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Chotoder Chicken Stew -- Chicken Stew with Vegetables


A couple of months back...

Me to BigSis: Have you heard of Isaac newton ? Do you know who he is ?

BigSis : Yes, yes, he is the guy who said we should wash our hands twenty times with soap and water to kill germs.

Me: ????? Don't they teach anything at your school ? Newton was a famous scientist...

BigSis: Yes, that is why he said to wash hands !!!

Me, now confused, maybe Newton said something about washing hands after all, who knows: Well, that is fine but more importantly he was the one who explained gravity, apple falling from tree... F=G..blah, blah, blah

Big Sis: Okay...

A few weeks back, little neighbor girl has come over to play.

Me, with my favorite question: Have you heard of Isaac newton ? Do you know who he is ?

Little NG: Uh, Oh
Big Sis very interested : Yes, yes, he is the guy who said we should wash our hands twenty times with soap and water to kill germs.

Me, now exasperated: Didn't I tell you that he was a famous scientist and apple falling from tree...blah, blah...gravity...blah, blah

Little NG: BM Aunty, Yes, apple will always fall down from tree, will not go up but Hand washing with soap and water really kills germs.

Now really who is this guy. Where in the Principia did Sir Newton tell us to wash our hands ? For now I am washing my hands off this and cooking up a chicken stew with loads of vegetables. You do too. A warm bowl to cool a hot mind.


I make a chicken stew(you can make with mutton too) with loads of vegetables every week. Little S loves chicken and this stew, Big Sis at her current stage not so much chicken but still likes the broth part. Every week the vegetables change, the spices change but the stew is always there.Till about 6 months ago I would puree the vegetables like this egg curry. Now I just put everything in the pressure cooker. The aroma is divine. With a hot green chili, it makes a lovely dish even for the adults.


There is no set recipe that I have. I go along with the flow and some week is just better than the other. The spice mix I used a couple of weeks back was different, a bit unusual and I liked it. That is the only reason I am putting the recipe here. Now tell me, what is your child's favorite everyday food ?

Hope you all had a Happy Eid and a lovely Ganesh Chaturthi.


Chicken Stew with Vegetables

The measurements etc. are totally eyeballed, go with your instinct.

Marinate 2-2&1/2lb of whole cut up chicken (skinless with bones) with 1 tsp of Garlic Paste, 1 tsp of Ginger Paste, a little turmeric powder, salt and lime juice

1 tsp of whole Corriander Seeds
1/4 tsp of Cumin seeds
1/4 tsp of Fennel seeds
6 Cloves/Laung

Make a paste of the
above spices
4 cloves of garlic
1" piece of peeled and chopped ginger

Heat Olive Oil or butter in a Pressure cooker or a deep bottomed pan

Temper the oil with a thin 2" stick of cinnamon and 3-4 green cardamom (gently crushed in the mortar)


Add about 1 small onion chopped fine and fry till onion turns brown on the edges. Add the masala paste and 1 chopped tomato. Fry covered till the oil is separating from the masala and the tomatoes are all mushed up.


Add all the vegetables (potatoes, carrots, zucchini, green beans, few leaves of spinach, a beet maybe), sprinkle a little salt and saute for 2-3 minutes.

Next add the marinated chicken pieces and saute till the meat is no longer pink.


Add enough warm water so that the meat and vegetables are fully covered. Add a fistful of fresh coriander leaves.Pressure cook for about 5 minutes at full pressure. Garnish with fresh coriander leaves and lime juice. Serve as a soup or with rice.
Note: For grown ups add a couple of hot Indian Green chili for a spicy kick




  1. Ha ha poor Newton, he will be depressed to read this :) it is ages ago i made chicken stew, looks delish, double love the dolls :-)

  2. LOL .... RIP ... Mr Newton !! The stew looks so inviting :)

  3. :) kidsvare like that,luved reading this,stew looks yum nd comforting,dolls are o cute

  4. Maybe Mr Newton did say this!LOL. Who are we to know! Nice dolls and stew.

  5. Chicken stew with vegetables sounds like a nice twist...looks yumm

  6. Sandeepa, Thanks for another warm, straight from heart post. But, I am really amused at Handwashing message comprehension... Good...looks like some sponsor brand or NGO has really worked well to integrate school package in communication. Great work. But, beyond everything, I love the chicken stew. In fact my son even @ 14 loves it. Usually it is our comfort dish for a chilly winter dinner. Since he was very fussy eater in early days, I had given it a fancy name Chicken HotPot... and the name continues.....

