Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Apples with Nutella

Apples with Nutella make a great snack. How do you eat your Nutella or for that matter Apples ?

And now guess what we have for tomorrow. It is nothing that you are thinking.


  1. Dear Sandeepa
    Ta TaDi sakal sakai uthe ei Rahasya unmochon karo..ar deri soichhe na
    Ushnish Da

  2. My favorite way to eat nutella:
    Generously spread nutella on two slices of bread. Put them together and microwave for 1 minute or two- yummy gooey goodness..:)

    My favorite way to eat apples:
    pieces of apples doused in strawberry keffir topped with orange marmalade.

    Have a great week!

  3. Oh, is it something baked ? I am sure u would have something intersting to Big Sis S in that lovely cake liner :) The plate looks very cute!

  4. My daughter slice banana and she layer them on a bread and then take another piece of bread and lavishly layer nutella and make a sandwitch and then eats them :-)
    Well it is moms favourite too :-)

  5. I don't think I've ever eaten Nutella. Heck, I haven't even eaten too many apples in the recent past as all are imports and I have my own doubts about their eat-worthiness. I eat only when Indian apples are in season, which is now.

  6. Kids eat Nutella with pancake, bread or anything they can slather it on. I like to eat my plain on a spoon like a lollipop.

  7. Straight from the jar! Nutella tastes great on anything but personally, I like them on crepes. I love eating apple with Almond butter.


  8. God, this is so mystic Sandeepa. I was planning to write about the way I like Nutella for the last couple of days.

    Just did and linked your post there.

    How do I like it? Neat.

  9. mishti mishti khabarer khub mishti chobi Sandeepa!

  10. Did u frost or stuff the cupcake with nutella? I love nutella in baguette! But none in my house ask a share!

  11. Kid's way to eat Nutella: with everything ;-) .. well mostly bread and fruits and also heap full in spoons (which I do to?)

    It is nutella cupcake? or fudge or laddoos.. can't wait!

  12. I love nutella with bread, ice cream and gelatin haha It's delicious.
    And know... I want nutella, see ya, I'm gonna buy.


  13. I like Nutella a lot but I use to eat it alone just enjoy the chocolate and that's it... happy for the rest of the day.. :-)

  14. It's a tasty recipe to try not just with apple but other fruits as well.


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