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Khejur Gur er Rasogolla in Instant Pot

Khejur Gur Roshogolla, Rosogolla
Khejur Gur Roshogolla

Today is a day that will go down in history. Well, at least my history.

First, because I pulled out the InstantPot from the caverns of the Pantry and found it still smelled of mangshor jhol made a month ago. Well, the second part is not historical. That I pulled the IP out and put it to use was a historical moment.

Second, I used the InstaPot for something that was worthwhile finally. I used it to make Khejur Gur er Roshogolla !!

There are two people who are directly or indirectly responsible for this. Our friend, Kaushik, the master roshogolla maker who makes roshogolla making seem as simple as a magician taking a rabbit out of a hat. Second, is our other friend Deepshikha, who champions the IP and finally pushed me to use it.
And then my Dad, who sent photos of  "Notun Gur Utsav" -- a festival celebrating the new date palm jaggery that is a product of this season. The sight of those delicious sweets, sondesh, patishapta, pithe puli would send anyone to depression

I was seriously craving some khejur gur er roshogolla aka rasgullas in date palm jaggery syrup, after seeing the photos they shared and had to make some. This time around , the process really seemed far more streamlined and easier. I think it was practice that made it seem so.

The roshogollas came out soft, juicy and spongy both times I made them. The Khejur Gur I had got from India during my November visit was not the best quality but even that added a beautiful flavor to the syrup and to the roshogollas.

Also, I can now totally understand those stories about folks who went to a wedding and ate 100 roshogollas straight from the bhiyen (the sweet maker's set up). The fresh, spongy, roshogollas with no additivies, hot off the syrup are really delicious and kind of melt in your mouth. I, who am not a big sweet fan, had 20 today. Yes TWENTY!!!

You can make the roshogolla in Pressure cooker or an open pot too.

Khejur Gur er Rasogolla in Instant Pot

What You Need

Makes 20-22 Roshogollas


Whole Milk -- 1 Gallon (1.89 L)
Vinegar -- 4Tbsp (OR Lime Juice 4Tbsp)


Sugar -- 1 Cup
Kheju Gur/Date Palm Jaggery -- 1 Cup
Water for Syrup -- 3 Cups

Step 1-- Curdle Milk

Total time = 10-15 minutes

Mix 4 Tbsp of Lime juice OR 4 Tbsp Vinegar in 1 Tbsp of water

Bring 1/2 gallon(8 cups or 1.89 lt) of Whole/Full Fat Milk to a rolling boil. Don't go on a diet and use anything less that Full fat Whole Milk.

When the milk has come to a full boil add the diluted lemon juice/vinegar. Lower the heat. Almost in seconds you will see the milk curdle and clumps of white milk solids forming.When you see the greenish water separating take it off from heat. Add some ice to stop the cooking. Let it sit for 30 secs or so.

Note: If the lime is not sour enough, you might see that the milk is not curdling. In that case add 1 tbsp of Vinegar to aid the curdling.

Step 2 -- Drain chhana

Total time= 1 hour 30 minutes

Now line a colander or sieve with cheesecloth and drain the chhana/chenna/paneer. Next lightly rinse the chhana with water to remove the acidic taste and let it drain.

After few minutes gather the ends of the cheesecloth to form a purse like shape and squeeze out the remaining water from the chhana. Next weigh it down with a slightly heavier object and let it remain like that for the next hour.
I used my mortar for weighing down, I remember my mother using her nora. You can also weigh it down with a pot filled with water.

It is very important that the chhana is drained of all excess water. After an hour, try squeezing the chhana again. If there is still some water, weigh it down with a heavy object for some more time. If you can take a little of the chana and roll it into a ball and it is not crumbling, then the water has been drained.

Step 3 -- Knead Chhana

Total time = 8 minutes kneading + 10 minutes making the balls

Now we have to knead the chhana. This is a important step for the roshogolla to be right. Knead the chhana with the heel of your palm for about 8-10 minutes.
Note: I sometimes add 1 tsp of Maida to the chhana and then knead. 
I have heard 1-2 tsp sooji/rawa also helps to get firmer roshogollas.

At the end of this the chhana will look like a smooth dough and your palm will be lightly greasy from the fat of the chhana. Take small portion of it and roll into small balls between your palm. The balls should be smooth and firm. To make the balls thus, first apply a little pressure between your palm and then let go, rolling the ball very lightly by a circular motion of your palms.

Step 4 -- Make syrup

Put the IP in saute mode.

Add 3 cups of Water + 1 Cup Khejur Gur + 1 Cup sugar to the pot to make the syrup.

Stir with a ladle to mix and bring to a simmer.

Step 5 -- Make Rasgullas

Add about 20-25 raw chhana/paneer balls to the syrup. The balls should not overcrowd as they will expand on cooking.

Close the lid of the IP. Make sure the Pressure release valve is on sealing position.

Select Pressure Mode and set time to 12 minutes.
The Keep Warm mode automatically gets set too but make sure that it is de-selected.

After 12 minutes of pressure cooking, IP will turn off. Wait for natural pressure release.

Once the pressure has released, open the lid carefully. Behold your beautiful roshogollas.

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  1. Can I make this in pressure cooker. How would it be different?

    1. She is basically using the pressure cooker mode only of IP. My mom always made it in pressure cookers with the same process as above.

  2. I don't have an IP could you please give the details using simple pressure cooker? Thank you

  3. Hi, if the ingredients are halved, does the time in IP remain the same?


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