Sunday, April 04, 2010

A Cuppa to revive...


Hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was hectic but fun. Now I need a cup of this and the time to drink it peacefully.

I love Twinings Earl Grey and dip a teabag in my regular Indian Chai. Weird ??? But that is how I like it.


  1. I like your teacups.........

  2. The best of both worlds, I suppose? Lovely teacup!

  3. My hubby loves early grey i am not that found of it, i drink them occasionaly only.

  4. You know where I stand on tea. DH likes it. Don't tell anyone, when guests home and they want tea and I have just a tiny bit 3Label(or whatever) I mix the two and nobody seems to notice.

  5. I love earl grey too. but the tea which i can really relish is the one from home (darjeeling tea). But I like your cups even more.

  6. Dear sandeepa
    Before coming to milan , I never heard of this name...but here in the office earl grey tea is supplied, with wierd flavors...but suddenly I have taken a liking for this ..the plain one and the lemmon one..there is a 4 fruit flavored one too..will not try certainly..
    Let me see if this is available in india..
    bhalo theko

  7. Lovely looking teacups. I am loving it. Actually for past few years, I am having Twinings Earl Grey Lemon tea. But, thanks to Twinings promotions in India we have a good stock of Earl Grey, English Breakfast and English Afternoon tea at home.

    The latest addition is Twinings Green Tea Jasmine. It is extremely refreshing and relaxing after a strenuous day.

    Thanks for this ode to the cup of such a divine liquid

  8. AN ARDENT FAN OF TEA!April 06, 2010 4:22 AM

    I just LOVE TEA.... & my hubby keeps scolding me for having sooo many cups of tea... but who cares... the ambience & your tea cups are exotic..that adds upto the flavour!

  9. Me too :)) I love Twining's Earl Grey :) Love good tea ..period .

  10. cute. my father likes to add earl grey to his chai, too. x shayma

  11. Hi Sandeepa - I am from Australia. I have started up a blog -

    I love yr blog - actually I am in love with it.

    I love Earl Grey first thing in the morning to give me a kick start for the day...
    Love your tea cups they are so pretty


  12. Our weekend was hectic too, but fun. After ages, we decided to play tourists in our neighbourhood and see a lot of the sights we hadn't in years!!

    Nothing like a cuppa to revive flagging spirits, though I'd personally stick to my plain chai. :)

  13. I don't drink tea (or coffee for that matter) so don't mind me :)

    Hubby is a tea freak - not in the snob-value-I-will-only-drink-dahjeeling-type (wouldnt know a Darjeeling from a Pekoe I think!) but the "can't be overboiled, can't have adrak-elaichi,can't have too much milk, can't be too sugary like kheer" type of freak. So I watch as he fusses over his morning tea and cribs about not being able to have good tea when he is travelling "even in the Taj" and roll my eyes ;)

    Whatever floats your boat is all I say - as long as I don't get drowned! ;)

  14. It is interesting how queer we tea drinkers can be...and how fastidiously we like to hold on to our quirks! Enjoy your cuppa!


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