Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Calling All Moms

If you are a Mom...

Has this ever happened to You?

You have had a hard day as a Mom and all you want is to have someone patiently hear you without judging you -- come be a part of us and rant
You want to discuss about your kids education, play, achievements, next project or maybe plan a birthday party or a play date -- come share with us.
You are a Mom who has hit that amazing routine that soothes the baby and makes her sleep in 15 minutes flat -- before you apply for a patent come teach us
You are ready to go back to work or maybe taking a break from work to stay at home and you want to talk it out -- come let’s talk
You have ideas, plans, anecdotes about yourself the kids, the neighbours kids -- come tell us
You have concerns, worries, issues and you think more Moms should hear you -- come discuss with us

Come join The Desi Momz Club

This is going to be your blog, the Mom's blog, for The Mom, Of The Mom, By The Mom

It’s you who is going to post and help others out if necessary. It’s a place where we all Moms meet at our own time and still have fun

Why This Blog ?

I have a 3 yr old and as a Mom that's my age too. As my daughter grows there have been questions and more questions. I have spent a considerable time Googling and asking around. I have also spent (and still do) discussing various aspects of my daughter's growing up with my friends. Numerous questions always -- Gymboree or MyGym ? Puzzles or Books ? Should I feed or let her eat on her own? Am I right if I get stressed out and scream sometimes or do I clench my fist and mix honey in my speech?
When my daughter first started day care last year I was so worried that I would call up my very dear friend N and giver her hourly updates about my daughters status and my emotional status, seems funny in retrospect, but yes that was what I did.

I am sure many of you have gone through similar situations and looked around and bonded with others going through the same
As I look around in the Blogosphere and I see Asha whose daughter T has achieved laurels in school , I think it would be really nice if we get to know from Asha how she nurtured her daughter.
When SJ says , she finds fairy tales have changed a lot since she was a child– I think that's exactly what I have felt all this time.
As Indo's daughter DD makes beautiful clay artifacts – I feel maybe Indo could give us tips as how she mnages work, blog and also teaches her daughter such skills.
When @ says about Kodi's baby talk – I smile by myself and the day looks brighter.
When I see Trupti managing two adorable cuties and taking them to several activities -- I think it would be great to know how she keeps them active
When Vani shares about little M and her daycare -- I think that can help other Moms with little babies
When Maheshwari, Swapna, Vini, Padmaja, Sailaja, Sunita, Sharmi, Hema, Linda, Shaheen, Manisha, Sri, Shilpa(Flog&Rosbif) and all other Moms whom I have known through their food blogs and all those whom I am yet to know could all come and share I think it would be a great place for all of us.

There are many more of you who are bringing up your kids beautifully and I feel it would do us all good if we could all come and share and talk. You need not have a blog, you can just come and join us.
I bounced off my idea with IndoSunGod of DailyMusings and Asha of FoodiesHope and Aroma, two very experienced Moms and they were kind enough to come and join as administrators

Since we can't meet at a Coffee Place and chat let’s have a virtual place of our own and we meet up at our own time, maybe sipping that chai or coffee...

Why The Desi Momz Club ?

I felt that a common background would help us bond better. There are many Mommy sites but I wanted to have one where at least we all share the same roots. But even if you are not Desi aka Indian, it’s good enough if you are an Indian at heart.

What You Can Do?

If you want to be a part send an e-mail at mailto:desimomz.blog@gmail.com and when you get an invite, come and join

Post whenever you want as often as you wish but remember the posts should be either Mom or Kid centric. It can be anything either your own experience or any information you have gleaned from somewhere that you would like to share. Remember to give a link if you are quoting some other source. Also do not use contents if they are not for public use.

Since everyone is on a time crunch, if you already have a blog and you have a post in your own blog you want to share, you are welcome. That's easy yippeeeeee !!!

Come and check the posts and comments and actively comment to agree, disagree, discuss.

Get other moms to come and join, spread the word and let the club grow

If your a not a Mom, don't fret, you are important to us. If you have a post you would like to share, e-mail the post to mailto:desimomz.blog@gmail.com and you could be our guest contributor. Also please drop by and leave your comments, views, suggestions on the posts. And if you can rope in your Mom too that would be best !!!


  1. lovely idea! believe it or not - I have been toying around with the exact same idea - but not a grp blog, more like the crazy hip carnival - but this I will be a very good start...and am thrilled to join.

    do you mind if I advertise it on my mom-blog? I'm sure fellow moms would love to join...

  2. What a great idea....! I would love to join,Sandeepa...and thanks so much for your nice words. I would love to be a part of this,


  3. Wow!! wonderful idea. I would love to join. I have a curious 3 year old and she is the inspiration to new passion-cooking these days:)):)) and my plunge to blogging world.

  4. Sandeepa, thanks for your message! Great idea, have been wanting do do something similar, but just don't have the time or as widespread readership as you do. Will surely join. More later when I log on late night..

