Thursday, January 07, 2010

Mr. Pinto ? Bean there Done That

A couple of days back I was driving to the mall with Big Sis S in the backseat. A lot of things were going through my mind including how best to avail of the discount at Bath & Body Works.

When S from the back squeals: "What is WOW"?

Me: "That's a gym."

S: "Why does it say Wow ?"

Preoccupied Me: "Dunno". Actually it is "Work Out World"

S: "I know. Wow as in WOW you are so fat, you will become thin if you join me !!!"

Me: "!!!"

I need a WOW factor in my life. I need catcalls, to fit into skinny jeans, to wear fitted tees. I have a mid age crisis, I think I am sixteen. No seriously who am I kidding, I don't want any of those, I just want to be fit enough to survive, sitting down cross-legged on the floor 560 times, bending down to pick up toys 250 times, going up&down 100 times, kneeling down to mop a spill 90 times like any other Mom does. For all else there is Photoshop.

To achieve that I have two options. I either take Google Ad's tip that keeps appearing on my sidebar like a bad dream or I take this month to eat well, well as in healthy, more vegetables, more fish, more fruits, less meat, no sugar, no processed food, no grains well. Since I did this 7 Day Challenge last year, I keep going back to it every month or so. Even a week of this restricted eating helps me feel better about myself.

Pssst, but seriously how does Google know that I need tips and maybe more to get a flat belly ?

Whenever I have such healthy eating agenda on mind I browse through Kalyn's blog. She has wonderful SBD friendly recipes and so does Sig. This Pinto Bean recipe that I have today is adapted from Kalyn's Kitchen's this recipe.

Now I had never been to Rubios and so had no clue what she was talking about. But then again I had never tried cooking pinto beans either. But all that talk about creamy, "not refried" beans hooked me on. I loosely adapted her recipe and now am a big fan of Rubios, wherever it is. A creamy chunky bowl of these beans will fill you up and satisfy your hunger as well as taste cravings.


Creamy Pinto Bean

I have no measurements and you shouldn't really need any. Follow Kalyn's recipe to cook and mash the beans.

Soak Dried Pinto Beans in water overnight or for at least 12 hrs. Note: If not soaking, cooking time will be longer

Cook them in pressure cooker with salt, coarsely ground black pepper and little of finely minced garlic. I had to pressure cook mine twice about 10-15 mins each time. You need the beans to be really soft, falling apart kind so if it is not done after the first 15 minutes do it again in second stage.

With the back of a spatula or a potato masher vigorously mash the beans until they are almost mashed but about 25% of them are still chunky. You don't want to mash all of them. Note: You can make a big batch of this and freeze. When needed spice it up. I would suggest not to add garlic if you intend to freeze, it might become too garlicky

Now comes my own story of spicing up everything

Heat olive oil in a deep bottom pot

Add some sliced onions and minced garlic and fry till onion is soft and translucent.

Add Pav Bhaji masala and a little red chili powder. Add the cooked and mashed beans and mix well. Adjust for salt and seasoning. Add a little water and let the beans simmer and thicken. Stir in between till you feel the creaminess is perfect.

While serving garnish with roasted garlic pods and chopped coriander. You can squirt a little lime juice if you wish. That red sumac on top is just for the pictures, you don't really need it.

More healthy eats

Trivia:The pinto bean (Spanish: frijol pinto, literally "painted bean") is named for its mottled skin. It is the most common bean in the United States and northwestern Mexico.Rice and pinto beans served with cornbread or corn tortillas are often a staple meal for the poor where there is limited money for meat; the amino acids in this combination make it a complete protein source


  1. Lovely bowl. But Sandeepa, my sis trying out this for the past 4 months successfully and had shed almost 7 Kg gracefully. What she did is eating twice in a day say two meals in a day. If at all you feel hungry in btween just drink buttermilk (very thin) or snack on some cut fruits. Otherwise there is no restriction on the diet except for eat fresh as much as you could. Give a try if you are interested ;)

  2. LOl, time of the year pretty much everyone /everywhere buzz about weight loss, bogus diet! In my opinion, moderation is key success. After all I like the detox idea weekly!

  3. Nirmala
    Wow your sis has lot of self control.
    My aim is more to eat healthier and better than strict weight loss.
    If I restrict myself for a week or so this way, I usually tend to eat more veggies, more fish, less sweet, less meat, less oil etc. Maybe in the mind, but that also makes me feel better.


    Yeah Cham, a week of such eating does help me feeling good.

  4. Wow @ Big Sis S! and LOL too! All I want to do is lose 10 kg even though that would be several kilos above my ideal weight, but that's all I ask. Sigh!

  5. I have sort of resolved to also make a conscious effort to stay more fit/healthy..I haven't worked out in aagges so that is on my must-do list this month. ALso more green, leafy veggies, 6 glasses of water etc..:)

    The beans sound yum!!

    and your daughter is just too cute!

