Friday, December 19, 2008

Bong Mom's CookBook Recipe Index


My blog Bong Mom's Cookbook is a collection of Bengali Recipes representing the Bengali Cuisine as I know it. It also has those recipes that are non-bengali but which we loved. The measurements are not always exact as I do not treat the kitchen as a lab but as a place where I follow my heart and rely on my senses and instinct. Also they were created to suit mine and my family's tastes, please adjust spices etc. according to your own taste level.

I hope you are able to create a satisfying dish from these recipes and have fun while doing so.

Click on the following titles to see the recipes

FISH from my Blog

CHICKEN or MUTTON from my blog

EGGS from my blog


DAL and SOUPS from my blog

SALAD from my Blog

ONE POT MEALS from my Blog

Savoury Snacks from my Blog

Sweet and Sour Chutney from my Blog

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  1. Bhalo korecho Sandeepa ... etar dorkar chilo. :-)
    Boli ki ... reciper description tao jodi hyperlink e dao toh bhalo hoye ... tahole pointer jekhanei thakuk, click korle recipe te chole jabe.

  2. Cool! All in one place, easy to find. I have a recipe Index too, nobody goes there but keep asking me to find my own recipes which I do! :D

  3. This is not done, how did you guys find this :D

  4. Cool Site!!!like to learn more from your recipes..i too have some thoughts that i put forward for Bengali Culture,Kitchen and Cuisine...Though i have not found any comments on my favor...that's ok..But you did truely a superb least me and my Buds in NJ thinks so...keep up the good work.

  5. thanks bong mom planning on using ur luchi recipe to impress my boyfriend on valentine's day :) he is tooo bengali for his own good so misses everything abt home.. and me being marathi don't understand most of things he craves to eat.. this site helps :):)

  6. I love love love your bengali fish recipes....just looking at the pics and reading the process takes me back to my childhood days and many many days of pure lunch/dinner bliss. it's been a while since i made fish the bengali way and i might just remedy that soon :)

  7. hello everyone,

    this is Sharmistha...World terible cook, I think I need lot of attention in making atleast simple meal....hope to find something inspiring here....please keep this site updated...cheers....

  8. Hi,
    This is Rahena, i just loved your recipes.Please keep the site updated, me and my mom are trying out your various dishes.. Thanks a lot

  9. To answer your question: "What is a forgotten food in your family that you would like to bring back?" My family is from N. India but were moved to Fiji by the British. Somehow my mother's mum made Dosas when my mum was a small girl in Fiji. Though my grandmother's parents were from U.P., she seemed to know how to make South Indian Food. Being from the U.S. I learned to make international foods (including Fiji style Indian and Punjabi), but my husband is South Indian. I would love to bring Dosas back to the family...I'm just not sure how to begin yet.

  10. Hi, would love if you could update your recipe index, or the dropdown on the sidebar to make it easier to search. FOr example, the dudh maachh doesn't appear in the index. I know I can always google it :) but sometimes we may forget something that we read about a long time back, and don't want to lose the chance of trying it out again. Thanks!

  11. hi ami dipanwita aj prothom ami site ta dekhlam r parei fan haye gechi.actually ami khete valobasi but ranna karar dhairja nei,amar bar khete r ranna karte dutoi valo pare.or janno aj ami ekan theke cauliflower roast with kasori methi ranna ta siklam,bes soja saral vasay lekha,parei ranna karte parbo vabchi,ei site ami ekah theke roj parbo r aste aste ranna shike jabo.thanks ,ami jani ei site er author ke,but take bisal thanks amar ranna karar interest grow karar janno.

  12. Hi Bong Mom

    I am a marathi girl recently got married to a bengali who is a total foodie.
    your site definitely helps. I have one question, recently i made chicken curry and used paanch phoron for TAdka. My bong husband said that paanch phoron is only used to make fish or vegetable. Is it true???

    The chicken tasted awesome so i dont knw why i cant use paanch phoron for tadka. Please help.


  13. PT

    Your bong husband is quiet the cooker :) Yes, it is true that traditionally Paanch Phoron is used for only fish and veggies and not for meat.

    But my MIL & my husband makes an awesome chicken with paanch phoron( I too love it.

  14. Sandeepa, I tried lot of recipies from your site. Very intersting and lots of varity. I was looking for something true bong dishes but using oven not stop top. Can you suggest some?

  15. Not very impressed to be honest.. Bit piculiar recipes with mild taste.. may be good for weak stomach

  16. Hi BongMom,

    I am a foodie and loves cooking too,Your site is really lovely.Getting many recipes.Chicken 65 I saw and didnt knw that it is soeasy to make... :) aami try kore dekhbo...


  17. Recently I was in Bishnupur. We were served Posta'r Bora in the Govt Lodge at lunch. Though a simple preparation, there is no posting in your menu. Posta to be ground to a paste, mixed with chopped onion and green chilli and very little maida. Press fry with a few drops of oil in nonstick pan to make light brown. Avoid deep fry.

  18. Can you please post your kasoori gobi recipe again?When I click on the click it says the page does not exist.

  19. Thank you so much. Being a 21 year old pampered Bengali I seldom cook kintu ei blog ta amaar saviour hoye esche. I'd be leaving home in some months and this blog's going to help me make yummy bong recipes to make me feel at home even when I am thousands of miles away

  20. Hi!

    Not very impressed with your blog, more so because its highly disorganized. I tried to look up at your recipe for Paneer Kolhapuri but each time it took me to your recipe of 'kumro fuler bora'....Don't have so much patience to go through each recipe to find out what I am looking for...


    1. Well the blog was primarily for me and my family and it serves that purpose. If it would have been any help to you it would have been nice, if you don't like it, your loss :-)

  21. Please could you give asimple recipe for shephard's pie? or do you already have it in your blog

  22. Thanks for the Dim er dhoka recipe...khub bhalo laglo ranna kore..