Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cherry Pie Pudding -- a child's play


Looks a gorgeous mess but it IS delicious

It has been 12 days since Big Sis's summer vacation started. In these 12 days there have been picnics, movie at the theater(Judy Moody), umpteen library visits, one piano recital, friends staying over for one weekend and one sleepover. Only the sleepover did not culminate in sleep because it was Big Sis's first and she missed her little sis terribly. So around midnight we got her back.

But other wise her sleepover was really fun because it started early in the morning and it was spent with a lovely 15 year old girl, whom BigSis adores. The 15 year old is the most perfect 15 year old I have ever seen in my life, why else would she agree spending a day and night with a 7 year old tell me ? On her day out BigSis picked up some great cooking too. Sleepovers with fifteen year olds come with lots of advantages, I tell you.


One of the dishes she learned was this Cherry Pie Pudding. She wanted to do it all by herself this Saturday and that is what she did. It is the perfect dish for a child to make.No chopping, No cooking, No heat, No difficult steps. All I had to do was get three things

1. Graham Crackers

2. Jell-O instant Vanilla Pudding

3. A can of Cherry Pie filling (You will get this at the super market)

and she was set.

Top it with the fact that it is delicious.Everyone who had it loved it and for this summer this is going to be on the menu when I am having people over until Big Sis rebels that is. But even then it is so easy that I can do it by myself.

Help your child make it this summer too and you won't regret it for sure.


The Pudding is done in 3 easy steps

In a square baking or serving dish arrange the graham crackers in a single layer. Break the crackers to fit in to the corners and edges.

Using Jell-O instant pudding mix make a pudding. The instruction is right on the box but let me tell you here.
To 2&1/2 Cup of cold Whole Milk add 1 box of Jell-O instant pudding Mix. Stir for 2 minutes. Do not wait for it to set. You have to use it before that.

Once it is mixed pour half the pudding on the graham cracker layer. Smooth the surface and top it with one more layer of Graham Crackers. Pour the rest of the pudding on top of this layer.

Top with a can of Cherry Pie filling. Chill in the refrigerator for at least an hour. Serve cold.


  1. Bacchader ki moja na? Amader keno summer vacation ... or any vacation ... hoye na? Khub colourful pudding ta dekhte hoyeche.

  2. Thats a delectable and irresistible pudding..

  3. That looks superb and glad how your kiddo made it :)

  4. congrats! ur daughter became a cook. not only that, an excellent cook who can produce such beautiful looking dessert at the age of 7 yrs. she is far ahead of at least me at that age.

  5. The dish looks great,but u know I live in India and I don't think we get Graham crackers or Jell O pudding.Can you suggest some other substitutes.

  6. wow wow!mouthwatering pudding!!nice colour

  7. Sandeepadi,

    Khub shundor meye tomar - choto bonke eto bhalobashe aar already kichu ranna shikhche! She reminds me of my elder sister, who would run back from any trip and give me a big hug first thing because she missed me so much.
    Your little girls are so precious :)

  8. Who can resist that beautifully prepared dessert? It sure looks great Sandeepa and be sure to tell big sis.

  9. lovely looking pudding... ur daughter is following ur footsteps :)

  10. So Big S is taking interest in cooking too!!
    About summer vacation routine I missed out the library visit part completely. India don't see any fun in opening library you know. They are busy opening malls! :(

  11. very well planned vacation coming along I can see! K has been going on sleepovers since she was 4 and a 1/2 and took it to very well (well, helped that the first one was upstairs where she anyways spends half her time). Now she and band of 6 year ols are always nagging us for sleepovers. We have drawn the line at midnight snacks though like some of their older sisters do - they need to be asleep in bed by 9 30 latest (since they are up raising hell again at 6 anyway!)

    This recipe is simplicity itself - no wonder she is so pleased with herself, and what a well behaved 15 year old to entertain her so well.

  12. the pic captures the easy cooking aspect of it all - when i saw it i knew it would be one of those easy-to-make things.

  13. That looks good. I'm going to ask my mom to make it for me and my dad.

  14. Hi Bong Mom,
    The Cherry Pie Pudding is soooo drool-worthy!Totally yum!
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