Friday, April 23, 2010

Jyotsna's Peanut and Green Chili Chutney

I copied from Jyotsna.

A friend was raving about a Peanut Chutney that she had at her neighbors last week. The neighbor was Maharashtrian.

That did it for me. I had this insane craving to eat a Marathi Peanut Chutney, a chutney that I had not even tasted but just heard about from a friend who mind you did not make it.

Trust me, there is no bio-logical reason for me to have such insane cravings to recreate a chutney that I hadn't even tasted. This would be like proving a theorem without even knowing what the theorem was.

And it is only CopyCats who do such things, I mean things like glancing over your classmate's shoulders and copying the proof of the theorem with no idea what was it that you QED'd. Not that it really mattered, what earth shattering good would it do to know the Theorem in the first place. But if Mrs.Kulkarni, the Math class teacher caught you copying, that would be it. You would be treated like an untouchable and kids in hushed tone would chant "Copycat, Copycat" behind your back.

But Nupur says it is ok to be a Copycat. If I am reborn, and I can chose my Math Teacher, I would chose her without a blink. For now I will just send this to her Blog Bites #2: Copycat Edition.

So that is how I copied from Jyotsna's Sheengdana chutney. Totally justified you see.

In a blender put

1/2 cup of lightly roasted peanuts
4 green chili
1 clove of garlic minced (my addition)
1 tsp of brown sugar
1/2 tbsp of lime juice

Make a rough paste. To make a smooth paste add about 1-2 tbsp of water and blend till smooth

This chutney was a total knockout. It goes splendidly with almost everything. I love it with crackers at snack. A more liquid version is the perfect side to a Daliya Pulao.



  1. HI, your chutney looks yummy!!! Im a often visitor of your blog, and crave for your fish recipes.
    Had a ques, is it safe to have Rohu Fish during pregnancy??
    Im craving for your Alu Kopi Diye Macher Jhol with Rohu, please do reply , waiting badly.

    rgrds priya.

  2. Pretty fishy, those bowls!

  3. I once tried making gun powder with a recipe from a friend who was Maharastrian and the outcome was lipsmacking. this chutney looks very tempting.which proves the theorem that anything with peanuts we can trust Marathi bloggers with closed eyes. love your fish bowls.

  4. Hi! Big fan of our recipe blog! Adding you to my "blogs I follow" list. Hope u dont mind :)

  5. ami ei chatni ta 'emni emni' khete pari............

  6. The nice thing about copying flavors from other blogs is that you end up with much bigger rewards than when you do the same with algebra!

    Thanks for a great entry; the chutney looks terrific.

  7. Hi Sandeepa, have been an avid follower of ur blog for atleast a yr now,tomar blog pore ma er ranner cravings gulo fulfill kori... ami ranna korte aar khawate khub bhalobashi bt due to restricted access to MIL's kitchen dnt get any chance...rite now i'm going thru a vry difficult phase & missing my Ma and home... kintu tomar blog ta amake refresh kore dey...always look fwd to ur posts ...thank you so much 4 sharing such good moments of ur life(both of ur cooking & ur lovely 2 angels) Rgds, MM

  8. It does sound good... I love your bowl :)

  9. Very nice, Sandeepa. I have never had seengdana chutney. I am guessing it will taste good with some upma too.

  10. I have a thing for honesty, but I'd say being a copycat is fine is certain situations, especially one like this.
    Who knows, I might copy you too. :)

  11. Not all copycating is bad is the new theorem which you have proved already.

  12. a twist to what I try, I will surely try next time I am making peanut chutney

  13. hi, thanks for your response. will try the moglai parota sometime. I just tried the chutney and it has come out yummmy!! there is a famous hotel in Pune called Shrayas and it serves very nice Maharashtrian thali along with this chutney. every time i have eaten there, i have had more chutney than the food!! your copy cat and improvised chutney is as good as theirs! i like the tangy taste of the additional garlic in it. :-)

  14. This kind of copycat is much appreciated!
    I never used brown sugar and lemon in peanut chutney!

  15. No biological reason! Lol! :D

    The chutney looks great. Cheers! :)

  16. it seems yummy.. i will definitely try it


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