Friday, September 10, 2010

Samwich -- Sandwich

Easy, quick meals is my mantra these days.

In my late twenties I would have scoffed at "meal" and "mantra" being uttered in the same breath and dialed DeenDayal Dabba Delivery or Shanghai Indian Chinese for the quickest route to nirvana. If DeenDayal refused or my delicate digestive system protested I would say "Yenna Rascala" and throw potatoes, egg and rice in the pressure cooker. In under 20 minutes I would have a princely meal of alu seddho(mashed potatoes), dim seddho(boiled eggs), bhaat(rice) and ghee with a tender kancha lonka(green chili) to be bitten into.

As I even write the above line, I have a strong desire to do it again. The "alu seddho-bhaat" part I mean. Ok, ok even the "Yenna Rascala" part.

But growing up to be in the wrong side of thirties comes with it's own baggage. Blogging adds to it. So even though Indian cuisine has a plethora of quick-easy meals, Dal-Chawal cooked in the Pressure Cooker being a prime example, I don't do that.

I make sandwiches.

And I intend to write erudite sentences like "And what works better than a sandwich for a quick easy meal, may I ask ?"

So we have had sandwiches for dinner exactly 4 nights in the last 3 weeks. The sandwich toaster languishing in some dark corner of the closet has been fished out, dusted, wiped and given a warm hug.

"Why didn't I think of you in my dark, cranky, loony days ?", I croon to her, the sandwich toaster, in a hushed tone. Yeah I am weird and I have phases. Currently it is the sandwich's turn. Let it bask in unrequited love till Dal-Chawal pushes it over.

The idea of the first meatball sandwich with mushroom comes from the Pioneer Woman. Also the term "fry sauce" which I then saw in the price club's flyer last month

If you have the ground chicken do everything like my Chicken MeatBall post and instead of making spherical shapes make patties. Or if you have those chicken meatballs already, just use them. Drizzle a little olive oil and pan fry or bake them.

Now heat some olive oil in a fry pan. Add onion and saute till soft. Add some chopped mushroom, a little garlic, salt and lots of black pepper powder. Saute till the water from mushroom has dried up and it is cooked.

Take a slider or a whole wheat burger bread. Mix a little mayo with Maggi hot & sweet ketchup. This apparently is called Fry sauce. Only no one but me uses Maggi Hot & Sweet, actually they use some ketchup or hot sauce and cayenne. Slather this on the bread. For a Desi touch, use green corriander chutney instead but that doesn't go too well with the onion+mushroom combo.

Place the chicken/balls/patty strategically on it. I halve the chicken balls and place them on the bread.

Heap the onion+mushroom on it. Sprinkle some grated cheese. Pop in the oven and broil till cheese melts.

Put the other half of bread slathered with the same sauce on top. There is your sandwich with dark,musky secrets inside. Yum, yum.

The idea for the Tomato sandwich cones from One Hot Stove.

In a bowl put some chopped fresh tomatoes. The tomatoes need to be good, fresh ones, the one's from Patel Cash & Carry will not seal the deal. Add some chopped fresh basil. Sprinkle some salt and fresh ground black pepper. Drizzle a little Olive Oil. Let the tomatoes sit for 15 minutes.

Now take a slice of whole wheat bread. Slather it with a green corriander chutney. I used straight from a jar. It is beautiful. Heap the tomatoes on the bread. Sprinkle grated cheese. I used Taco Blend. Cover with another slice of whole wheat bread and pop in the sandwich toaster till it magically turns into a sandwich that shrieks spring even in Fall.

Tomorrow we will make Rogan Josh, maybe Not.


  1. burger jatio snadwich bhalo lage na tabe sliced bread sandwich er ami bhishon bhakto. tomar sandwich gulo dekhe mone hoche akta toaster kinte habe. OTG te ato sundor shape hayna.

  2. Lovely recipe, would love to have a bite of this yummy Samwich! An interesting read! Nice to be here.

  3. even i do this specially when i ahve to eat alone,.

  4. Ooh, Yenna Rahscalah - I just love that, thank you so much for reminding me!

    I think you're the first person I know who has actually applied pressure cooker to eggs, I know theoretically it is done.

    You're such a Rahscala, mind it!

  5. Sandwich gulo dekhte besh tampting hoechhe...kintu tomar lekha porte beshi bhalo lage....I love the flow of your writing skill...

  6. Sayantani

    Amar burger bhalo lage, khub ekta khian jodio :)



    Alone...means Maggi for me


    Is that how it should be spelled ?

    I do eggs in pressure cooker all the time, my Mom too and the hubby. I have these separators in my cooker that allows 2 things to be done at same time, so dal, potatoes, eggs can all go in together.

    Yehhhh for...mind it.

    Silence Sings


  7. guess i'll give that sheddho sans the egg a try one of these days ... with that yenna rascala tempering ... maybe my rajasthani sis-in-law will fall for it too. :-)
    tumi ar tomar toaster sorority sisters mone hocche. ;-)

  8. Wowww fabulous looking sandwich..

  9. hi,

    I am a bong girl who lives outside of India, a foodie and of course does not know much about cooking. Hence for me your blog is a bliss. I already have tired your chicken biriyani, doi murgi and alur dum and I must say that each of them came out really good surprisingly.
    So please keep going on and thanks a lot..

  10. Bhate sheddo bhaat any day over sandwich! The days I ask my husband to make "dinner", he does a cold cut sandwich with lettuce and mayo.

    I have had a terrible day and don't wanna dinner...maybe drag my "sandwich maker" out for dinner tonight. Do you remember the sandwich maker from choto baela? The one with the long handle Indian Mothers used on the gas flame to make sandwiches?

  11. Sharmila
    Give a mjaro rajasthan hobe bolo to ?
    Good to see you BTW




    Ahhh, it was you made it well actually


    Aaahhhhhh...aaj aluseddo, dal seddho ar bhaat khelam. Mon bhore gelo. Ki holo aaj ?

  12. Hi,

    My first time here...Do visit me when you find time...

    yummy sandwich...used to thrive on them during my college days!


  13. No, no, not rahscala, rascala only. Just that SRK seemed to be saying it with that additional relish ...

  14. Haha.. yanna rascala.. :D Bong Mom's posts always make my day! :D

    You know.. I just made your meatballs like cutlets last weekend and froze some. Had a guest yesterday. Served the cutlets with chai. Heaven!

  15. Heyy Sandeepa khub bhalo laaglo ei post ta . Ami chicken boil kore paste kori - add ketchup salt and pepper , slather bread with a little may and slap the chicken paste on it .

  16. Sandeepa di,
    tomar lekha gulo shotti oshadharon. pore mone hoy barite boshe karor shathe golpo korchi. bhaat-aloo sheddho-dim sheddho amar onek kaler favourite. PhD korte eshe etai amar "source of sustenance" chilo, jodi na bondhuder ghar bhenge oder barite dinner kore aashtham ;)


    ps. di likhlam, mone hoy tumi amar theke boyeshe ektu boro hobe... na hole ignore koro ;)

  17. Sameena

    Will do


    Om Shanti Om



    Mallika Di

    Flury's er moton shonache


    Arre, ami tomar theke dher boro. AAj phD shuru korle, maronottor degree pabo. Bujhtei parcho tar mane ki.
    Kal raat e amrao ei khelam, dim bad, kintu dal seddho add korlam

  18. Instead of the Maggi Hot & Sour Sauce, Try a Spoon of Ching's Schezwan Sauce. Works wonders for people who like a lil chilly in their food.


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