Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Quick Recipes for Covid-19 Lockdown and after

We have been in quarantine for just over a month now. And while some people have used this time to hone new skills, take masterclass, learn yoga, train for marathon, and become the next best chef, there are others like us.

Us as in me.

The ones who had dream in their eyes, a long list of things to do and learn and run and watch, at the start of quarantine but..... And there is huge BUT. But all that I have managed to achieve is multiple zoom calls and putting meals on the table. Oh also tweezing away a part of my eyebrow. I think I need at least 2 years worth of quarantine to learn anything. This past month was just spent thinking of the possibilities.

So, if you are the one who has been bogged down with work and lockdown and don't want to spend hours in the kitchen anymore, here are some easy recipes to tide you over. They are mostly quick and simple and  easy to make.

Quick Recipes for Quarantine and after

Bengali Khichuri -- Khichdi or Khichuri is the quickest one-pot meal of rice, lentils and vegetables to make. You can pair it with an egg or a papad and pickle or some fries and no meal is easier than this.

Quinoa and Samo Khichdi -- This one pot meal has Quinoa, Millets, Lentils and is protein packed as well as delicious

Bengali Congee or Phenaa Bhaat -- This is another very easy one-pot complete meal where rice and vegetables are cooked together and mashed. Top with some ghee or butter and serve with an egg or fried fish, and you have a winner

Kolkata Egg-Chicken Roll -- These are super quick to make if you have frozen parathas in the freezer. For healthier option, try these with Tortilla or Rotis.

Stir Fried Noodles - this is another favorite and easy meal to cook. You can add vegetables, eggs, shrimp or chicken of your choice.

Bread Pulao or Paurutir Pulao -- This is another of those dishes which can be a complete meal with your choice of vegetables and eggs

Doi Salmon in Oven -- This is our favorite Doi Salmon but this time done in the oven. This one is quicker and saves time. Some rice with this and you are set.

Coriander-Green Chili Fish in Oven -- Another easy and delicious fish in the oven.

Soy Sauce-Sriracha-Honey Salmon in Oven

Mixed all of these until it tasted just right
Sriracha +.
Chilli Paste +.
soy sauce +.
garlic paste +.
honey glaze.
 a drizzle of Olive Oil.
Basically just mixed all together until it tasted yum and then poured over the salmon and baked it at 275F for 25 mins. It came out really good. #salmonwithsrirachahoneychilli

Image may contain: food

Busy Day's Egg Masala -- This post tells you to make an all purpose-masala that will really help you on most working days. the egg masala that follows is a delicious one too.


Savory Crepes or Dim er Parota _- You can make these and then use any stuffing of your choice. We like it with a dosa aloo stuffing or a keema stuffing

Boiled Dal with Lime Leaves -- If all else fails there is always a big pot of Dal. A boiled Dal like this one is super simple and fragrant with Lime leaves. All we need is some rice to go with.

Phuchka -- And then of course if you can make a meal out of Phuchka what else would you need


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  1. I am in your team, I also thought of utilising this time, but destiny had other plans. Cheleke bhablam ranna sekhabo, emon lyad khelam j chele roj bikele ghyan ghyan korche 'ei j bolle ranna sekhabe' and I am like Youtube dekhe ja paris sikhe ne and bana...but chele eka kichu nije banate gelei cheler Baba chillache ...ei lockdown e hath pa porale ba katle doctor pabona, oke kitchen e dhukte diona...shey ekhon ja ta abstha....tabe tomar roj roj rannar photogulo dekhe khub inspired haye bhabi, aj kichu ekta fatafati banaboi, tarporei end up making daal, aloo seddho bhaat

  2. Dearest Sandeepa, I have been an ardent follower and admirer of your book and your blog for a long time now. My cook of your book is very very very stained with repeated use in the kitchen - exactly how I like my cookbooks to be. There isn't a single recipe of yours that has not turned out spectacular. I love it, the people i cook for love it. It's not just the end result, the whole process of looking through your blog for inspiration on what to make and then the act of cooking and tastig and mixing and retasting - that whole process fills me with such joy.

    I just want to send you and your family loads of love and happiness. May you continue to enthral us with content that is as heartwarming as it is delicious.

  3. So very helpful to have this on hand!! The quarantine has me busier than ever!


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