Monday, September 26, 2011

Toddler Menu -- a la Frittata


My Dad who is really bad at story telling is coerced into telling LittleSis a story.

He goes, " There was a cow who gave us milk...".

Okay I really don't know how this exciting story would have turned out but LS intervened " Cow gives you milk ? Naaaah. We get Milk from the fridge and Baba puts it there. He gets it from the grocery stores".

Does this prove "Baba is cow" ? Kind of.

The BigSis enters the picture and is apalled at her sister's lack of knowledge.

She goes, "No LS listen. The cow who lives far off gives milk. Then they put that milk in big trucks. The truck transports milk to the grocery store, blah, blah...."

LS gives her older sis an incredulous look and walks off saying "Naaaah".


LS's Dad is telling her a bedtime story. He starts off with Ramayana. The poor guy has been trying to tell the same story for years and has never gone far. It truly is an epic when told in our house.

This time however amidst all interruptions and questions he proceeded to the part where Bharat returns to Ayodhya with Rama's sandals on his head.

LS goes "He carried sandals on his head.Ewwww, that is disgusting"


LS went to school for all of 4 days, 3 of which she cried buckets. All 4 days we got her back in 2 hours. And then she proceeds to tell everyone who cares to listen "I went to school. I did not cry even a little bit"


Beginning of this month we went to visit the D's sister. LS ganged up with her same age cousin and they both played together very well. They would set up their play things in corners or in closets and shoo away the older sis. It was a huge change from last year when they met for the first time in India and fought like cats & dogs.This time it was the BigSis who would come and tell us, " They are not letting me play, what do I do ?"


Tomorrow is Mahalaya and the count down to Durga Pujo begins. We will be celebrating it far from Bong land like Sudeshna says. Also there is something coming up for you all also in a couple of days, so stay tuned and be back.



Now to the Frittata, which is an easy breakfast for weekend or even weekday Mornings. It is both easy to make and to shove down a reluctant child's throat, upto a point that is. I do it totally on the stove top, no oven is involved. You may say that makes it an omlette, but I will stick to Frittata because that makes it a la-di-da dish to gobble up quick. And that is how the girls like it.

Cook few pieces of Broccoli florets(cut small) in the microwave.

Heat 1 tsp of Olive Oil or Butter in a small fry pan. Saute some chopped onion, cooked broccoli or what-have-you vegetables. I usually add some chopped spinach and tomatoes. Thinly chopped Bell peppers are another attractive option.

Once the vegetables are cooked I also add some pieces of bread, hand torn. Note:Bread is optional.

Meanwhile beat 2 eggs + 1/4 cup of milk in a bowl. Spike it with a salt, little Garam Masala powder and what-have-you herbs.

Once you are done sauteing the veggies and the bread pieces are just browned, spread them out and pour the beaten eggs uniformly covering the veggies. Tilt the pan around to ensure that the liquid has reached all edges. If necessary , add about 1/2 tsp of Olive Oil around the edges.
Cover the fry pan, reduce heat to low medium and let it cook. Check in between to see if the top has set, lifting the edges a little with your spatula. Sprinkle some grated cheese on top and let it melt. Serve warm.

Note: Ideally after the bottom is cooked you are supposed to transfer the pan to the oven and broil for couple of minutes. I don't do that, because  the Frittata I make for the kids is not very thick and it gets cooked pretty well on the stove top without firing up the oven. The only thing you need to be careful is not to burn the bottom of the frittata and you are all set to serving up a happy meal to the kids.


  1. LS atyonto juktigrahyo kotha bolechhe. amio chhotobelay bhabtam soyabean/Nutrela gachhe phole. peRe peRe bakshe pure bikri hoy.

    ar Bong Mom, apni amake ki je lojjay phelen ki bolbo.apni je recipe gulo "toddler/chhotoder" bole chhapen, ami ei dheRe boyoseo kebol seiguloi ranna korte pari.

  2. This post made me laugh! Your l'l one is quite something, Big Sis, watch out. Yummy la-di-da frittata! We're with you, why turn on the oven full blast when covering the pan works so well :)

  3. Lovely post, frittata are always my fav..

  4. Havent tasted this..but looks soo tempting

  5. That frittata should be delight anytime of the day.
    LS is one smart kid. You should take her to a farm and show her a real cow and write about the experience :)

  6. I want LS in my place , i am in love with her.
    Love eggs done like this, one can add what ever one wants in them and have a excelent meal.

