Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Young Hands at Play


When coking is not a chore it is fun. Why else do you think little hands fly around to make tiny rotis when the mother sucks big time at them.

This picture goes to Susan's lovely photo event Black & White Wednesday.

The second picture has nothing to do with food directly but a lot indirectly. It was taken on a rainy Saturday when we had gone all the way to the city for the sole purpose of eating Thai Jungle Curry at a place off Broadway. I loved this shot but was not sure if it suits Susan's theme so am sharing it here with you.



  1. Same story here, DD did it and DD2 love pressing rotis which of course cannot be cooked.

    You are lucky, you travel to the Big Apple to taste Thai Jungle Curry on a rainy Saturday afternoon? The shot is perfect.

  2. I miss those days when S used to help me. I would like to know is the place calle thail jungle curry or the dish.

  3. HC

    Jungle curry is a Thai dish, different from the usual Thai dishes


    Doesn't happen frequently, the going to Big Apple though

  4. Beautiful snaps! Kochi kochi haater ruti ... sheke dile o kintu khub bhalo lage dekhte o khete. :-)
    Amader onek din orokom long drive e jawa hoyeni ... brishti ta o toh charche na.

  5. Sharmila

    Hyan sheka hoy ar sei special ruti prochur proshingsha kore khete hoi :)

    Long drive noi, amra Ny theke ek ghonta dure thaki. Ei din bus e giyechilam.

  6. Sandeepa,
    protheme Shobho Bijoya,though late..and eyi jey belna/chakla ta rekhe debe age'er generation AO kaje shondor dekhache..Thai Jungle Curry US e chilaam tokhon kheyechilaam kinto khob ekta bhalo lagey ni ..bodhaye jeyi restaurant e giyechilaam may be oder recipe ta ekto alada chilo:-D..hugs and smiles

  7. Perfect shot ,luved both of them,,,

  8. so sweet and lovely... the picture of the city is awesome.

  9. I don't even try to make rotis, I haven't in at least 12 years. :l

  10. Sandeepa,
    Coincidentally yesterday also posted something where small hands were at work at my place (making pizza)
    Your picture of the city is too good...


  11. Ok will check the link you shared.

  12. Just love this shot: the comp, the movement, the mood. It's a very happy photo. Thank you, Sandeepa, for sharing it for BWW.

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