  6. LOL at Bis Sis S's comment. Oh, I am so not ready to hear the comment about being fat from my son yet. sigh!
    LOL at the google ads, they are indeed pathetic. Loved the way how you have mashed those beans.

  7. Sandeepa,
    I had been trying to get a flat belly, ok to tell you the truth that's all in mind. I have not done anything to get a flat belly, other than walking for 20mins a day, just for the last 1week.
    This Pinto beans seems to be a good start. Will try this out.
    PS: That photoshop link was awesome

  8. WOW!!! Haha!
    I did lose a pant size since last July without even trying because of the stress but I don't wish that kinda wt loss on ya. Better be fit or even photoshop! Who cares as long as you have kids to enjoy and their non-stop banter!!!

    Great title too. Beans are great for fill you up with minimal effort and loads of fiber. It's all about portion control, I eat everything but in small portions now. May be 4 mini meals a day instead 2 big meals.

    enjoy the girls! :))

  9. I think everyone is trying to lose a few pounds at this time of year! So glad you liked the pinto beans. I just love them, in fact one Mexican restaurant here in Salt Lake has beans that are so good I could eat a huge bowl of them and not need anything else.

    Love your way of spicing them up a bit too!

    Rubios is a western U.S. place that's famous for fish tacos, but they have other types of Mexican-inspired food too. I don't eat a lot of fast food, but I love their beans and some of their salads.

  10. Oh Yes Sandeepa! This is looking good. Aren't Pinto beans kind of like our Red Kidney beans but of the lighter color?

    I have to give this recipe a try soon for my lunch just by itself - yes.

    WOW to those funky weight loss Google ads.

  11. I love pinto beans :)

    Those funky google ads on the side bar - with a round tummy et al - My DD takes one look at it and asks 'Why are they showing their yummy tummy?' :D hehee you know what she thinks of mine now. Helped me with my self esteem. :)

  12. The moment I saw the picture I was thinking pav bhaji.. garma garam in this chill. Glad I was satisfied.

  13. Hey Sandeepa,

    Recipe looks yum.

    May I ask why no grains? and what all does that include? wheat/rice? If its whole grain shud be ok, no?


  14. Oh, Sandeepa -- you can tell S I want a WOW belly too ;)

    Bean there done that -- love it :)

  15. Yes, January has something to make you think about eating healthier.. even at gym I start seeing a lot of crowd which wasn't there in December :) Anyway, pinto bean stew looks great! I love Kalyn's blog too.. she just has a treasure of good recipes. Firs time commenting here, you have a great blog!

  16. Love the sumac on top. I just posted mung bean soup last night :). I was reading through your 7 days challenge. I think I might just do that

  17. Your daughter is awesome!!

    After my pregnancy fiasco, I lost 12 kgs in about 6-7 months. Get this book called "Don't loose your mind Loose your weight" Very practical book to follow for any weight loss with moderate exercise.

  18. Sandeepa,
    smiling at your daughters sweet n innocent talks ....
    weight loss is a big issue these days ...I dont think our mother's and grands ever thought of on that ground ..they were far fit ..eating all the grains/rice/vegetables and ghee etc..for me ,I try to eat moderately ..and I tend to run away from these crash diet courses ..these dont help and the normal metabolism rate suffers resulting eating more later or many body ailments :)..
    and pinto beans look so good..reminds me the film "Albert Pinto Ko gossa kyon atta hai" :-)...

    hugs and smiles

  19. found this article , so thought of sharing here..

    hugs and smiles

  20. I love the quiestiong Big S aske you. She is really direct isn't she. Oh yeah I have given up having flat belly........... I think for the last 14 yrs i have been on and off diet. I diet i loose kilos and then after a year i go back to my bad ways and gain again.

  21. SS

    Whole grain in moderation is definitely good. The No-Grain basically tries to curb your cravings and carb addiction by elimination of all grains, sweet and starch from your diet.
    It is up to you though.

    I think this is a loose South Beach Diet Phase 1 which also eliminates starch(

  22. Coffee
    So glad to see you here. I don't see your blog. Where is it ?
    Did you get my mail ?

  23. Good to know. Well, good luck and good health! :) Happy new Year too!


  24. U HOO..less sweetmeats and meat.. that's i am trying to do but all i feel like cooking are those!!

  25. Well. for me its always a fight b/w my mind and my body!That bowl is looking delicious!

  26. Thanks for the 'Photoshop' link, Sandeepa. BoingBoing's response to the threat letter is even more amazing. Here's the link:

    Recommended indeed.

  27. Looks creamy and satisfying. Great start to eating healthy!

  28. It is ridiculous the amount of 'photoshoping' they do these days! I love pinto beans over any other bean as it blends so well with all the flavors :)


  29. hi sandeepa...happened to chance upon ur site n believe me am thoroughly enjoying reading it..i enjoy cooking too n my daughter n hubby, both architects,love their macher jhol bhat as well!wud love to keep in touch.. n share some of my recepies with u...

  30. I can see this recipe spiced up with zatar - yummy!


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