Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Great 7 Day Challenge


I will be on the 7 Day Challenge from tomorrow. The husband has kindly agreed to be with me "for better or for worse".

I picked it up from Rads and following are the rules. I am going to work around couple of those rules, because rules are meant to worked around if not broken

* One week -- starting Monday to the next Monday. Okay, done. April 20th to April 27th

* No sugars -- I need sugar in my tea, twice a day. I can switch to Splenda, doesn't say No Splenda(see I am stickler to rules actually)

* No Alcohol -- Given up, am a saint already

* No Grains -- This is the one that lured me and yet this is the hardest for me. Needed a lot of thinking, re-thinking and planning

* No processed foods -- What, no Marie with my tea ??? Guys does Marie Biscuit or any cracker come under category "processed" ?

* Not eat out at all-- Going to be tough for the weekend. Got to decide weekend menu

* Workout everyday -- Not possible. I manage one zumba class and maybe one more gym session a week. No time or desire to leave the kids and go exercise. If weather is good I will try taking a walk each day. The husband might take this up

* Eat veggies -- Ok, maybe I will even eat the tender Spring grass and hugely reduce my grocery bill

* Eat Fruits - Not too much I guess

* Eat meat and eggs -- I will eat fish and eggs. This is an opportunity to get good eats into my system so I will stick with fresh fish and limited meat

* Fast for 18 hours - I am going to drink water and juice and tea, that is how I fast. I will stop eating Friday around 8 pm and have Saturday Lunch by 2 pm

I have a spreadsheet with probable menu for 5 work days, hopefully I will stick to it. Since no processed food(no ketchup, pickle ??) or eat out was allowed along with no grains it was not easy to plan. I also wanted to control fat in my food though that wasn't one of the conditions. This also needed some prep work on Sunday.

The menu is up here on my spreadheet. The menu seems to have plenty of food, I am not sure if it will be more or less so I will update it as necessary.

I chose simple, light, fancy free recipes which are moderately spicy and Indianized and have tried to plan a balanced meal. Got some idea from Sig's SBD Phase 1. This is NOT SBD though and I can eat a lot of things which maybe they can't.

Check my 7 Day Challenge Meal Planner Spreadsheet

The original challenge or tag started here.

Why am I doing this ? For exact reasons mentioned by the originator. I needed a push to make a change like like getting rid of all carbs. Only the end will show if I am fitter, better for it.

Anyone want to join ? Come on take it up and use the following icon I made if you want



  1. Seems to me like a good one, do your trial and lemme know how it works out... About Marie I am a die hard fan... I guess it comes under processed food...

  2. Never heard of this challenge before! What is the 18 hr fasting for? Apart from that, sounds like a piece of cake to me, sugarless of course :P
    Good luck with the challenge, menu looks good, really good!

  3. I did this, Sandeepa. It worked wonders in terms of inches.

    We formed a small group and exchanged emails with recipes. I'm sure you don't need them ;) But let me know if you need some imaginative recipes :P I've done my share.

    And Rads is a good friend of mine :D

  4. Sorry for this. I read the post again. Pickle, Ketchup allowed. Marie not allowed.

    And no artificial sweeteners either :P Try flavoured green tea, Sandeepa.

  5. Ramya
    No Marie :(

    This is not for you, you SBD girl. The 18 hr fasting is to attain nirvana ;-)


    Sure sure do you have them on your blog ? Also did you stop at 7 days ?
    Now you ruined my day :( No Marie, no sweetened tea, wyahhhh !!!

    I don't know rads but read her blog often

  6. Sandeepa..LOVE the challenge! My Best Wishe's to You! Looking forward for your post on 27th..

    [dO U Love Marie That Much?]

  7. All the best Sandeepa!! Huh, no grains?@#$%^, really tuff. veggie menu looks really good. BTW you can add minestrone soup to your list. Prepare it without pasta its a really wholesome healthy dish.

