Friday, April 05, 2013

Shorshe Roshun Mushroom -- with Kasundi

Garlic Kashundi Mushroom, Shorshe Roshun Mushroom
Shorshe Mushroom

Since I have made the aam kashundi, my week night dinners have gotten easier.

I have been slathering and pouring that kashundi on E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G

Palong Shaak Bhaja -- Check

Tilapia -- Check

Chicken -- Check

Alu Seddho -- Check

Salmon -- Check

Bath Water -- Check. Ok, no scratch that. Not bath water but other than that on E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G

Last year inspired by Sharmila @KichuKhon and another reader(Mahua Maharana), I had made a Shorshe Roshun Mushroom -- Mushroom in mustard, garlic sauce. It was so good that since then if I ever make mushroom at home it has to be that. The garlic with mustard is the greatest idea on earth. That time I had just used the Cookme Mustard powder and garlic paste and the result had been delicious. You can see the set of pictures on FB here.

Now you can just imagine the level to which the dish was elevated when I used Aam Kashundi.

Awesomness, thy name is Shorse Kasundi Mushroom

Heat Mustard Oil to really hot or as they say in English "smoking". Don't skimp on the oil

Temper the oil with
1/4th tsp of Kalonji/KaloJeera/Nigella seeds
5 slit green chilli

When the spices hiss add the chopped up mushroom. I used a whole big box of button mushrooms.

The mushrooms release a lot of water. A lot. And it is necessary that you dry the water up.

Once the water has almost dried up add
2-3 heaped tbsp of kashundi (aam kashundi)
4 more hot green chillies slit
salt to taste(careful as kashundi has some salt)

Note: If you do not have Kashundi, you can just make mustard paste and mix it with garlic paste. To make Mustard paste --> soak 2 tbsp Mustard Seeds + 2 tsp poppy seeds in water. Drain and then add to the mixie jar. Throw in some green chilies. With splashes of water make a paste

Mix everything together and cook with frequent stirring till the 'rooms are done.

Finish off with slight drizzle of mustard oil.

Heaven.On earth. Is this


  1. My aunt has a aam kashundi recipe and I love that so much. This summer I have to make a batch and I know how easy my weeknight will get after that :)

  2. Ki bhalo hoyeche na eyi kashundi ta kore :-)
    That garlic and mustard combination has always been my fav ... tomar ta ki moist dekhacche! Ami ektu shukiye feli. Tao bhaat diye ki bhalo lage.
    Thanks for the mention ... tumi mone rakhte o paro! :-)

  3. Darun tempting recipe Sandeepa. And Aam Kashundi is like the cherry on the cake, lovely combination for sure. I love mushrooms, I love Kashundi. Kids don't like the former but surprisingly loves the latter... so probably this winning combo might just be the hit solution that I'm looking for!

  4. What a easy and tasty looking recipe. Love it.

  5. Stunning and super tempting dish, looks simply beautiful and gorgeous.

  6. A must try for sure..but where is the roshun? when to add that?

    1. Garlic is IN the aam kashundi else you have to do it the way I have said in narrative with mustard and garlic paste

  7. Sandeepa, looks like you are on a Kashundi spree :) loved all the recipes including your aam Kashundi recipe, and have penned them all in my recipe book - now eagerly waiting for Aam to arrive in market...

  8. I must make that Kashundi from your place and then make this mushroom recipe once.

  9. Kashundi-fying everything, you Kashundi fiend!

  10. Am kashundi with tilapia sounds good too, now i should make ur kashundi first!


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