Sunday, January 08, 2012

Happy New Year and the Beet Posto

I wanted to start the New Year on this blog with something very profound and meaningful, maybe even a bit philosophical with a swirl of spiritual thrown in. Something which would ensure that I wasn't really high on Tequila on the 31st, which btw I wasn't. Honest. I wanted to say stuff like "What does Happy New year mean "? What is "happy" after all ? Who decides "Happy" and what is it with "Prosperous" ? Why the rat race to prosper, why push someone towards it ?

Cups courtesy S&A

And then I spent so much time pondering over such deep, meaningful stuff that I scratched all that crap and said nothing.

Given that I was also tired, I kept shut. Ten days that involves trips to Washington DC, two mid-night drives to New York city to just check out the lights, stuffy noses, runny noses, Christmas party, movie nights, Mission Impossible and lots of food does that to you. We really did have a lot of fun during the winter break and the kids enjoyed it a lot. Both my girls are very "cling-to-family-with suction cap" types and BigSis is the kind who would really thrive in a joint family. So the time she got to spend with grandparents and pishi and cousin were very precious to her.


New york sells hot dogs and pretzels and what nots in cold December @11:30 in the night.

All this meant I kept away from the internet and was making a nice habit out of it until today when I felt if I haven't wished you guys loads of Happiness on the new Year I might as well provide you some entertainment by telling you about some of the comments I got while I was away.


Here is a sample which has uplifted me to no end in the New Year.

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What is with carpet cleaners and my blog. Hell..ll...o?

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Now that you know you are in good company, lets talk about food.


Very abstract look at Beet root and poppy seeds. Pic take way back in Fall.

A couple of you had asked about the Beet posto in my last post. It is my Ma's recipe. My Ma is always brimming with things to cook. To give her some rest in the kitchen, the only way out is to lock it. That alas cannot be done with the open plan here. The cookie cutter architect did not know of my Mother.

My Ma made this Beet Posto a couple of times when it struck me that it might be a good thing to share with you guys here. So one fine morning I gave her a tape measure, a scale, a vernier caliper and asked her to please note down the measures when she makes her beet posto.

She made the Beet Posto. The recipe was something like this. The tape measure had been forgotten.


Peel and chop Beet Root in thin slices. Now heat some white oil in a fry pan. Temper the oil with Kalonji/Nigella seeds and few green chilies slit. Add finely sliced onions and fry the onion till it is soft and translucent. Add the beet slices. Toss nicely, add salt to taste and cook till beet is almost done. You can actually follow this recipe of beet gajor chechki if you are confused.

Now comes the posto part. Dry grind posto to a dry powder and mix with water to make a thick paste. Alternately make a wet paste of posto with a couple of green chilies thrown in. When the beet is almost done, add the poppy seed paste and fry for couple of minutes. Sprinkle some water as necessary, add salt to taste and cook till the vegetables are all done.

The dish is a dry one and can be enjoyed with both roti and rice.

Oh and you guys Please do Have the Loveliest New Year. To be Happy you don't need to start on Jan 1st. Begin today.


  1. Happy New Year to you too,Sandeepa - enjoyed reading your post very much,as always!:)

  2. Wish ya great year ahead,..:) this one looks delicious,..

  3. Loved the profound comments you got.Wishing you and family a wondeful year ahead too.Dont like beetroot though! Not your recipe, beetroot itself I mean.

  4. Wishing you a wonderful year dear..Beet posto looks highly inviting and terrific..

  5. Sandeepa,
    And those are very profound comments indeed ;-D..
    We loved NY on our two small visit there..and this city is like a dream.. Manhattan and Times square( with the giant TV screen) are so busy area..everything is so grand there.I am sure you all had a very nice time there..and never tried posto with beet..something now on my to do list, If I do get good quality posto here..Wish you and yours a very happy and healthy new year..hugs and smiles

  6. Happy New Year to u and your family Sandeepa...I'm a hardcore ghoti but have never eaten this posto before...will definitely try it out soon :)...and yes love the comments u got :D


  7. Happy new year to you and your lovely family.
    Looks like you had a wonderful time.I have never made anything with beet i remember mom used to make a curry with beet and i used to love it could be also that when one mixed with rice it gave such a beutiful color tha ti loved it always :-)

  8. When the blog is inactive for a while- I got such comments but now blogger deals quiet well with spambot.
    Seems the kids had a blast and you had a nice break too.
    Never tasted Posto and beet is beautiful!
    Hey,Happy & Healthy New Year 2012,Sandeepa :)

  9. Happy new year....
    My MIL makes this by grating the beet....shotti khub tasty hoy..prothomdin ami bhebechilam "lal shak bhaja"...
    Tomar puchkira eto enjoy koreche jene khub bhalo laglo....

  10. Happy new year BongMom. kamona kori 2012 apnar mathay aro notun notun philosophical idea niye asuk ar segulo niye apni aro bhalo bhalo post likhe amader happy rakhun.

  11. Happy New Year to you.
    Beets with poppy seeds that is a combination I would love to try.

    I guess we missed seeing each other again. Well there is always this year.

  12. Wishing a very happy new year to u and ur family too. Thanks for the beautiful photos. Beet posto ta sottiyi notun, try it surely soon.

  13. Happy New Year to you too Sandy..guess I wasn't the only one who thought about profound things to update..LOL..those comments surely were entertaining to say the least..beets Posto sounds very interesting..

  14. Hi mam,
    We are based in Bangalore,India and not from USA. We are a young married bengali couple ,both of us working. You wont imagine how much your recipes and blog helps us during weekends. Your recipes are way to simple to cook (For us) inlcuding your measurements which are very accurate to get the fine taste just we are accustomed to taste in typical bengali dishes back in Kolkata.Wish you and your family also a very happy new year.
    Keep posting your awesome recipes to help young people like us.
    Thanks a ton.

  15. Happy New Year to you Sandeepa. Very interesting and fresh post.

  16. How come this recipe never "ran" in my head? I have never eaten beet posto. Not that I am big fan of beet anyway. Hope you and the family have a great new year.

  17. Thanks all of you. And reallly some of you don't like beet ?

  18. Happy new year, dear Sandeepa :)

  19. Thank you for the beet posto recipe. I was one of the folks who asked for it. Would make this soon. Love your blog, your stories and your recipes. Your recipes are totally fail-safe.

    Wish you a lot of happiness and joy in the new year and love and hugs to your beautiful daughters.

  20. That tree picture is wonderful.

    And what's with some of those comments we get, they don't even link back to any site, what is their purpose?


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