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Roshun Murgi -- inspired by UshnishDa's garlic chicken

Most of you food bloggers or food-blog readers must know Ushnish Ghosh, one of the few male Indian food bloggers. Indian male bloggers abound in all other spheres but when it comes to food blogging there are only a few of them holding fort.


Ushnish Ghosh, is one of them who not only cooks everyday home food in his Delhi kitchen for his SOMEONE (this would be boudi, his wife) but is also extremely knowledgeable about nuances of cooking and food matter. His years of expertise gives him the confidence to set me correct when I mistakenly call scallions "Penyaj Koli" and make other such frivolous mistakes.


I admire him for his eagerness to learn, his enthusiasm, his fondness for cooking and at the risk of later being chastised I would say if my daughters ever choose to marry a Bong male, I would secretly like it if they chose someone like UshnishDa. I mean he not only cooks delicious dishes but he has so much faith in his wife's driving that he relaxes and dozes off to sleep when boudi is driving.


This Roshun Murgi or chicken in garlic is inspired by his recipe. I followed his recipe largely, making changes suitable to me. Like I grilled the garlic heads, just because I was too lazy to peel them. The roasting gave them a more sweeter, concentrated flavor and dumbed down the garlicky smell a bit. Please use raw garlic if that is the path you choose to take.

I also went low on the oil and since I had small boneless pieces which I cooked for a longer time at low temperature it worked. Well, ahem, the red chili powder at the end, well please do use the whole amount if you like it hot, hot, hot. If you are chicken then go slow on it.


This garlicky Roshun Murgi is an awesome dish which goes very well as a starter. If you happen to make it with little more gravy than mine it can be served as  a side dish to Roti and Pulao too.

Inspired by Original Recipe

Roshun Murgi -- Chicken in garlic 
I started off with almost 2lb of skinless, boneless chicken thigh pieces. Wash, clean and cut boneless, thigh pieces of chicken in small pieces. Marinate with
1/4 cup thick yogurt, 
2 tsp ginger-garlic paste, 
1/2 tsp turmeric powder, 
and  1 tsp mustard oil.

Make a paste of 2 whole heads of garlic. Now the garlic heads that I get here are quiet large and so I did not do two, instead I used 1 whole and 4 more cloves. Also I had grilled the garlic before makng the paste which gave a different flavor to the dish. You need not do that and use raw garlic like UshnishDa has done

Puree 2 large juicy tomatoes.

Heat 2 tbsp Oil. Add 1/2 tsp of sugar and caramelize the sugar.

Now add the garlic paste (about 3-4 tbsp heaped paste) and saute the paste for 2-3 minutes. Sprinkle water while frying. With roasted garlic paste, this step was quicker

Add half of the pureed tomato, 1/2 tsp turmeric powder and fry the tomato till the raw color and smell is gone.

Now add the chicken pieces and fry the chicken at medium-high heat until the pieces are browned a little. Lower the heat, cover and cook, remove cover and stir and cover and cook again. The chicken will release lot of water, cook till the water dries up.

Now add rest of the pureed tomato along with 1 tbsp of Maggi Hot&Sweet Ketchup. Add salt to taste. Mix everything together and keep frying till you see the oil seeping out of the masala and chicken pieces. Once the chicken is done and the gravy is thick and clinging switch off heat.

Roast 4 red chili + 1/2 tsp PaanchPhoron. Cool and make a powder. Sprinkle this powder on the chicken and mix well

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  1. Thanks to Mr. Ushnish Ghosh and u sandeepa! ami eta aajkei banabo. for my son i will skip the last step - that is lanka+pnach phoron. i m sure he will luv it!

  2. ....and at the risk of later being chastised I would say if my daughters ever choose to marry a Bong male, I would secretly like it if they chose someone like UshnishDa. I mean he not only cooks delicious dishes but he has so much faith in his wife's driving that he relaxes and dozes off to sleep when boudi is driving....

    LOL!Was trying to picture my husband,'a male Bong' whilst I am at the wheels..he'd do anything but sleep

  3. Loved this post. Ushnish Ghosh is really a gem of a person apart from his cooking and writing skills.

    Your recipe and pictures look perfect as always.

  4. Hi Sandeepa the chicken looks really yummy.

  5. Mouthwatering here, wat a terrific and super tempting chicken.

  6. Adding panchphoron in chicken is very interesting indeed. And yesh Ushnish Kaku is a class apart...Awesome stater Sandeepa

  7. Ushnish Ghosh - love the name! So musical, I think :) Did not know about his blog, though I've seen his name in comments on food posts. will be sure to check. And a lovely write up about him too, San.

  8. Who is this guy? Does not look musical to me, sounds rather, war, sword, ego, madira etc.

    1. To each his own, na ? Also don't bother about how the name sounds, click on the link and you can appease your curiosity

  9. Terrific mouthwatering recipe Sandeepa. Excellent. Thanks to Ushnish Ghosh. But I never seen his site. Heard about his name. Thanks a lot to you. Perfect documentation!

  10. Thank you for introducing this awesome chicken dish as well as Ushnishda... Have never visited his site before - will do ASAP! And regarding this yummy chicken will ask Mum-In-Law do replicate the recipe as I'm parked in Kolkata for the summers... it looks too tempting!

  11. Thank you for introducing UnnishGhosh to us. His blog has a lot of innovative recipes.
    But this is not to degrade your own recipes which are written in quite a humorous style. I am sure our Jamaibabu greatly appreciates your cooking.

  12. i loved the shot of the garlic bulbs. it reminded me of woodrose, which i don't see at all nowadays

  13. Rosun murgita dekhei khete ichha korchhe. Aar Ushnish da sotti ranna khub bhaloi kore. Darun hoyechhe tomar ranna ta.

  14. Ushnish da's page is hacked it seems, something terrible like open up when you click on the link:(

    May be you can ask him to investigate



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