  7. Nice post..this is one that both kids and adults would love to have any time. Tempting!!

  8. If you like frittata's try the zucchini blossom frittata. I grew up eating 'kumro phuler bhaja'. Didn't think of making frittata then.. Recipe is here:

  9. Love me a fritata anytime. I make my smaller version with one egg, spinach, onions, broccolli... Wish my kid would eat it too. Good LS and BS do.

    Love LS's wit. Me thinks the mother is strong in her. :-)

  10. Hahaha ... puchki tar ki buddhi! :-)

  11. LOL - little LS is adorable :) Have u tried to add sausage in frittata, that would be meaty and filling!
    Never tried on stove top - probably a quick version.

  12. well done...
    the more the veggies in it, the happier the mommy gets!! right?

    Am trying to get inspired by you Sandeepa, my time-management needs a serious shaking!Have not wriiten on my blog for a while...


  13. The bit about the Ramayana truly being an epic in your house had me laughing so much!

  14. LOL! The conversation b/w the kids made laugh-out-loud. So adorable. Frittata or no Frittata, it looks colorful & healthy.

    Wishing you guys a very Happy Navratri. :-)


  15. Witty daughters of the witty mom! Wish u all a very Happy Puja.....

  16. I tried it right after reading your post and my little one is happily gobbling away as I write!!! It's a lifesaver...quick, filling and healthy to boot!!! My hubby came home and was very disappointed to hear that this was not going to be our dinner as well and I have promised to make it for all of us tomorrow again!!! I see this appearing on our dinner table quite often from now onwards!!! Thanks Sandeepa!!! :)))

  17. ha ha are a genius in story telling? I think it balances out the way Grandpa tells story!

  18. why little ones bongmom ? eta amaro khetey khub bhalo lagey :)

  19. Kuntala

    Arre na, amrao khai, "toddler" bollam keno na ora hoyto shudhu eitai khabe. Ami to etao khabo, otao khabo.

    I know, but I never feel like firing up the oven for just one and the toaster oven is mall to fit the pan or maybe I can transfer to a bakeware and then put in the toaster oven ?


    They are great, na ?


    Try it, if you eat eggs


    She has seen a cow, a very decent one at a nearby farm and plenty in the streets of Calcutta poop et al. Cows for her is just one more animal like dogs. What she has not seen is the milking and then that being drunk :-D


    Very much agree about add whatever




    Arrey, hardly get zucchini blossoms. The time we had our own, made "kumro ful bhaja". Wondering how it will taste in a frittata


    Does the kid eat eggs in what form ? Mine will not eat boiled eggs unless in a curry

  20. Sharmila

    Na ki Nirbuddhi


    Usually it is the hubby who cooks Frittata, he adds loads of stuff, cut up sausages too.

    Ahhh you should, it is much fun to read about A :)


    Guess what, it has been 7 years and He has still not told the whole tale. BigSis just read it from ACK. And I never tell such epics or myths because I am afraid about justifying Dashrataha's polygamy.


    Thank you Siri

  21. Aditi

    My warm wishes for you too.

    Choco Chica

    Thanks, it is a winner isn't it ?


    Thanks :)

    Mallika Di

    Amrao khub bhalobashi, eita bachcha der jonyei korechilam, beshi kichu diyni tai

  22. I love Frittatas and usually use about 3-4 eggs for the three of us - that way I cZn include some thin potato slices at the bottom in addition to the veggies and grill it for about 2-3 minutes. Kids love it - I even conned a visiting kid into thinking it was some kind of pizza by cutting into wedges ;)

    LS is sure she will settle down soon at school, its a matter of time for some kids.

  23. Thanks for this marvellous recipe. I tried this dish on some non-toddlers (ranging from ages 22 to 55) and they thought it was brilliant.

  24. The pork now needs to simmer in the adobo for an hour or more, either in the oven or over a very low fire. The smell will drive we are crazy, it is so tantalizing.


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