Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Chicken Fry -- did you ever try this?


Quick, quick post about the Chicken Fry with mighty fragrant kari patta which I make very often. That recipe was based on blogger Sumitha's Kerala Chicken Fry Recipe. She would blog at Kitchen Wonders and this is 2007 I am talking about. Since then as they say "much water has flown under the bridge" and when I clicked on the original recipe link on Saturday, the page said "Permission denied".

My much used toaster oven

As you will understand I was extremely sad. There were many recipes of Sumitha's which I am sure I procrastinated on and now there is no way to go back. If Sumitha of Kitchen Wonders, you are reading this post please give me access. Puhleese. As of present I can only breathe easy that I had enough oz of sense to note down this easy and simple Chicken Fry recipe. So that you guys can make this easy chicken fry with little effort, I decided to re-post the recipe with some newer pictures I had.


Also as I was reading that post of mine, when BigSis was probably 3and1/2, I cannot help but smile. All the insecurities of a first time Mom is writ in bold over there. Maybe I was exaggerating a bit but I do remember, I obsessed about playdates at that time. Now, I am still the Mom with hair sticking out, but I do not go around befriending other Moms and setting up playdates. LS just tags along with BS and not surprisingly she does not have a single friend of her own age.I know it will work out fine and so I hyperventilate over other stuff. Ahhh, some things don't change.


To make this Chicken Fry follow the recipe here: Chicken Fry .

If you don't have Chicken Curry Powder use a homemade Garam Masala or Biryani Masala. The latter tastes awesome.

The more you marinate the better it tastes. Give it overnight and it is too flavorful. You can also marinate it and then freeze to be used later.

I often use chopped onions for frying instead of onion paste. I like that better. Use lots of hot, hot green chilies.

If you don't want to use the oven, you can cook the drumsticks on stove top, in a covered container with little oil and then continue with the second stage.

Oven temperature will vary. In my toaster oven, this takes 30-35 minutes at 400F. Also brush with oil before putting in the oven.

Finish cooking the chicken in the fry pan. If needed sprinkle water as you go.


Happy 4th of July folks. If you make this fry hot enough, you won't need any fireworks


  1. Sandeepa, did u have dry chilli chicken at tangra? i m sure u had lots of times. can u plz try out a healthier version of the same and post for ur blog readers? i m sure everybody will enjoy that too! Happy holiday!

  2. এইটা আমি বানাব। বানাবই।

  3. A lovely recipe . Looks so delicious! Just try Cook Book Reviews for more recipes information .

  4. I loved your last line! Happy 4th July to you too. This seems like a must try recipe, thanks for sharing. I feel saddened too when I see some favorite bloggers disappearing.

    - Priti

  5. I'd use lots and lots of curry leaves too. my mouth's watering, even though I don't eat much meat these days.

  6. Eta toh besh hoyeche Sandeepa ... shukno shukno just as I like most chicken dishes. One question ... breast pieces e ki bhalo hobe? Jani ektu tough hoye kintu jodi onek pyaj diye kori?

  7. Can't wait to grab those leg pieces....

    Kindly visit my blog @ Manidipa's Kitchen for more recipes

  8. DD2 tags along with DD and life goes on. No talking to moms Just to make playdates. I know that feeling exactly. Chicken fry looks delicious.

  9. i tried the chicken you were talking about. i do have a print of the recipe somewhere. will hunt and send (if I find it)

    1. Hey Ricercar, guess you misunderstood. This one I had on my blog following the original recipe. But the original blog is no longer accessible which makes me sad.

    2. Sorry for the lost blog Bongmom, I tried this recipe yesterday and my kids loved it. I wanna try this recipe or adding one ingredients like the putting in a Holy Basil(Tulsi), do you think it is possible BongMom? I'm curious about because I've read from Dr. Mercola from his article about Tulsi, so I want to discover new recipe that I can mix tulsi in other ways. Can you share with me some other recipe using holy basil?

  10. ki bhalo dekhte. curry patar gandho boro bhalo lage. ei jonyo amar oi 65 recipe gulo khub pachondo.

  11. Your presentation of the Chicken Fry along with images is good. Measurements provided in ingredients is perfect. I tried it and works great.


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