Thursday, February 23, 2017

KaanchaLonka Dhonepata Baked Fish

The weather has been amazingly warm for February in the last few days. Being from a warm country, I am not very fond of snowy winters, but such high temperatures scare me. With the new administration, there is little thought being given to global warming though it stares us in the face and even my 8 year old understands the impact it can have. If the EPA is not allowed to do the job it should, it is ultimately we, the humans who lose out in the long run.

We went snow tubing this past weekend. It was sunny and warm and the snow had turned to slush in parts. No one even needed a gloves or a cap.  The kids had a whole lot of fun but in a couple of decades we might have to do this whole snow world in a controlled environment indoors.

Now to this Green Chili Coriander Fish baked in the oven which is  much loved in our home. Big Sis is happiest when dinner is this particular fish dish and rice. It is also so easy to make that I don't have to do any prep work if the ingredients are at hand.

Surprisingly, this fish was inspired by a Lemon-Coriander Fish not from any Michelin starred restaurant but my Etihaad flight last year. I have not seen anyone else take their in-flight dinner so seriously, that too an in-flight dinner devoured in company of absolute strangers in a tight economy seat. But I had honestly liked the fish they had served with couscous.

It had uplifted my spirits even even when I was missing all the tyangra jhal charchari and golda chingri that I was leaving behind. As much as I like my golda chingri kalia, I know that it is not what I will rustle up for a weeknight dinner. For that, inspiration has to come from elsewhere. In this case, it was at 40,000 ft high!

Soon after I came home,I searched up the recipe and then tweaked it enough to make it kick-ass Bengali. Few green chilies will do that for you!

Kaancha Lonka Dhonepata Baked Fish

I have always made this with fillet of fish like Basa or Tilapia. You can also try other firm fish like Bhetki or Flounder.
You can either cut the fish filet in rectangles or just keep them whole. My daughters like the smaller rectangle pieces.

Take two medium sized filet of fish. Rinse in running water and pat dry with a kitchen tissue.

Next we have to make the Kaanchalonka- DhonePata paste aka the Green Chili-Coriander paste

In a blender or mixie jar add

1/2 Cup of thick Yogurt
1 Cup of Fresh Coriander leaves(no need to chop)
4-5 Green Chili (deseed the chilies or use only a couple if you cannot stand the heat)
2 cloves of garlic or 2 tsp of Garlic paste
Juice of half a lime
1.5 tbsp olive oil (add more if necessary)

Make a paste without adding any water. If needed add a little more olive oil or lime juice, but no water.

Add salt or sugar to taste.

Now what you have to do is very very difficult. You have to go fish. Okay, just kidding.

Take a baking tray and line it with aluminum foil. On it place the filet of fish (either cut up in rectangles or whole).

Pour the green-chili coriander paste over the fish. Drizzle about 1 tbsp of Olive oil on the fish.

Broil in the oven (450 F at broil setting)for 25 minutes or so. By this time the sauce will be thick and the fish will also be done.

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  1. Will surely try it.. it looks yummy.. i have a question. Can i steam it in a pressure cooker??

  2. I think this one would even cook well in a microwave oven!

  3. Would this recipe work with shrimps?

  4. "go fish"!! I laughed out loud.

  5. What if olive oil is replaced with mustard oil?

  6. wow i like your all recipes thanks for sharing

  7. Nice one,u can even use ordinary white oil

  8. Tilottama Roy ChowdhuryMarch 20, 2017 10:33 PM

    I made it! It was quite yummy and extremely easy to make. However, I broiled it for a little short of 20 mins on high...
    Thanks Bong Mom.. you are the best

  9. Tried's delicious and so easy to make...thank you :)


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