  8. Shesh holay janio:-) I am bad with rules, erokom fixed rules follow korte parina. jodio whenever i see even a pound increase in my wt, i do a no carb lunch (just salad, beans, chicken/eggs, nuts) for lunch, very little carb & a lot of dal/chana/fish & veggies for dinner. i do not take breakfast on weekdays. just black coffee. in 5 days i can see the difference.. then weekends i go normal. nijeke force kore restrict korlei amar matha gondogol hoye jaye.. cannot say that i cannot have atleast 1 marie biscuit :-(

  9. Hi Sandeepa,
    The 7 day challenge really seems interesting! after reading abt the GM diet and all that....will keep a track of ur progress, May be I'll get the required push to follow the challenge myself...coz offlate my weighing scale is on an alarming mode whenever I step on it :)
    All the best for the challenge.

  10. Sandeepa,
    all the best for the challenge :).....
    hugs and smiles

  11. Hi Sandeepa ,
    I am following your blog for a very long time but never leave a comment .
    I am a bengali girl & love to read your posts on bengali culture & food. I can resambles myself with your posts & bengali recipes .
    All the best to you for this challenge . Looking forward for your post at the end of the week .I will also try for this callenge .
    Subho Nabobasho to you & your family .

  12. Good luck Sandeepa - any small effort we make towards living healthy is a good start!

  13. Wow this is some realy tough challenge. Good luck.

  14. So glad you are taking to this another level Sandeepa. I wish I could get rid of carbs too but with kids demanding sweets and bread, it's hard for me.

    Menu looks great. Best of luck to you, keep up the good work.

    May be when Tushar get out of the house, I can join you! ;D

  15. Sounds great, Sandeepa!!

    Keep some besan flour, almond flour, coconut flour handy for impromptu pancakes or spicy cheelas. Add some thick pumpkin puree for sweetness instead of sugar.

    You can do it! I'm thinking about doing it. Maybe next week.

  16. Thanks Everyone Kay

    Cheela is a fab idea . Am I stupid, never crossed my mind, all flour appeared carb to me. That is what will be for weekend, I love spicy cheela

  17. I need my marie biscuit too with my Tea/coffee :) I was tempted when Rad's started this, but did not go ahead. Now you are tempting me again and N saying she saw results is icing on the cake. ooops, no sugars! I want to take this up atleast to get back on my workout routine. Been in a slump for waayyy too long.

  18. Hi sandeepa,
    In my frequent dieting attempts i also forego processed foods and carbs. Sprouted green moong is really helpful - it makes pesarattu dosa, you can microwave it for quick healthy snacks with some peanuts. Soups and hearty stews might also help. I might just join in this challenge! Best of luck with yours,

  19. Oh, good luck, Sandeepa! I can do without sugar. But no grains and no eating out is tough. And working out everyday would be a challenge for me too. Good luck! You can do it!

  20. da best 2 u....i can avid grains...not me the out come later

  21. Hi Sandeepa,
    pls collect the award from my blog :) I'd be glad if u do :)

  22. All the best with your challenge. May be I can try from next week! Now I already had my coffee, my breakfast,... I did some similar diet for week and works like wonders!
    I can survive without Marie and without coffee or tea for a week not more :(

  23. hey sandeepa, it isn't too bad actually and for veteran chefs like you, this would be a breeze, coz frankly, I went a lil nuts trying to figutre menus out, which we helped each other out of course, but it was taxing.

    It makes one feel completely in control :)

    Had no idea you read me, thank you :-) Good luck, it's worth it!


