Sunday, January 15, 2012

PatiShapta on Sankranti -- with a touch of Nutella and Maple Syrup


I really had no intention to make a dessert again today. Sankranti, Columbus Day, Republic Day -- no, I wasn't going to celebrate them by making anything sweet. Enough !! My Ma though had other ideas. She had already made the coconut-kheer stuffing and was all ready to launch into Poush-Parbon frenzy.

"Nah, no more sweets. Do you realize how much of sugar we have consumed all through December?"


My Ma, a very sparse eater herself of course did not consume all that.But I was quiet adamant. Then she said she would make some moog-samali. I of course had no idea, what that was. She wanted to do a savory version of it which needed green peas.We had no green peas.


Then this happened. Late yesterday night, Poli sent a mail asking for a Pati Shapta recipe for her boys. I was filled with guilt. My girls deserved something sweet on Sankranti, I thought. And so do my parents. And well the husband. And maybe me too, a tiny bite. What is a tiny bite in fact in the bigger scheme of Poush Parbon.

The recipe is same as my old one. No rice flour this time. If you scroll down there I have updated the batter recipe.


Also I have smeared with nutella the inside of the pati-shapta because the kids love nutella more than the coconut-kheer thingy. Drizzled with some maple syrup these were soft, sweet delights for the new beginnings of a new season. Never mind that is just cold, winter here.


Pati Shapta Recipe

Gokul Pithe Recipe


  1. Moog samali ki?? Recipe chaaaaaai ... mashima ke bolo banate ... amra khabo tomar post dekhe. :D
    Tomar puchki ta ke ador korte icche korche.

  2. I m drooling looking at the pics :) happy festival,..

  3. I have neve rhad this, but it looks super super delicious Happy Sankranti to you and family and looks like you are having a wonderful time with your mom.

  4. I love the picture of your daughter licking the nutella jar.. Happy sankranti!

  5. Tomar meye bishon misti dekhte.. Aador korte echche korche... Tomar patishapta-o khete bhison echche korche..

  6. Since I just came back and am jetlagged, I was not planning to make anything but tomato salad (that's all the veg food we have at home) for Sankranti but an aunt invited us for lunch and I yelled at the Spouse for saying no and got him to call back and accept the invitation!

    Patishapta, Nutella and maple syrup - why not?!

  7. Nutella :-D..aro ek jon ache chocolate 'er poka amar barite..besh bhalo hobe..mongsomali seyita?..hugs and smiles

  8. This is new to me. its like poli we make. the outer layer looks so thin , love it :)

  9. Dear Sandeepa, ur daughter looks tooooo cute!!!

    Moog samali r recipe ta dao mayer kach theke cheye - that sounds a healthy one! i have added more than 2 kgs in december - it happened from my son's b'day from end of nov, then we went to hyderabad for a week on work, had paradice biriyanies, they give so much that u r bound to overeat, then relatives arrived who stay elsewhere and we cooked n ate, had parties n ate! i also had to taste the pithes - those r unavoidable annual schedule... i m struggling to loose weight now... need ur help dear!

  10. Fantastic pics sandeepa. Sr little bong mom looks incredibly chotkano cute

    was remembering Didu during peethe pathishapta day. Kicked myself for having only half of the bowl of shuji she made for me when I met her a couple of weeks back

  11. Mouthwatering here, the picture itself tempts me a lot.Happy Sankranthi wishes.

  12. I managed to prepare only very small amount of sweet rice for Sakranthi!
    Is she ur Little Princess? Very cutie pie... Never tasted patishapta -sounds more westernized :)

  13. Your daughter looks so sweet digging into that Nutella jar!

  14. She looks gorgeous.
    Any chance you can say how many crepes can be made with this batter? Thanks in advance.

  15. I have never attempted making paatishapta all my life. This year I thought I should, given the husband's undying love for it. Then I gradually got lazy and decided to postpone the pithey-making paarbon to next year. Your post actually made me change my mind. :)

  16. Happy Sankranti! :) and yes, we need to have these traditions what if they are a little sugary ;) I made sure to make the ven pongal, chakkarai pongal combination for Pongal - we literally have chakkarai pongal only once a year!

  17. Sharmila

    Moog samali ami jani na. Ma ke jiggesh korlam. She said something like this
    1. Roast Yellow Moong Dal.
    2. Cook Dal with just enough water. Should be cooked but not soupy
    3.Grind the cooked dal to a paste. Dry paste which can work kinda like dough
    4. Now make stuffing. Coconut-kheer for sweet, Green peas for savory.
    5. Make a small disc shape with a small ball of the dal. Stuff with filling. Pinch ends to close. Shape is like Pithe-Puli's Pithey.
    6.Now deep fry.

  18. Notyet
    Thanks and same to you too


    yeah, thank you :)


    same back to you too and thank you

    Aww thanks. Looks can be deceiving


    Why did spouse say No, loves your haath se bana tomato salad too much :-D


    Moogsamali ami korini. Sharmila ke likhlam jeta Ma bollo

  19. Chita

    Poli is the sweet roti right ? This one is even easier.


    Ar bolo na. Same here. Paradise Biryani ekhaneo paoa jay...darun khete. Kal theke soup shuru, ok ? Moog Samali recipe ta Shramila'r reply e likhlam. Ami korini kokhono


    That is the Jr. one. How could you not eat Didu's suji and then stuff ypurself at Flury's ?


    Thank you and same to you too


    No it is not westernized. I made it like that with all nutella and maple syrup :)

    Cheoy lee

    Thanks :)

  20. Poornima

    Maida -- 1 cup + Sooji -- 1/6 cup + approx. 2 cups milk -- > Made about 10-12 crepes

    Aar Bee
    This is the only time it gets made though. So good for you :)

    yes, same here. I or anyone I know never makes patishapta, pithe etc. at other times of the year !!!

  21. your daughter looks absolutely adorable in her single-minded focus! :) i made patishapta a couple of weeks ago, and it brought about a very similar reaction in my 3-year old.

  22. Lovely celebration treat indeed! Little nutella-girl is even sweeter than the dish :)

  23. Loved the picture of your daughters diggin in...! Want to take your daighters to this Parisian crepe place for crepes with Nutella and a whole host of other stuffings. It's so interesting that our Patishaptas are so similar to the Parisian crepes concept, esp. when you stuff it with Nutella!!! :-)

  24. Sandeepa ... thanks to both of you. Will go for the nonta version ... korei janabo. :)

  25. Dear Sandeepa,

    I love reading your blog!!! I used your old patishapta recipe and made some for the first time ever last weekend!! It was a hit! My mother was simply amazed that I didn't ask her "how to".. just clicked on your link on my iphone. Thanks for writing.. tomar recipe, tomar chotto chotto meye der golpo.. it'all a good read. I hope I leave comments more often but I have used so many of your recipe and had so many laughs reading about your little ones.. so, thankyou for all that. I have a little daughter of my own and like to speculate how she would react to my cooking and say this and that.. it is simply lovely to see how all mothers have the same concern :o) Keep writing and lots of love!

  26. I love the east-west combination in the patishapta. Just prefect and that little one on your peeking in the pictures is just adorable!

  27. hello, my dear, it has been aeons since i have visited your blog- actually it has been aeons since i myself have blogged. i so love this recipe- i was looking at the recipe you have posted from 2007- it is gorgeous. hope youre well. x s

  28. This looks absolutely delicious. Would love for you to share your gorgeous pictures with us at

  29. Great grandmother used to make these for us and we used to raid the fridge for making them reminds me so much of her..thank for...not many recipes like this one on the net and yours is a great effort...cheers...Tamojit


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