Thursday, December 17, 2009

Roti etc.

S is not too fond of Roti or as we say Ruti. The only way she likes Roti is an Roti Omlette or Roti rolled around meatballs. Roti with veggies is an Oh No !!

Inspired by Indosungod's version I made an Indianized Quesadilla for her. This time it was an Oh Yes !!!

Though I had made this beet-carrot sabzi which I used as a filling you can try with any other kind of dry veggie dish you have

What I Did was this:

Make a Beet Carrot sabzi like this, minus the green chillis. This time I added half a potato to it because S loves potatoes and also added a squeeze of lime juice to the cooked veggies. The lime juice balanced out the sweetness of the beet very nicely

I had home made roti/Chapati. You can also use tortillas.

Place the sabzi as a filling for the roti, sprinkle some shredded cheese, cut in half, and put in the oven for the cheese to melt. You can do it on the stove top on a griddle too. Butter the lightly crisped top of the roti

This made for a lovely dinner yesterday. Indo says these also make great lunch box items. So try it.


  1. Great way to dress up the rotis!

  2. Nice presentation! and yummy rotis

  3. I was actually hoping for this Indianised recipe..looks very delicious. with some more spices would be good lunch box option for grown ups too.

  4. A definite kid pleaser. Beets,carrots and potatoes who can say no to that. Next time try omelette with cheese inside a chapati. For a egg loving kid that is a big Yes as well.

  5. this looks so good nd healthy...

  6. I think we parent go a lot of sneakyness to make our kids eat what they don't like.

  7. There is no way my son can eat roti or veggie! Good use of any leftover side dish!

  8. Very colorful! These desified quesadillas are great dinners!

  9. That sounds like a wonderful idea..I had a beets carrot stir fry post in our blog a few days back..:D I am glad that I could explore your wonderful space :-)

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