  24. ok, am blaming my bad laptop for some weird sentence framing at the end, but you get what am saying right? :)

  25. Err.. no flours also, Sandeepa :D

    Make lentil pancakes - Deeba has one or I could send you the recipe :)

  26. Thanks again To everyone starting from Priya now :)

    I do read you, how dare I not read someone popular like you :)
    Since I eat non-veg I guess planning was easier,a baked filet of fish can do wonder to your hunger


    Did I have flour in the menu. I consciosuly & painstakingly avoided all "flour" while planning !!! Where is it hidden ??
    Besan Chilla is ok right ? Let me check lentil pancakes at Deeba's.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. even I was wondering if besan was made from a grain or not :D Planning to start from tomorrow, fingers crossed :D
    I don't eat meat or eggs, so I guess soy and beans will be the bulk. So veggie soups, sprouted beans, lentils. Pesarattu, dosa made from whole moong and Adai, mixed lentil dosa's (without rice) seem to be good options. I can't think of anything for breakfast though.

  29. You also have dhokla as an option... yellow mung bean cheela, green mung pesaradu like somebody mentioned..


    I think I'm having a stupid moment right now... I have a huge blog post on what no-grains options are out there..

  30. Sandeepa, think beans and you will be able to do it. Go easy on the soy though. I asked DH if he wanted to join me in the challenge and he was not very enthusiastic He is a big believer of carbs :(

  31. Sandeepa, I'm thinking besan is processed flour? I'd love to know more! Coz I'm doing this again in 2 weeks from now

    And chilas are perfect for me!

  32. Oh, if besan is ok :D we could eat microwave pakodas! yay!

  33. Ok, that was N from A&N - and delete my spammy comments if you wish.

  34. Good luck Sandeepa! Am tempted to try this ... but know will weaken very soon.
    Dekhi ... tomar feedback porar por . ;-)

  35. Checked out the spreadsheet ... looks great! But how can you have just yogurt every morn? I mean won't you want to have something salty? :-)
    Aam dudh muri / narkel dudh muri khawar kotha mone pore gelo ... jani na muri allowed ki na. :-)

  36. Priya

    I am having Greek yogurt with little Honey and a fruit for breakfast every morning . Yummy
    Morning breakfasts for me have to be quick since I am out by 7, usually it is milk-honey nut cheerios
    So this is a great alternative for me

    Weekday Breakfast for me is cereal-milk. No savory stuff on weekdays :( So the Greek Yogurt works very well for me.

    I am a small believer in carbs too :)

    No you are not spamming, it has been very helpful

  37. Hey Sandy thats a hard one on your girl..but the menu looks great!..good luck!...

  38. I am new to blogging(feel free to visit my site) and just happened to see your blog.I like your seven day challenge.Reminds me of my dieting days.I do it for few days and then go back to regular pace again.Will try yours and see if it works this time.Good luck to you.

  39. Sandeepa.. follow ur blog from a long while.. read abt ur 7 day challenge... all the best... u may need to put up a before and after pix to motivate a lot of us.. u know as they say.. a picture is worth a 1000 words..

    I have bookmarked this challenge.. perhaps will take it up soon...

  40. if it works for u, i will join..:)

  41. oh, and add some green beans to ur menu..they are a good filler.menus looks good.:)

  42. she-ki??!! Eto yummy patha'r mangsho theke shoja e ki jhamelaye phelcho nijeke?

    BTW, I guess Quinoa is agrain otherwise makes a good substitute for rice (not as yummy as bhaath but I like it more than ruti). High protein low carb. Check it out sometime.

  43. Went through your blog & loved it.
    About myself in short :Born & brought up in Kolkata a non bong though,(settled in Singapore) love to eat bengali food.
    Came here in search of 'luchi aloor dum'. Found the recipe also but after seeing this 7 day plan i think I'll go for this first.
    Would be glad if you could share the recipe of 'kosha mansho'.
    Happy Cooking!

  44. I was under the impression that jhol was the light stew that villagers in Bangladesh ate, while curry was the more spicy and zesty urban version in which lots of a blend of moshola is sauteed, with a layer of oil floating on top of the gravy. Since I live in an apartment with a little kitchenette with no doors or windows, and have developed clogged arteries, I decided to eat oil free food. My solution was to prepare jhol in a crockpot in which I added every ingredient and let it slow cook. The dish looks like my concept of jhol and contains no added oil.
    Tahera Rashid


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