Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Giveaway Winner

Yes, yes, Yes. We have a Giveaway winner. Before I announce the winner let me just tell you how I picked the person today.

1. First I entered all the commenters in the order they had left their comment on the blog in a spreadsheet.

2. Since there were some exclusive comments on FB, I added them to the spreadsheet, inserting them in order according to date and time. So some FB comments went in between the blog comments in the spreadsheet.

3. You can see the spreadsheet here.

4. There were 47 rows in there.

5. Next I went to Random.org where I put Min=1(lowest row num) and Max=47(highest row num) and hit Generate. The random number thus generated was 18.

6. The 18th row in the spreadsheet had the name Newly Paul. Drum-roll. And she is the winner of the gift card today. Woo Hoo. Congratulations.

Newly Paul, I do not have your e-mail address.Please leave a comment with your e-mail or drop me a line at sandeepa(dot)blog(at)gmail(dot)com. Also let me know the charity of your choice and we can decide how you want me to contribute to them.

All others, thanks so much for playing along. We will have another giveaway soon hopefully and there is always a chance that you will win next.


  1. @Sandeepa:
    e jeno Joint entrance er result dekhte jabar moton obostha.....
    Roll number ache ki nei?

  2. I think too ther eis always another chance . Congragulation to no 18.

  3. Congratulations to the winner! Sayantanee :-)

  4. I never win a lottery..this was still better than loosing some Euros in buying Lotto and then loosing! Congratulations to the winner! A hearty clap for her!


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