Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bread Pizza -- easy pizza bites

December is a special month for Big Sis S. And in her honor I am going to post recipes of food that she likes to eat, for the whole of next week. Now S likes good food and so she likes a lot of grown up food, her recent favorites being the Pepper Shrimp and Chicken Korma. If the food is hot but to her liking she will gladly eat it with a bowl of yogurt on the side. But if not, then it is another story.

For this week, I am going to concentrate only on those recipes which is solely intended for her. These are stuff which makes her face glow and she will eat them without any cajoling. These will be mostly quick and easy stuff which also make good lunch box items.We also love those but these are kid specific versions, mildly spiced, wholesome and healthy, I mean healthy for kids, me I try to stay away from too much cheesy stuff.

I know one week is not enough to blog all of them but I will see how much I can do.

I am also going to try out new easy kid friendly recipes from other blogs, easy being the keyword. To start off is this Bread Pizza which is inspired by Sailaja's Kids Zone which by the way has volumes of great kid friendly recipes. S loved it and so did we. Actually S liked it so much that she took over and prepared most of the bread slices before I popped them in the oven. Thanks Sailaja for such a kid pleaser.


Bread Pizza

Soften butter and spread smoothly on slices of brown wheat bread. You can use white but brown is better Note: I tried some without the butter and they were as good

Spread tomato ketchup in a thin layer on top of it

Heat a little olive oil in a frying pan

Add some finely chopped onion and fry till onion is soft and pink

Add steamed broccoli, chopped in small florets and fry for a minute. You can substitute with other veggies like carrots, corn or bell peppers too

Add a little pasta sauce and mix well. If you don't have pasta sauce season with salt and pepper.

Spoon this topping on the bread slice

Cover with enough shredded cheese on top

We also added a slice of Kraft singles cut up in bits

Bake in the oven at 375 for 8-10 mins or so till the cheese melts

The yummy and easy bread pizza is ready


  1. Looks cheesy and delicious. Great evening snack.

  2. Sandeepa,
    my daughter also like this bread pizza , this one is sure delicious..Bread ta ke obosho ami ekto toast kore tar por toppings di n bake kori and while doing this I ask my daughter to pick her choice of vegetables :)...and even I dont mind having some of it :)...
    hugs and smiles

  3. thats a great recipe and you reminded me of the time when Baba first brought our OTG. we used to mix onion, tomato, capsicum, green chilies and cheese as toppings for bread and baked them to have tasty weekend b'fast. not only your kid, I can anytime have them.

  4. I want Big sis S here as she eats most of the things which my daughter fdon't eat, shrimps wow that is indeed grown up.
    So what is the special ocasion for big sis S this month.
    Love the pizza,

  5. Easy breezy and super kid-friendly! Even adult friendly :). I make these often for a quick brunch :).

  6. Perfect recipe for kids. DD2 bugs me for pizza, this will definitely make her happy.

  7. Dear Sandeepa
    Darun!!! I don't like Piza unless I need to eat.
    But I like the bread base...Need to get good cheese In delhi else I will use cheese that is used for Piza base.
    Bhalo theko
    Ushnish da

  8. It is not just for kids, we make it all the time too. I break an egg also in the middle of all the topings and once it is broiled, the soft cooked runny eggs make it all the more yummy :)

  9. Sandeepa, So glad that you will be doing your next few posts on kids food. I am looking for ideas to try on DS. He is a picky eater and it is hard to please him. Will keep a watch on your posts.

    This is a neat idea and one does not have to look around for pizza bases.

  10. My son likes this one too but he prefers to eat hot from the oven! Adult friendly too!

  11. I've never heard of bread pizzas, very intersting!! delicious cheesy bites , my kids will love it!!!

  12. Thats looks really yummy. I once tried thse veggies in small tart cases (I made them out of whole wheat flour and little ghee) and added all these veggeis. My son gobbled them up immediately. This pizza sandwich has endless combos. Whats special about Big Sis S ? Is it her b'day month ?

  13. DV, RS, Notyet

    Thanks :)


    Yeah we all loved it


    Strangely I had never tried this combo on bread


    S's taste keeps changing, shrimp is her latest love


    It is really easy-breezy :)


    I am sure DD2 will love it

  14. UshnishDa

    I don't like Pizza that much either, but it does make my life easy and S happy


    That is a wonderful idea. Will try that next


    You have a lovely collection of Kids recipes, I have checked them out. Will try them too


    They were gone very quick. Even I think this might not taste too good cold


    I am sure your kids will love this


    Wow tarts and all. And the answer is yes :)

  15. This used to be a regular after school snack last year.. the charm has worn off this year. I make kids shapes with cookie cutters (rather make them do it) on the bread ;-) amar post e achey.

  16. Love bread and sure to like this pizza variation too. Will try it out. Nice blog

  17. Oh drool!!!
    I do this all the time. Skip the butter, reduce the cheese, pile on all kinds of veggies and garnishes or salads and you have a delumptious meal in minutes! I do it on pita, bread, khubz (arabic bread), naan- in fact any flat piece of cooked dough...


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