  7. Looks super delicious,stew makes me hungry..

  8. You will understand the connection some other day when she says something else. Happens all the time with K- she says something which makes no sense to us till one day much later we understand the context and her understanding of it!

    The stew is really convenient to make - perfect for a quick evening meal

  9. Love that conversation. I do not know what it is with washing hands but for most American schools it is more important than Isacc Newton!!

    I bet this Chicken stew would make even Newton happy.

  10. Stew looks delicious..and the good thing is easy to prepare.. :)

  11. Sandeepa, loved the last picture of the dolls and the stew :). Do Bengali's have a veg/non-veg stew dish - asking since I never had stew while in WB but came across it in the southern states( ones with coconut milk)

  12. My parents made something similar to this for us as we grew up in London. When just Baba was left he continued to make it for my boys. Now it is just me that makes it...and apparently you too! In our family it is called 'Dadu chicken'. A favourite on any day of the week.

  13. you are hilarious, really poor Newton!!
    Chickes ishtew looks yummy specially with the doll eaters!!

  14. The stew looks so warm and nourishing ...can almost taste it

  15. Haha U made my day, missed ur precious posts I guess. I will catch up this weekend.
    I never made chick stew probably it is time to give a try, we should love it!

  16. Gorom gobindobhog chaal diye - aha !

  17. Your chicken ate up my comment!

  18. I really want to know who cooked up this story 'Newton=Handwash; :-)
    This chicken stew is something which is relished by all of of at home.Many a times it happens ki Ami alada kore amader jonne ar chicken banai na. Cheler jonne to banate hoye tai amrao enjoy kori ei light preparation ta..Looks very inviting

    Hamaree Rasoi

  19. Like Miri said, I am sure there is a connection somewhere between Newton and handwashing. Will reveal itself eventually. I have never made or had chicken stew in my life but I think this will be perfect for a winter evening, contingent on Tx winters which start anywhere from mid to late December.

  20. so glad to see this recipe. I recently made a version of this when we were all getting over a cold. Newton answer is too funny!

  21. I am with the girls on this one, it is much more valuable to learn about good hygiene than gravity :)I can't believe Newton is so famous and the person who came up with the hand wash lesson is not!!! :)

  22. Great story. Was the edifying exchange, Round One, in Bangala? If so, I am trying to reconstruct the words, with mutual facial expressions, ala Baranday Roddoor for BigS!! You know Bangalis, we are like this only.

    Sandeepa, I REALLY REALLY am devasted that you have graduated to that dreaded "Aunty" stage of apotheosis, away from the "sizzling fox Mama" --can Dida, and Mashi be far behind? I hope not for ages!!!

    Anyways, back to the mundane: stews. Cauliflower, especially the harder parts that won't dissolve in the cooker (like the basal portion trimmed of its coarse epidermis & floret stems) and even some green peas make a tasty addition.

    There is a vegetarian option we used to make by carefully dry-roasting chapati flour [chakki atta, please]. This should become fairly brown & toasty. Think Cajun brown roux minus the fat!! After bhunao-ing the veggies in the masala, carefully making sure that the roasted atta has been icorporated into the residual masala-fat-veg. mix. Then slowly add hot water in small aliquots, gradually making up the full amount of desired gravy, allowing the flour to thicken in-between.Roasting will reduce its thickening power hugely & give it this toasty body.

    You can cover and cook on stove or under pressure, with discretion. Even boiled eggs can be added later, after veggies are 3/4 done, for ovo-lacto vegetarians.

  23. Chicken stew with vegetables sounds like a nice twist...looks yumm

  24. agerbar ei post ta pore comment khuje pai ni. aaj aar akbar pore prochur haslam lol

  25. Sandipa, I sincerely want to thank you for this recipe! I loved it more because of the use of cinnamon, cloves and cardamom... I love the aroma of these spices! Surely gonna make this today or tomorrow... Thanks again!

  26. NICE recipe..maa is making me one.. :)

  27. Thanks for the recipe. I made this today and it turned out great! :)

  28. can you tell the receipt of vegetable stew no chicken.

  29. Thank you. I felt feverish and this very momly stew nursed me back to health. Loved it. Reminded me of my mom's cooking.

  30. Thank you for such amazing recipes!!I dread kitchen & ur recipes are such relief!! Tried this one yesterday,turned out great!! Thanks again!!


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