Monday, March 02, 2009

BookMark Please


It was snowing, snowing and snowing. It was March and yet as far as the eyes could see it was white.

Bong Mom with the tropical blood in her veins did not like the snow. Give me a hot summer afternoon she would say, remmebering nothing of power cuts and profusely sweating arm pits.

Today was different though. The snow ensured that she could take off from work. The rest of the household followed suit. And while she could have spent her nature gifted time to dust the console, cook for tomorrow's lunch, make hideous craft projects with her older daughter, croak lullabies to the Baby or argue with her husband she chose to buy and set up her own domain instead. Yeah her own domain where she could be just what she wanted to be and spin stories about food and people.

So here is Please do bookmark. Blogger confirmed that it will redirect old links but it is best to update your BookMarks, that is if you have me on it.

If you have any issues with my feeds please do let me know.

And yes if you need any help in setting up your blog (hosted by Blogger only) in your own domain leave me a line right here and I can probably help.


  1. Cool! I did it already! :)

    We had 6" of snow today.

    Smelly armpits and power cuts instead of this white coat of Heaven on earth? NO THANKS!! ;D

  2. Congrats! this domain is cool indeed.
    same here give me the sweat and the heat, this white stuff though beautiful is not my thing.

  3. Not snowing here, but is definitely cold.

    Congrats on your new domain :-)

  4. woo hoo! Congratulations, S! Looking forward to even more wonderful things from your wonderful new domain :)

    Snow day for the kids here, but phone was ringing off the hook at work -- ah well -- spring is not far off now!

  5. Ah .. the grass is always greener on the other side syndrome Sandeepa ... we had a reading of 36 degrees in Feb ... and last night we had a straight 4 hrs power cut ... so give me all that freezing white anyday. :-)
    Congrats on getting your own domain. :-)

  6. Thank God It is only rain here! Congrats to get ur own domain :)

  7. Congratulations on your new domain. I am new to your blog..came across while searching for an explanatory link for Gobindo Bhog Chaal for my post on Muri Ghonto!!! ;)
    And saw your post on Muri Ghonto....
    Nice blog.....will keep visiting!

  8. Congratulations! I, too, prefer the heat to the cold.

  9. Congragulations on the move.

  10. Thanks Guys though you are not really going to see radical changes as I am still with blogger and will be :D, only I have my "own name" now

  11. Cool!! Bookmarked.

    I wanted to do the same but Nish complained ear pain and had to rush to doc, roads were horrible, slusshy and what not:(

    Glad you had time to do things what you planned:)

  12. Congrats Sandeepa! So nice to see your own Domain. Ya I would like to know how it is done.
    btw I too love summers!! I get lot of sinus headaches in winters:(

  13. The best part about heavy snow is getting the time off, apart from seeing your kid enjoy the snow of course! Its raining & suddenly very cold here bringing a bout of the sinus headache for me and I am still hoping for some snow...:)

    Thanks for the club membership, will do an intro post soon!

  14. Darun!! Congratulations! You are such a productive lady!

  15. gosh i love your posts! hilarious! as well as really well written. you have this engaging, narrative style that i love!

  16. got your link from sharmi's blog. pl. help me also get my own domain.

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