  5. @
    Yippeeee...You like it :) I haven't checked the crazy hip mamas blog but as this group blog evolves, input your ideas and we can grow as everyone wants

    Thanks dear would love to have you :)

    Thats really good, thanks that you like it and share your ideas as we evolve

    This is YOUR blog too, think of it as your own and share your ideas. Would love to have you on board :)

  6. Sandeepa, i am not a Mom, but i really applaud this idea of yours. Mothers need all the support one can give them.....your first line "somone to listen to you, without judging" misted my eyes.....having seen friends managing work and babies and home and some of them going through a lot of things all by themselves, being judged every minute.

    Best wishes for this new creation.

  7. Would love to join! What a great idea! Believe it or not, i also have a identity as
    "desimom", on mahanandi...I love "DESI MOMZ" will send you an email!

    In fact, would be great if I can lure some of the moms to ST to contribute children's book recos/reviews/resources...:-)

  8. Sandeepa...that's a neat idea!! Wud love to hop on board. I sent an email a little while ago.

  9. great idea sandeepa. I would love to join and be a part of this!!

  10. Mera kya hoga :(

  11. You guys are too good. But please forgive me if I am al ittle late in sending out the e-mails :)

    You know you can send in posts too !!!

    Thanks. We woould love to have you and yes we could share posts :)

    You were on my mind when I thought of this. Would love to have Winkie and Thambi's Mom :)

    Wonderful. Thanks a lot :)

    Tumhare liye to last line likha hai maine. Send in your contributions and best is get your Mom in :)

  12. beautiful thought and sooooper cool idea:) i will join u guys when i become one;)
    good wishes to u all lovely mommys out there:) u guys rock:)

  13. Hi Sandeepa,I was waiting for this post.I will join today,little bit later.Got to drop off Trisha at her volunteer place.:))

  14. Just when I go through all the trouble for starting a blog for linking Indian mom blogs! Is April 3rd a weird day or what? ;) Anyway, my idea was more to give links to interesting posts. Take a look indianmommies.blogspot.com.

    Tharini - Thanks for the link.

  15. Best of luck with your new blog!

  16. Sandeepa, this is really a great idea...Guess I will join later :)

    All the best !

  17. Sandeepa, that is a lovely idea...there is such a difference between raising kids and raising them well...very few people can actually look back at the end of the day and say.."they have'nt turned out badly"...any help during these crucial years of their formation is more than welcome...I'm more than glad to join.

  18. Hi sandeepa, great idea. But I'll keep away because it may either put me off ever having kids or make me even more broody (if that's possible).

    Akta khub easy Bangali macher jholer recipe achey? Like shoreshey bata diye or pathla jhole?

    Thanks a ton

  19. Sandeepa, can we join now or do we have to do it later...actually I tried but have been unsuccessful in sending the email...received two failure notices.

  20. Good Idea!I would like to be a part of this.

  21. Hi sandeepa
    u got a great idea..dear!!Really it was fantastic.We can have our hearts open about our kids in here..thanks for starting this.

  22. I absolutely love your idea, Sandeepa,! I'l definitely join, but right now I'm so bogged down with work I have to clear before going on holiday, so I'll sign up but might not contribute much untile later.. ;-)

  23. A truly great idea. I wish you all, all the best.

    :(( you all going off and leaving us non-moms :(( (the sounds of babies crying) LOL

    Seriously, great going ladies.

  24. Hi Sandeepa (and ISG, Asha too) -- what a lovely idea and great support system -- my kids are a little bit older but I'll be proud to sign up under the "Indian at heart" category :)

  25. Beautiful idea, Sandeepa.I'll join in the day I become a mum :)
    Good luck!

  26. THANKS to all those who showed interest and wanted to join. Please remember to send me an e-mail and I will sign you up

    THANKS to all those who can't join because they don't fit the bill, hey come on and share a guest post and come and comment. Soon will be knocking at your doors :)

    Mallika -- Its a fun, celebratory blog, nothing to put you off

    I think the April 1st did something :)
    But the tow blogs are very different. This one is a group blog and more like a forum while yours showcases good stuff from other mom blogs.

  27. I'm in and I have lots of things I would love to share with my dear friends.

  28. Hey, what a lovely idea, Sandeepa! I'm in!! Will be sending you the email next. I'm really excited about this! It will be really helpful for all. Thank you for taking the initiative, San!

  29. Hey Sandeepa, i'll try to chip in my bit :) and also spread the word across to other desi Moms who might be interested in contributing.

  30. somebody ate my comment!Great going sandeepa. wish u good luck. I will be constant reader and i know u will do a good job of it.

  31. Hi Sandeepa

    I am sure this idea will work because I floated a yahoo group for Indian moms 3 years ago. It has been a great support group ever since my daughter was born because all the members have kids who were born in the same year as my daughter. We still have a great knowledge sharing experience on the group and are still in touch actively. Best of luck for your group.


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