Monday, March 05, 2007

Remove Plagiarism -- March 5th

Plagiarism -- much has been said about it and I am not going to reiterate.

But it hurts to see when the content and the pictures we so lovingly create and put up being stolen and used. Most of us bloggers, blog to vent their creativity, they find it as a channel to showcase their passion, to share what they love doing with million others.
We all know that Internet is open and we were always aware that our work could be used by others, after all we all use free icons, free javascrips, free information. But we do that only when it says that is for "FREE". We do not abuse the free availability of this information (though there are people who do so)

However when we bloggers want to protect our content and we state that explicitly in the copyright statements all we expect is the user to use that information but not to lift it straight off our web page. We want them to post a request in the numerous comments that we have, to ask our permission, to use the content if permission is given and in the manner the owner says and last but not the least to give due credits. This is not much to ask for, after all we are entitled to our creative copyrights.

If large organizations like Yahoo do not behave responsibly and lift contents as stated here, we can not expect much from small independent sites like etc. It would not do Yahoo much good if they rise up one morning to see an exact replica of their portal with their Logo, Design and Content stolen, right ? And that's why they have lawyers drawing up statements like
"Yahoo! respects the intellectual property of others, and we ask our users to do the same. Yahoo! may, in appropriate circumstances and at its discretion, terminate the accounts of users who infringe the intellectual property rights of others. "

So why don't they practice what they preach ?


  1. hey Sandeepa, Happy HOli
    I couldn't in my blog, i'm really sorry, I support everyone. Thanks for the wonderful design.

  2. I wanted to say that i was not able to post it in my blog...

  3. Hey Sandeepa

    A friend forwarded this link and I must say I love ur blog. I can't put my finger on what exactly sets it apart but maybe it's the simplicity with which you present your recipes. And also that u thanked your Dida for this love of cooking...that touched a chord in me, because my Dida and Ma are the best cooks I know and the reason I even have the guts to try cooking is because I hope I have inherited some chef-like genes from them!

    Am now stuck in an apartment that has only a hotplate and a complex microwave so am making do with very simple cooking. But am looking forward to trying out your recipes when I am back carry on! :)

  4. Hi Sandeepa,I could not post my protest yeaterday because of computer probs,damn it,the PC gave up on me right when I wanted to post it.Anyway ,got hubby to check it and so posted my protest today.

  5. Padmaja
    That's fine, no probs at all

    Thanks a lot for your kind words.Hope to see you back for more :)

    Hey that's absolutely ok. Inji of Ginger & Mango was trying to make a stand and if your heart is in it that's fine


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