Thursday, April 08, 2010

Chalks & Chopsticks on a SpringBreak

Remember my lousy food fiction ? And then remember Sra's lovely pickle story? Of course not to forget Kalyan's tales which actually started this whole thing.

I have copied the following ditto from Sra, since I am on a SpringBreak and not supposed to blog....

Well soon after Aquadaze mailed us both wondering whether we'd like to turn this into an event. Both of us liked the idea a lot, I think mainly because it would get us to dust the cobwebs off our fiction writing, and asked Aqua to kick it off.

Well, she has. So please head over to her blog, read the rules for Of Chalks and Chopsticks and put on your thinking and writing caps - we would love to read the outcome of your fevered imagination!

Here are the Rules of the Game:

If the concept interests and challenges you, this is what you need to do:

1. Spin us a yarn - an original one. It could either be based on a real incident or could be something competely imaginary. Explore any genre: humour, romance, mystery, paranormal etc.

2. The story you write has to be related to the food you will cook in that post.

3. There is no word limit on the story you write, but it has to be written in one single post.

4. Archived posts are accepted (though writing a new one for this event would be highly appreciated).

5. Posts written for this event CAN be shared with other events.

Post your story and the recipe between now and April 30 and mail it to : aquadaze(at)rediffmail(dot)com

Include the following details in your mail:

1. Name and URL of your blog

2. Title and URL of your post

3. A photo of your entry

And pleez to let you all know I am on Spring Break and so DO NOT panic if you are not seeing my erudite comments on your blog for some time. BS's spring break coincides with my Achoooo!!! break so everyone is having a good time and I am not dead or anything.

See you all next week, hopefully.


  1. enjoy ur break,..nd come bck soon..

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  3. Sandeepa,
    prothom comment ta delete korlaam :) ...eyi baar break e kids der sathe enjoy koro ..
    hugs and smiles

  4. Hehe.. I was wondering what was up with you.. after the chai posts I thought the 3 cups of chai related book must be on your mind now! Hahaha! Have fun and have a good break. We'll be here when you are back.

    Nice idea this fiction thing. :)

    Cheers and happy break-time!

  5. Hope you have a nice time with your leaves on the trees,new spring in our steps...bhalo theko and do come back soon!:)Will wait for your next post!

  6. Glad you gave a heads up to let us know you are breathing well :)

    Have fun. DD is at school and DD2 is on spring break. Double duty.

  7. Thanks :)

    Enjoy your break!

  8. Enjoy ur break with kids and aaachoo also :)

  9. gosh I am flattered :)

    Just when people told me to stick to food writing ;)


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