Sunday, March 21, 2010

Three Cups of Tea

How was your weekend ? I wish I could say mine was as tranquil as above.

The weekend was gorgeous after a long line of cold, snowy and rainy weekends. So I went to the park with a book and tea, thinking I could plonk LS in a swing, let BS fend for herself and sit down and read this wonderful book under the shiny blue sky.

I didn't realize that everyone else in the state(?) had the exact same brilliant plan.

The park was spilling over with kids of all ages and sizes, Moms & Dads of all ages and sizes, Grandparents of all ages...ok you get the drift. So though I could drink my cups of tea, I couldn't read a single page of the book.

So I am still going on at the pace of reading only a couple of pages at night every day though I am itching to know how Greg Mortenson managed to open all 50 schools in Baltistan

Currently Reading: Three Cups of Tea


  1. haha. roddure bose flask theke dhele cha khawa..........goRer maathe 25th December, othoba Alipur chiRiyakhanay jonmodin palon mone poRe jachhe.

  2. seems like nice book,..enjoy reading,..

  3. darun...amaro thik ei situation...couple of books are hovering around but to read them i have to play hide and seek the internal and external spheres.

    snaps gulo bhishon shundar....

  4. This seems like a perfect setting! Beautiful weather, tea and a book!

  5. Looks like a lovely day to be out! Wish you more such enjoyable chai-picnics! :)

  6. Spring sun + a pot of tea + a book ... classic combi Sandeepa. :-)

  7. reading this made me smile :)

  8. I read the book and I think its the most wonderful, sensible work ever undertaken in these times of hate and intolerance! Just shows that war can never solve problems and education can at least try!

  9. My weekend too had some shopping for my younger one's 4th b'day and a book reading. I could just finish 3 chapters of it. Even though u couldn't read with the tea and the blue sky it seems to be perfect.

  10. Sigh - reading in the park? brilliant idea - but next to impossible in our park !

  11. I read this book recently - it's so inspiring! Greg Mortenson is an amazing man...

  12. So you had gorgeous blue skies?? Our weekend was one endless downpour, so much for the start of Spring. We stayed indoors and watched a Hindi DVD after ages- "3 idiots" movie.

    I read Three Cups of Tea and the content is very inspiring although I thought the writing style was terrible and all over the place.

  13. Sandeepa,
    weekend ta to brishti dekhte kete gelo ..aajke it's sunny and clear ..library te aajke aadek pora boi pherot korte jachi nahole fine lege jabe :) ,agey onek fine diyechi r bhalo lagey na ..
    love the pics ,wish I can have that relaxed and lazy moments with a cup of tea :)...
    hugs and smiles

  14. hahahahahaha, poor you!!! but at least I'm sure that you'd have enjoyed the beautiful blue sky and the lovely sunshine :) and the TEA...

    that's what happens here too, as soon as people see some extra rays of sunshine, all of them out, walking, cycling and enjoying the bright day....
    we had a nice weekend , cosy , closed at home, as it was raining and cloudy from friday to sunday... spent the weekend eating, watching movies, chatting and snacking, hahaah

    today, we have a nice pleasant day....

  15. Kuntala


    Yeah it is very inspiring


    Amar oi janya prochur time lage ek ekta boi sesh korte, shomoy i pai na


    The setting was indeed perfect and I spent it just running around the girls :-)


    Thanks, lovely wishes indeed. Chai-Picnic is a good word


    Combi to classic, success to ar holo na


    Smile..whaaat !!! You have no pity on me


    Thanks for the input. I have liked it so far though I wouldn't say I liked the writing style too much but the act itself is very inspiring


    When is the party


    There were some Moms reading but they had older kids. I couldn't sit down with the book since both the girls needed to be watched and pushed on the swing :(


    Yeah it is inspiring, thanks for the input


    We had our share of crazy rains a week back. How did you like "3 Idiots" ? I loved it but then I love a lot of the stuff that Bollywood dishes out

    Same sentiments about the writing style.


    Ami je koto renew kori ar koto fine diy ki bolbo. D majhe majhe bole, amar boi ta kine neoa better keno na fine e majhe majhe tar cheyeo beshi diye feli. Kintu bachcha niye, kaaj kore, ki kore shomoy e boi sesh kori bolo to ?


    You weekend sounds calm and tranquil now :-)

  16. Hi, just stumbled on your blog and loving it. will try the uchhe-posto, sound very interesting. i love ucchhe and posto both.

    i am based out of bangalore currently, although originally from calcutta and l love to cook and just like a bong, love to feed others.

    have added your blog to my google reader.

    thanks a lot.

    keep posting.


  17. Sandeepa,
    Reading your post brought back memories of the past...lolling about on a 'Shotoronchi' in the tepid winter sun and poring over an intriguing book...miss those winter vacation days!
    The sun did not shine on us that much this weekend which gave me ample opportunity to potter about in the kitchen:)Tried out your 'Chaal Kopi' recipe and have put it up in a drop in sometime!:)

  18. I think even my sister was saying they might go to the park or somewere for a barbacue with friends.
    I think these days even i read less, mostly just before going to sleep and then too just few pages.

  19. Here, from last week we are in 70's, the park is always over crowded and only Asians rules! U don't even find a place to sit down, swing -kids has to wait turn :(... Park is not the best place in my area! Unimaginable reading with tea in my park!

  20. I have stopped borrowing books from the library since 2 weeks...I never manage to read more than a few pages now that baby A threatens to climb wherever she can. Maybe I should borrow your idea and take her to a park!

  21. It is a wonderful book! The outing in the park sounds great even though you couldn't read!

  22. LOL! Don't even get me started on the weekend weather here :-) After bragging so much about the spring weather here, the temperature plummeted Saturday morning and it snowed Sunday morning. Bah!
    Sorry, it did not work for you either, but hope you have awesome week!

  23. and, at the other end of the universe, we were struggling to get a new A C fitted in given the heat here

  24. Sandeepa. wonderful book....just finished it...


  25. You will like the book - i read it for my book club...
    Few days ago, we got lucky about the reading under blue skies, the location was a lake not park... we took a wrong turn and reached a secluded part of the lake where there was NO ONE... but nice picnic benches and all... wish i had the tea though...

  26. My weekend was so perfect because I spend a good moment with my friends and girlfriend in fact we did something really similar it was a meeting in order to take a perfect tea.

  27. it seems to be an amazing book, I haven't read it yet, but I gonna read it soon, thanks for the site


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