2 tsp of Ghee

Temper with 1 tsp of Whole Cumin Seeds/Jeera, 2 cracked Dry Red Chilli and 10-12 methi seeds

When the spices splutter add the veggies and 3-4 slit green chillies

Fry for 3-4 minutes till you get a nice aroma of the veggies

Add the cooked Dal and mix well

Add salt and add water to get the desired consistency. Let the dal come to a boil

Just before taking off the heat add a little ghee. I did not add any this week but a little boosts the flavor

Garnish with lots of chopped coriander leaves

Update on June29th,2013: Today I cooked the same Motor Dal with Pumpkin and Edamame in pods. Also added some grated ginger towards the end. Awesome.


  1. What a coincidence . I made the same yesterday night . Yours recipe looks great . Nice post .

  2. Love the picture and dal look really yumm and comforting.

  3. Yummm.....comfort food!

  4. Is that the same as tuar dal?

  5. Sounds like a comfort food. I have never had motor dal this way.

  6. Ami cholar dal ar vegetables diye ekta banayi jeta oriya te dalma bole. MW te khub taratari hobe mone hocche. :-)

  7. This looks wonderful. I love the creativity of all the vegetables!

  8. Dear Sandeepa
    I am going to celebrate the anniversary of this dish by cooking it the nth time on this 10th June. Just came to note down the recipe and thought say halo :-)

  9. Thanks. I'm going to make it tonight. Second time. Soaking it now. After returning from work will cook in the evening. Thanks again


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