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Pineapple Malpua

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In sharp contrast to Mango Pudding in the next post, the Pineapple Malpua is not something I would do when I have 20 guests with 5 smallish kids in tow for dinner. Making 50 mapluas (yeah everyone will eat at least 2 and then ask for more) is not my “left hand game” or for that matter "right hand game" either(translated from “bayen haath ka khel” in hindi -- thanks anamika I got confused between left & right yesterday :)) and I would rather make my Malpuas when there are few people around giving me ample opportunity to sample the malpuas while I make them. With Ma around we managed the other day, however I would still prefer desserts like Mango Pudding, Kheer etc. when the number of guests is > 10

Pineapple Malpua is like the normal malpua but the crushed pineapple gives it a pineapply flavor. But adding the crushed pineapple or not is totally your prerogative

Pineapple Malpua

What You Need

The measure here makes about 14 malpuas

For Batter

Maida ~ 1 cup
Sooji/Semolina ~ 1/2 cup
Crushed Pineapple ~ 1/3 cup of crushed pineapple. I used from a Dole Brand can of Crushed Pineapples

Fennel Seeds ~ 1 tsp
Milk (Whole Milk is best) ~ 3/2 cup that is 1 and 1/2 cup silly

For Sugar Syrup or Chinir Ros

Sugar ~ 1 cup
Water ~ 1 cup

Bring water & sugar to boil in a pan till you get a syrup of one-thread consistency. The syrup should be similar to the one you make for say Gulab Jamuns

For Frying

How My Ma Did It

Make the batter with all the ingredients listed under "For batter" and let it sit for 3-4 hours
Make the Sugar Syrup by boiling water and sugar to a 1 string consistency
Heat Oil
Pour batter (about 1/3 cup) in the oil to make a round flat shape like a pancake but of smaller radius
Fry both sides till golden brown
Dunk in sugar syrup
Let it soak for a couple of minutes and the take it out
Serve warm

Note: Pavani asked me how much oil did I use so I am adding this note. The way I did it I deep fried the puas/malpuas, so I needed a little more oil. Though mind you all of that oil was not used.
Mystic of Chatpat Food has a recipe for Malpua which needs less oil for frying the puas. Sometimes we thicken the milk to make the batter for malpua, instead of this Mystic uses Evaporated Milk


  1. Sandeepa, I remember you posted this on Nobo Borsho post. I had bookmarked it then to try it some day. I am so glad you posted this. My daughter loves puas which my friend makes. Never tried ones with Pineapples.

  2. its weird you posted this, Sandeepa...This morning, I was thinking that I should try them out for Sahil's b'day next week.....thanks!
    This and Doodhpak will go well...yes, it will.


  3. Yummy...... Another awesome dessert.... It is picture perfect, definitely trying this sometime... And see, I commented on both posts :)

  4. This looks almost like Elephant ears dessert we get here in NC Fair ,sprinkled with powdered sugar!Delicious:))

  5. Never tried Malpuas before. Sounds delicious with the pineapple. Will definitely try this one. By the way how much oil do you need to make malpuas, little or a lot? Thanks.

  6. Malpuas are something my sister loves a lot.....reminds me of her. Hmm, pineapples are really a nice addition to the malpuas and with this fruity concotion, may be i can enjoy some as well :)

  7. Looks awesome Sandeepa and a brand new recipe for me. looks delicious. 3/2 cups of milk eh??

  8. wow yummy! another sweet to try! thks for sharing!

  9. that's a yummy looking dish. i really feel sorry for you.

    your fellow allergy sufferer, bee

  10. Reena
    He, hee you remember those

    It's Sahil's B'day next week ? So you are having a party next week , wow

    Thanks :) See I influenced you

    Now that you say...I remmeber I also saw something like this at last year's carnival, with sugar sprinkled

    The puas have to be deep fried so you need a lot of oil :(

    Malpuas or puas are popular in North India too right ?

    yeah after writing I realized 3/2 huh ???

    Roopa Thanks

    You too !!! At least my allergy is not as bad as Asha's (keeping my fingers crossed). I make do with OTC meds.

  11. This is surely yummy!!!!! I think I can make this for MBP this month :D

  12. this is so unfair...can u come and cook this for ME to sample? :) drool drool..

    and, it's "baayen haath ka khel" show that its so easy that one can do it with one's left hand even if one is right-handed ... heh heh...all ur cooking seems "baayen haath ka" though, for the ease with which you describe it!

    PS: am going back to india on thursday!

  13. See, I'm here as well...the malpuas look awesome...we make them too, but usually avoid the dunking into syrup step...must be missing your ma tremendously...

  14. Thanks for posting this Sandeepa. I have been waiting for this recipe ever since you posted the photo for Nobo Borsho.

  15. very yummy looking! need to try it sometime!

  16. Awlright, I gotta tell u this. I tried the red thai curry here finally this weekend and it turned out great!!!!I like dit and my husband loved it !!! we both are suckers for coconut milk.....guess comes from our love for chingri malai-curry. Thanx a lot, Sandeepa......Ur blog's been a delightful discovery ..and am glad u cud visit me on my photo-blog!:)

  17. Sandeepa, what is the texture of this like? and is the exterior a little crunchy?

  18. I haven't trie malpuas at home but have tasted a lot outside. Iam sure it tastes different and good with pineapple.Picture of the malpuas make me think that I should try making it someday.. thanks for sharing

  19. We call these fruit fritters, and they are mostly made with apples and a heavy dusting of powdered sugar. I would not have thought to use pineapple. It's a great change for summer.

    1. Wow - thats an awesome idea too - My husband would love it. Am making it next weekend!

  20. The recipe is excellent! You can also try bananas and finely chopped dry fruits instead of pineapples.

  21. A must try .Tell me dyou have the recipe for dry malpuas ?

  22. Na, jano tumi ? Eita o anekdin kori ni.


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