Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nutella Chocolate Truffles -- oodles of delight

If you close your eyes and take a deep breath, you can feel the warm fuzzy feeling of the holidays, warm, gooey, rich, chocolatey like Nutella. If you are out in the mall you can feel the last minute crazy holiday shopping. Both ways you feel the warmth of the season and you need that because it is so darn cold out there that you would want to hibernate.

Christmas always holds a special place in my heart, a convent school does that to you. You spend winter holidays copying red poinsettias and waxing candles from glossy gilted Christmas picture cards and impose those works of art unto gullible relatives, you insist your parents bake or at least get a cake on Christmas because it is Jesus' birthday, you think "Silent Night" is the most melodious thing on earth and you wish you could hang up a stocking.

I appreciate Christmas all the more now, it is at least something to look forward to till Spring makes its arrival. Imagine cold dark winters without a single house with twinkling fairy lights in your neighborhood , how dull would that be. I like it better because I don't have much shopping to do, I can relax and just bask in the holiday feeling.

To light up your cold days, I have something special today. Guess what ? Nutella and Chocolate Truffles. If someone would have told me last week that I would make chocolate truffles I would have muttered "in your dreams". I always thought truffles or anything that sounds as "ruffles" is mighty hard. Right ? Absolutely wrong. These Nutella Chocolate Truffles are so easy that a 8 year old could make it. This absolute gorgeous recipe is from Sunita's Nutella and Dark Chocolate Truffles. I blindly followed her recipe and because S loves decorating sprinkles I used those instead of using nuts etc. to roll the truffles in. I rolled some in cocoa powder though. These were a big surprise for S and she couldn't believe I made them at home. Thanks Sunita.

These make great holiday gifts for the kiddos and their play dates and their Moms and Dads and grandparents and....

I am sending this off to Cham@Spiceclub for her MEC event which was originally started by Srivalli. This also goes to Sugar High Friday -- Holiday Edition @Cherrapeno

Happy Holidays


Nutella and Chocolate Truffles

What You Need

400 gms of nutella
100 gms of dark chocolate
4tblsp of honey
1 tblsp of ghee ( clarified butter)

How I Did It

In a microwave safe bowl, place all the nutella, dark chocolate, honey and ghee.

Microwave the mixture till the chocolate melts. In my microwave it took about 2 and 1/2 mins at full power

Remove the bowl from the microwave. With a spoon, stir the mixture vigorously till smooth. Magically the mixture will slowly start transforming to a dough. Shape it into a lump, place it again in the bowl. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and chill till the mixture is firm enough to roll into balls. I chilled the dough for about 40 mins.

While rolling, work fast and with your hand make balls by rolling between your palms like you would do for say Coconut Laddoos. Wet your palms to avoid chocolate sticking to the palm.If the mixture begins to feel too soft, chill a little more. Place the balls in mini muffin cups.

If you are rolling the balls in cocoa powder or rolling in sprinkles, do so and chill again before serving. For other ideas see Sunita's recipe.

Take out from the refrigerator a minute before serving to soften it a wee bit.


  1. chocolate looks cool, mouthwatering...hmm want to eat..yumm!

  2. Dear Sandeepa
    Very nice Truffle indeed.
    Ami tomar recipe use Kor-e Muri ghanto baniye chhilam..Apurbo ...
    Kichhu photo ar tomar blog-er ref diyechhi, jodi keu randh-te chae..
    Bhalo theko
    ushnish da

  3. Ah ... those silver bells and 'Silent Night' makes me miss my school chapel. :-)
    Kichu posts miss kore gechi ... gotta catch up. Merry Christmas Sandeepa! :-)

  4. have bookmarked that recipe for quite some time now. amar barite ke khabe bolo? Hubby to mishti dekhlei palay...aka ami. lovely Picture Sandeepa.

  5. I agree - Silent Night is the most melodious thing on earth.

  6. These look absolutely delectable. My kids will surely love these.

  7. Delight for sure. We are snowed in and all I can think of is what to cook.

  8. wow this looks so yum and easy. I wish someone i knew wasn't off desserts. Would have made these right now

    we are planning a Christmas party on the 25th for some friends, including blogger ones. Am super excited as i grew up with Christmas parties in the UK and continued in Calcutta. Felt very sad in my first Christmas at Mumbai. It was so lame.

    Lot has changed in ten years :)

  9. ooh- what a great idea- I might have to try these (I knew there was a reason I bought walnuts the other day)

  10. Never thought nutella in truffles form :)
    I miss my convent school days :(
    I am glad to receive ur festive truffles for the event!

  11. these look so cute!!! yes..true..making is easier than thinking i guess !!!

  12. YUM..Visiting after so long and 'm glad i did...

  13. You can't go wrong with Nutella! I too love Christmas, just for the lights and the festive atmosphere all around. Can live with a little less crowd at the malls though. :)
    Happy Holidays to you and family Sandeepa!

  14. They look so delicious, and so pretty with the pastel sprinkles!! I love Nutella even plain -- yum :)

    Love the beautiful jingle-bells, too!

    Happy holidays to you Sandeepa!

  15. What you said is so true - winter without Christmas would be so dreadful...the truffles look so inviting! Happy Holidays.


  16. Silent Night is still my favourite - didn't help that I practically grew up in the Anglo Indian home dowsnstairs and went every year for Midnight Mass with them. After college, moved to Bandra - as Catholic as you can get! a close friend is a Christian too so the Midnight Mass tradition continued...

    The truffles look very very good - of course S must have been thrilled! :)

  17. I have been visiting your blog for sometime, being a Bong foodie myself...

    This recipe of yours especially caught my notice and I made it my Mind Blowing Monday Post- III. Check it out at

    Congrats ;-)

  18. i bought nutella just to try these and now the bottle is almost empty and I still haven't gotten around to it :D

  19. Dear,

    Shared an Award with you. Please feel free to collect them.:)

    Happy Holidays...

  20. I made a batch of these too y'day :) They are fantastic! I went crazy with the toppings and can't wait to show them off to my brother and family :-P

  21. Pretty n right in time for the festive season!

  22. nutella truffles, now thats a very unique idea! the dish looks so delicious and perfect for the season! My first time stumbling over your blog, you have a great space here with wonderful recipes and warm writeups :)

  23. Sandeepa,
    i love the warmth of Christmas even though I am not one of them know Kolkata te its like mad rush outside cake shops and malls "Boro Din" Bole kotha , tai to !!
    Nutella , hain never tried anything near to it ..lets see where can I get this one ..
    Festive Greetings and happy Holidays
    hugs and smiles

  24. I LOVE nutella! Im going to have to make these!

  25. Looks so pretty and brings in that holiday feeling.

  26. Truffles are wonderful at Christmas time and yours are beautiful!
    Thanks so much for your SHF submission.
    PS.Great blog you have here!

  27. I have the truffles in my to do list. So pretty! anything with nutella.

    Happy Holidays & Happy New year to you and your loved ones. fire eshe kotha hobe.

  28. Hi I really want to try this recipe. I only have the 750g jar of Nutella and I dont have a how much (in cups) would I need of Nutella? Thanks

  29. yummm......looks so mouth watering!!!

  30. do you have to refridgerate it after its made or cud it be plcd outside at room temp

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