Monday, December 11, 2006

Chicken65 from Fellow Blogs


It might seem that all I cook and eat is typically Bong Food and all others Cuisines are Greek & Latin to me, actually I like Greek and Latin Ameriacn food too and I like all other non Greek food too. Truth is I simply love to eat and try out different restaurants and eat outs.

We also cook a lot of non Bong food, of course the easy ones, but I never chronicle them because there are a lot of source out there on blogs and non blogs from where I and millions other get the recipe. However on many of these occasions I throw in some of my ideas (rotten though they may be) and the result turns out to be something which the originator might not have had in mind. Me on the other hand is unable to re-create the recipe when the need arises as I suffer from mild amnesia.

I don't know if it is with other people too but I have had a loss of memory after my pregnancy, though my husband claims it's just old age, I feel it's the hormones. I can well remember random stuff like my neighbour's daughter's third cousins dog's name but I have to scratch and stress my poor brain to remember the first Ash starrer, ok it might be because it's better if Ash starrers are forgotten but come on I do need that extra RAM.

So not relying too much on my memory I thought to borrow some server space with Blogger and upload the recipes that might not be Bengali but are eaten and liked at our home.

So here goes Chicken 65 from the great blogs like MyDhaba and PastPresent&Me.

This is a dish we liked during our stay down south in Bangalore where we were very surprised to find curry leaves in our chicken on our first day of restaurant hopping, but later got used to it :) Do not read further and Go to the above sites to find the authenticate versions.
On my part I liked both their recipes and merged them. A quick recap for myself


How I Did It

Marinade the chicken pieces in vinegar, 2 tsp garlic paste, salt, little turmeric powder, little red chilli powder, 1 tsp soya sauce, a sprinkle of corn flour and a dash of sambhar powder (this is what Vee said and boy did I like it) for a couple of hours
Heat Oil
Add Mustard seeds, Curry Leaves and finely chopped Garlic
Ideally it's good to add chopped green chillies, but I went light on it
When the spices sputter, add the chicken pieces (pick them up from the marinade and add)
Fry till they are browned
Check to see if they are done, else cover and cook in low heat, no water added
Great Chicken65 ready in a jiffy
Eat and thank VKN and Vee and other bloggers who have contributed this recipe.

Other Chicken65 Recipes on the same line

Shaheen of Malabar Spices -- Chicken 65

Trivia: Theory no.1:The story goes that an English traveller visiting Kerala in 1965 asked a chef to make this dish. The traveller expressed his contentment at the result and left, whereupon the bar staff tried the remainders, having never seen anything like it before. The result certainly was good and Chicken 65 was born, there being no other name for it.

Theory no.2:As legend has it, in all the country liquor bars, the favourite ‘food fight’ is: who can eat the maximum number of chillies? It is a symbol of machismo to be able to eat the most chilies. An enterprising hotelier capitalised on this and cooked up the dish Chicken 65, denoting that 65 chillies were used for every kilogram of chicken. Some chefs believe it is called so because of the 65 ingredients used in making it.

Theory no.3:It was the 65th. item on the menu of a restaurant at Palghat

Source: The India Tree


  1. Hi Sandeepa those chicken snaps look so lively as if they are really in front of me. Really simple recipe too! I have heard about chicken 65 and my hubby loves it too but I personally never got chance to taste it. Thanks for posting it :)

  2. Sandeepa, Chicken65 used to be my favorite too and still order them whenever I visit India. One more theory to add to why the name for the dish, the chicken that are used are 65 days old.

  3. Hi Sri
    Yeah do check out the original recipe from the links

    Even here in NJ we get Chicken65 at the South Indian restaurants, but they are too red in color and not that good.
    Good theory :)

  4. Great photos! I have heard of this dish so much but never made it.Got to cook sometimes.

    Nice trivia,it is a little strange name actually!:D

  5. Asha
    yeah even I always wondered about the name

  6. The dish looks delicious Sandeepa. I've never tried making it before. Will try it soon.

  7. Hey Sandeepa: great blog. Loved the pictures...and as a parent I love the simple recipes as well.

  8. that's so nice the story about chicken 65, and by the way, the dish is tempting me

  9. testing your blog ... something to do with it being beta, I think. Asha's and Shaheen's too are behaving the same way

  10. Sandeepa altho' i am a veg this chicken 65 looks think it will come out good if i use gobi instead of chicken? please suggest.

  11. Mandira,
    Yeah this dish also tastes great and is good as a finger food


    Lakshmi, Seema
    I think you guys are vegeterian
    Seema, I don't really know about the Gobi, why don't you try and present Gobi 65 ?

    Thanks a ton for the testing

  12. I just cooked this. No vinegar so used yoghurt since Ma sometimes uses that as a marinade. Would it have made a difference? Also added MDH meat masala to the marinade instead of haldi and chilli powder. Chillies yes, sambar powder no. It tastes yum! Can't wait for Anando to try it :) Thanks. And, just curious, what is the role of cornflour in this? I put some, but I'd like to know why...

  13. Hi Anamika
    The way I make it its pretty dry, with vinegar that is easier to attain. With yogurt I always get a gravy but its fine, next time even I will try yogurt :)
    The sambhar powder gives it the "Down South" taste after all the dish is supposed to be from there. I saw from other blogs that they used sambhar powder and it does give a distinct flavor
    Did you add the curry leaves ?

    The cornflour is more for having a coating on the chicken.

  14. Ok, thanks for the cornflour and vinegar etc clarity. And of course I added curry leaves. They're the reason I tried the recipe in the first place! I held them to my nose at the supermarket and was transported back to India! I usually cook aloo with curry leaves, mustard seeds and green chillies...tastes like homely masala dosa filling. Am sure you have tried it. If not, you must!

  15. hey hey hey come on, Chicken 65 has got nothing to do with palaghat or Kerala by any yardstick. but i do know for a fact it is almost a national/state dish in Andhra. please some one correct me......

  16. Hi, Sandeepa, I've been visiting your blog on and off, though to be honest, I haven't tried any of the recipes yet.

    The memory loss: I thought I was the only one experiencing things like that.

    I used to have a 'photographic' memory - never forgot anything. Even daily events from years back used to be there and I could tell what we did on that particular day in such particular order...I was proud of my sharp memory.

    Lately, however, I seem to be racking my brains to remember the tiniest details.

    And I'm awful for remembering ingredients: I used to phone my mum for recipes every few days, till I came across the wonderful world of food blogs.

    Now, for the first time in my life, I am actually enjoying cooking, and trying out new dishes.

    While searching for a different way to cook chicken, I came across mydhaba's recipe. I made this chicken 65 from the mydhaba recipe, but it didn't turn out anywhere near the chicken 65 that we used to order near the college.

    Neways, I think I've rambled.

    Happy birthday (belated) on your blog turning one. I thought it was much older than that....

  17. Hi,
    I made Chicken65 from here, and it was great. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I posted it on my blog. Please feel free to check it out.

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  30. Hi,
    Thanks for posting this recipe..Sounds interesting.Like the pictures of this delicious recipe..
    Thanks for sharing.


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