Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt -- arm made

Summer is a difficult time. I am obsessed with the season.

Every weekend I want to go to the beach, to the park -- the one with the sprinklers, to a carnival, to the beach again.

My family thinks I have too much energy for un-worthy things, that two beach visits with a bawling toddler who hates car seats should have been enough to put my desires in order, that the nearby park is fun enough for the kids and that watching football is as much an outdoor activity as running around kids in a strawberry field.

I clearly think otherwise. But it is not easy to put my thoughts to reality. Weekends are times for birthday parties, get-togethers, groceries and chores. Weekdays are time for work, piano(not mine), swimming(not mine), next days lunch. Work is crazy and I don't even get time to visit my blog friends.How do I fit in summer outdoor stuff in this busy schedule ?

In the recent years I have learned to delegate. I have outsourced my house cleaning, occasional help to dust and vaccum. It is hard to get help here in the US but look around and you will find affordable cleaning, someone who might be of service. There might be an Auntie few blocks down who will make you Rotis for the week, a kindly neighbor who will sell home made idli batter, a young Spanish girl who will chop your vegetables for those extra bucks. Once in a while take their help, you not only need it, a busy Mom like you deserves it.

Last month I took a day off. I wanted to take the kids strawberry picking. Since weekends just weren't working, it had to be a weekday. I felt it was really important for the kiddos to know where their favorite fruit was coming from, to know that strawberries are not produced at the neighborhood grocers.

The farm is thankfully not that far and we spent a nice hour or so grazing the strawberry fields. Rows of deep green against the blue sky and the little red fruits hidden in all that green.Being close to Nature is so enchanting that I wouldn't have cared if we were picking bitter gourd and not strawberries.

The kids had loads of fun, they ate some, picked some and I just let them be, at least for this once.

Since they hadn't picked the choicest of fruits, after eating some, I froze the rest. And then one fine day, I wanted to make a strawberry ice cream. Ok not ice cream, but at least a frozen yogurt.

Of course I don't have an ice cream machine. I don't have a whole lot of things. Actually the list of things I DO NOT have is way longer than the things I DO have.

But I won't fret on that, because if your upper arms are as sagzy as mine and you want to do this, you better make ice cream by hand. You will like the process so much that you will do it maybe once and buy Hagen Dasz by the pints. Ok, it is not all that hard, I kid.


Follow David Leibowitz's hand made ice cream making process. This Strawberry Frozen Yogurt recipe is adapted from here.

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

I have used strained whole milk yogurt but Greek yogurt which is creamier will give better result

Put 2 cups of roughly chopped strawberries in a bowl. Sprinkle 2 tbsp of sugar and let them sit for an hour.

In a blender add the
strawberries along with their juice,
1/2 cup of Evaporated Milk,
1/2 cup of Thick Greek Yogurt,
2 tbsp sugar
Note: Replace Evaporated Milk with
Condensed Milk if you want a creamier, sweeter taste.

Blend till smooth. I also strained the mix through a strainer.

Freeze and follow the hand made ice cream making process. Or use your ice cream maker.



  1. Like always ..... I luv this one too :)



  2. Eto kaaj ekshonge guchiye kore otha ar enjoy o kora has to be a talent Sandeepa. Your summer sounds and looks ( that pink delicious yogurt) great. :-)

  3. I like it..i will try it soon.

    Special thanks for teaching hand made ice cream style


  4. Sandeepa, that is one lovely looking yogurt and I totally agree with you that we deserve that kind of time off. I don't have that much help, but I do get cleaning done once every other week (outsourcing as you called it). I am too planning to go to strawberry farm, must be fun !!!

  5. Lovely recipe,my 3 yr old would love this.I don't have an icecream maker too, though eyeing one at Target for a long time..
    Tomar summer are amar summer ekirokom sonache :)

  6. Sandeep,

    Can you pls let me know the farms in NJ. I'm planning to take Nish.


  7. We have been planning to go to some berry picking and show the kiddo where the berries grow.
    Love that pink color of the strawberry frozen yogurt.

  8. I love the way you write. It just draws me in and makes me happy :) Had dropped by to request you to please check your desimomz email. Have written to you with a request.

  9. In the summer I can never go to all the blods i like to visit because it is holiday and then the routine is out and gone too. But your shedule sounds so hectic.
    I would love to have your auntie and your neighbour :-)
    I hav eto admit i am still not converted to youghurt ice cream. You know me i am for the things which goes stright to my hipps :-)

  10. Forgot to mention frozen yogurt is on the list.

  11. Strawberry orchards! A food for eyes. Yummy recipe. Nice to be here.

  12. Hey Sandeepa.. That looks so good! I have strawberries sitting in my fridge too. By hand-blended do you mean you used a machine hand-blender to blend the ingredients? (I don't have one, so I avoid making all ice-creams). Just wondering if I can make this with just a whisk or spoon and modest arm power.

  13. Sagzy? Mine are jiggly. :)

    I don't have a whole lot of appliances either, but I have to send out a lot more too - ten years later, I'm in de-merger mode, not acquisition mode.

  14. Love the sound of sagzy, think that'll be the hip new term for the next few days.

  15. You took a day off work to go strawberry picking? - wow - Kudos to you!.
    Its not that I am a workaholic or a career ladder climber, just that I am incredibly committed to anything I sign up to. So, if I can wring myself to nothingness trying to do everything possible for my family on the weekends,on weekdays I do the same at work. So I have to stop. and remind myself. at times. that its ok to take off from work. for things other than major illnesses!

    This month for K's bday (which fell on a Monday), though we had a bday party on Sunday evening, I took off work and spent the day with her. We went and got mehendi done on her hands and then had a lovely lunch at her fav restaurant...we played board games and read books and napped.

    I am sure thats why you run yourself ragged trying to do things with them on the summer weekends - they will love the memories much later :)

  16. Miri

    Honestly, I do not do any earth shattering work that would change human lives :-) If I take a day off for something other than illness it is perfectly ok, of course it cannot be around project deadline time.

    We get a fair amount of vacation days where I work and can take it as needed. During the summer, instead of taking a bunch of days together, I tend to take a day off every now and then, to spend more time with the kids. I LOVE that :-D

    Most of my colleagues will take a 3-4 week vacation in summer, I save ;-)

  17. My arms put the "sag" in "sagzy" :D

    How fun to take the day off and take the kids out- those are the things they will remember years down the line.

  18. Shivapriya

    Here is a list of NJ orchards


    Find one near you. Mine is faaaaaaaar from your place


    Ok, truth be told, kids might never remember such stuff ;-) They are ungrateful that way

  19. It is winter here and bitingly cold.And all these recipes about ice cream.Not fair.Still i am bookmarking it for a warmer day.

  20. I don't have that kind of job either AND we have no one even keeping track of our vacation days as long as we make sure that we all don't take it at the same time.....so it's just up to me to let go and take off once in a while. I have also started taking days off and on instead of waiting for the "long" vacations.

    On your comment on my blog... Bread making is much easier than it looks - I used to think of it as a chore too... till the first time I made it.
    Do you knead chapati or puri dough? if you do, then it's about the same - I usually knead it for 8-10 minutes, no more. I guess in the West, the kneading gets written up a lot because it is not part of their everyday cooking, whereas for Indians who make rotis on a daily basis, its par for the course.

  21. I soooooo agree on delegating! Strawberry picking is so much fun, here too, it is the perfect season to do so!!
    P.s. Is it me or did you recently change the pics on your logo? It is really looking very nice!!


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