Wednesday, November 16, 2011

All I want is some Tea and Then some Time to drink it

Got up 20 mins later than usual.It was a chaos.While was frantically trying to rush out in time had a squabble with BigSis who was waiting for her school bus.

"I won't tell you the fun thing we had in Social Studies", she said, still mad at me.

I ignored. I was late. The fuel indicator in my car was blinking furiously. I would not be able to beat the traffic today, my mind said.

Big Sis waited and then finally blurted out "I know Prime Meridian and Anti Meridian. Nyah, nyah, nyah nyah". She made faces at me.

I itched to ask more but my Geography is rusted. I need to do my homework. Now.

So today I will read Geography, I will go deep into International Date line and around Greenwich. I will not write my blog or read another one.At lunch when everyone will munch a sandwich I will walk longitudes.

And then I will wait for a day when I can drink tea in the setting sun and read Amanda Hesser's "Cooking for Mr.Latte" in peace. Personally I like that better than Geography.


For Susan's Black & White Wednesday.


  1. Have fun reading Geography today :-)I am happy shyama is grown up, but I do miss the action when she was little :-)

  2. Yest, i was googling some science term, wondered if i was the only mom who don't remember anything....
    Hope u ve finished your cuppa :)

  3. Nice picture. Yes I also tried to keep up with the kids........(note past tense!)

  4. You make your site very relishing.

  5. As a kid, I looked forward to the end of my school years, thinking that I would not need to study all the stuff that I disliked so much.

    Apart from making us more patient, loving and compassionate, parenthood also teaches us that you really need to remember what they taught you in school.

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season.

  6. :) even I am going through the same phase

  7. Geography was one of my good subjects, especially when we had to colour maps and our teacher showed us how to shade in the colour by rubbing a piece of paper - I've fogotten how, exactly. :) Did you finish that cuppa in peace?

  8. Well I can indentify that something similar here :-D..hope you had time to have that cup of tea in peace for a change..hugs and smiles

  9. Goodness! Your blog is back and apparently has been for a while. I had stopped checking back after the long period of inactivity. This was one of the blogs I began tracking when I began blogging. Hope you are doing well!

  10. amaro jiibone oi ektimatro chawa Bong Mom, niralay bose ek cup gorom cha ar dukhana Cream Cracker, Britannia-r of course. chhobita khub sundor hoyechhe.


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