Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mete Chorchori -- Goat Liver Fry the Bengali Way

I don't know about you but I simple love goat liver aka "mete" in Bengali. Chicken liver -- not so much but Goat liver -- yum! My daughters freak out at the very idea that I am eating innards of an animal and refuse to even taste it. Having been fond of mete since a wee young child, I don't understand their reaction.

While "mete" was always thrown in when one bought goat meat back in the days, now I hear it has to be bought separately. The middle-eastern butcher shop where we get our meat does not always have liver available either but he obliges us on special requests. But then my daughters will not eat it so only rarely do we make a mete chorchori these days.

Now though I love mete, it is the husband-man who makes a mean mete charchari, a dry goat liver dish with spices and potatoes. He would make it often when I was pregnant with Big Sis and had a condition that made me anemic. Among the various food that were suggested to boost up my iron and RBC, were beets, spinach and goat liver.

I naturally preferred the goat liver. I mean come on, who wouldn't eat "mete charchari" when the doctor prescribes it in not-so-many-words?

However he refuses to give out a set recipe. So I took pictures to wing it later.

Though we prefer goat liver and make this only with goat liver, you can follow the same recipe for chicken liver. I find chicken liver needs more spices than goat liver, so adjust spices according to your taste.

This is the cast of characters,

As you can see, you need,
onion chopped in slices -- 1 and half onion
tomatoes -- looks like only 1 tomato to me, 
potatoes in cubes, 
garlic paste -- 2tsp, 
ginger paste -- 2 tsp, 
and green chillies -- lots of them

And of course the star -- Goat Liver (I had 1lb of it)

Our butcher chops up the liver in small pieces so all we have to do when we get it home is wash well.

Marinate the goat liver with
Turmeric powder
Red Chili Powder
Garlic paste -- 1 tsp
a tsp of Mustard oil
and leave aside for 30 mins.

Heat mustard oil in a kadhai or saucier

Add the potatoes. With a sprinkle of turmeric powder, fry the potatoes until they get golden brown spots. Remove and keep aside to add later.

Temper the Oil with
1 Tej Pata
a 2" cinnamon stick
4 green cardamom
4 clove

When the spices pop add the green chilies and onion. Fry until onion is brown and soft.

Next goes in the tomatoes, 1 tsp garlic paste and 1 tsp of ginger paste. Keep frying until the tomatoes are all mushed up and the raw smell is gone.

Now add the goat liver pieces and fry the liver at medium-high heat. You might need to sprinkle water in-between if you see the spices charring. Continue frying. This step is called koshano and will take some time until you see the liver pieces changing color to a deep brown.

Add the fried potato cubes and mix well. Add 1/4th tsp of Garam Masala powder and give a good stir.

Now add very little water and cover and cook. Cook until potatoes and liver is done.

It tastes best with ruti or parota. And of course rice.

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  1. Ahh thanks Bong Mom ! I love that you don't overload this dish with excess spices. I used to add cumin and coriander, but found it was overpowering the Liver taste. I prefer your version, and my only suggested addition is to hand out fresh lemon slices on the side, and let diners squeeze a few drops to their own taste. The acid cuts through the meaty taste and makes the dish more clean, less grainy. Also, my Amma always adds fresh coriander leaves. But then... she adds those to everything !

  2. Hello Sandeepa. I cooked this tonight and have just finished dinner. I have to say this is amazingly good. Have tried other liver dishes but they nothing by comparison - I have never gone back for more before. Thank you! Bill

  3. accha ogulo aloo na apple? kirakam photote apple er moto dekhte lagche

  4. Sandipa , i would have this just as is. Who needs a ruti or parantha or luchi or rice :).
    Reminded me of my Dad and his Liver roast !

  5. Try soaking the liver in milk for 10-20 min, then discard the milk and cook as usual. It takes away the bitter taste (if any) and gives a softer chew to the liver.

  6. Cooking this today for a Holi lunch Sandeepa. Right now in fact! :)

  7. Well i just added some sugar .... fantastic thank u

  8. Thanks zia chowdhury, your idea of using lemon was awesome. It’s really changed the metty taste . 👍


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