Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year and all that...

Every year, I am kind of tongue tied at New Year. All I can think of is "Groan, the holiday season is over. Kohl's is no longer open until midnight, there is no valid reason to switch on the fairy lights every evening and I have to go back and finish all the work I had pushed aside to be done 'after the holidays'." You can see that trend in last year's post and in the year before when I had actually thought I should keep shut and not blog much anymore. Thankfully, I woke out of that. I love to be here, to blog and I have also realized that it is okay to do it at my own pace. I have been blogging for 6 years now and I don't even have 500 posts to boast about but I think I have kind of found the balance so that is fine.

I do not have any resolutions for the next year or any looking back to the last and this sign is what I will try to live my life by every day (though I have no clue what citi pond is).

This other picture that I took in the city last week kind of reflects what I expect every year or rather day to be. I hope it is tall and glamorous with shiny windows and hanging verandahs but I also know that it can just be chipped walls and cracked window panes. In that case I at least want it to be happy, bright and colorful.

Hope your and mine New Year is filled with color, brightness, good health, happiness.

Here is a recap of recipes from each month of this year that was most liked by someone or the other(read myself, family, friends, readers, spammers).

January -- Pati Shapta

February -- Peyaajkoli Maach and Methi Begun

March -- Niramish Alu dom and this

April -- Ilish Maacher Tauk and T's Eggless Tiramisu

May -- Paneer Korma and Tel Koi

June -- Green Beans Bhorta and Chicken in Mint, Coriander and coconut gravy

July -- Potol Posto and Roshun Murgi

August -- Ahona's Methi Machchi and A's Saturday Night Mutton Biriyani

September -- Ma-in-law's Robibarer Mangshor Jhol

October -- Sondesh

November -- Chicken Keema Chop and Cranberry relish

December -- Chocolate Sheet Cake

See you again in a few days. There are some exciting recipes like a Thai fish and a wonderful cake baked by friend T that I want to share. Till then happy everything



  1. Citi pond you say ? :) Here is what it is
    I haven't been but folks I work with at Citi say its pretty good.

    A happy, healthy and peaceful new year to you and yours !

  2. হ্যাপি নিউ ইয়ার বং মম, আপনার আর আপনার সব প্রিয়জনের নতুন বছর খুব ভালো কাটুক, এই কামনা করি।

  3. Wish you and ur family a very bright and prosperous new year

  4. A Very Happy 2013 to you, and your family, Sandipa!

  5. Wish you and your lovely family a very happy new year Sandeepa..and share more street photography with us..hugs and smiles

  6. Happy 2013 Sandeepa. Love your second picture and your thoughts about it. So true.

  7. Thank you bong mom, love the blog here in the UK, may you have a happy productive year ahead.

  8. Happy New Year to u and ur family :)

  9. Happy New Year Sandeepa. Life is too short to be negative, right? We started our blogs at a similar time and hopefully there's more years of fun to come.

  10. Happy new year wishes to you and your family.

  11. Wishing you and all your family a wonderful 2013 Sandeepa! Love to the little ones. Looking forward to a positive new year :)

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  13. My last attempt to post succeeded. Cool..... Thanks Sandeepa.

  14. Happy New Year, Bong Mom.. Is your book out?

  15. Happy new year, your interpretation of the pics.


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