Tuesday, November 21, 2006

MuloShaak or Radish Greens

My weekend visits to the local Farmers Market, leaves me rejuvenated. When I was new to the US, I used to go to the ShopRites (US Grocery chain in our area) or the Indian stores for getting my veggies & fruits, but after I discovered the Farmers Market, it was a different story.

I try to go at least once a week to buy veggies, mostly the greens like Spinach, Bok Choy, Brussels Sprouts etc. and the Fruits. It is the greens that attract me here, for the rest I am ok with the other grocery places, but the greens here are so vibrant and earthly (not organic though, for organic WholeFoods Market is another great store but it's a bit far from my place and a bit pricey) that I always buy them here. If you are in the US and there's a farmers market in the neighbourhood do try it out if you haven’t already, they won't be glossy and well packaged but they will taste good and cost you less.

This reminds me of the weekend market we used to go to on Saturdays when we were in Koramangala, Bangalore. It was near Hosur Road, I think it was called Madiwala (??)and there would be all these people selling & buying and the place would be thriving with life. With my knowlede of kannada stopping at "Stop Mari" (a phrase I often used with the auto drivers), I would happily bargain and return home with a loaded bag. It was also a good place to get Fish.

So this Saturday as I was wandering around my Farmer's Market (ok not mine, someone else owns it) I came upon these beautiful bunches of radish, the radish were small pinkish red balls and they were hanging from the green leafy bunches. I brought them home for 1 dollar a pair. Now, normally I would have just cut the radish, tossed them in a salad or ate them raw. But now my Ma is here, yehhhhhhhhh and though I don't let her do the daily cooking to give her a little rest from all the years of cooking that she has done for us, you know how Moms are. She has just arrived and yet she cooks something during the day so that I don't have to cook when I get back from work but get to eat the goodies

So, my Maa sat down, chopped up the leaves real fine, kuchi-kuchi as we say in Bengali and made Mulo Shaak. A very nice, easy, healthy recipe. I never wanted to eat it growing up and only today I appreciate this dish. Maybe am getting old :)

Mulo Shaak or Radish Greens is a typical way a Bong eats his greens. Spinach or other greens are also coked in almost similar ways. This is usually eaten as a second course in the traditional Bengali Lunch.

What You Need

Bunches of radish with nice green leaves ~ 2 bunches. The variety I got is known as Red Globe and popular in US

Green Chillies ~ 2/3

For Phoron:
Kalo Jeera
or Kalonji ~ 1/2 tsp
Shukno Lanka or Dry Red Chillies ~ 2/3


How Ma Does It

Chop the radish greens (stems included) real fine, in small pieces
Also cut some of the radish about say 4 small ones into fine pieces
Heat Oil in Kadai/Frying Pan
Add Kalo Jeera(Kalonji) and Shukno Lanka(Dry Red Chillies) as phoron
Sauté the radish pieces
When they are little soft add the greens
Cover and sauté till they are soft.
Add salt
Dry up all the water
Serve with Rice or Roti

Enjoy your holidays wining, dining and feasting. I am off on a 3-day break to Lancaster County , PA to visit our Amish neighbours. Shall resume cooking and blogging once I am back :)

Trivia: Radishes were first cultivated thousands of years ago in China, then in Egypt and Greece. Radishes were so highly regarded in Greece that gold replicas were made. Are you kidding ??


  1. Hey, happy hols. Lovely pix. I usually mix the radish greens with other greens or dal - they reduce to a fistful all by themselves.

  2. WOW!!!!! did you post this veg recipe for me???? :) I love raddish and I also make a similar one with a bit of variation......like sra mentioned I also make it with dals..... And it becomes very filling and nutritious. :)

  3. dear Sandeepa,
    mulor shaak er recipe khob bhalo laglo , aami onek baar dekhechi laal choto mulo kinto sahas kore neete pari ni ,ekhon tumaar recipe pode aamar sahas ese gheche,aami nischoyi kore banabo .thanks and happy holidays.
    hugs and smiles

  4. Lovely recipe....I love this. Sometimes, I add a little besan flour for a different taste!

    Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your time with your Ma.


  5. Love that it's such a simple recipe, Sandeepa! I'm sure it tastes divine! Especially more with the "mom" touch. :)

    Enjoy your time with your mother. You're right. They never rest. Even when I try to give my mom a break and cook something, she wants to come and help! Beautiful people, these moms! :)

  6. Once again, nemontonno ta mone porche. :)) Have a fun trip to Lancaster County. It is truly a beautiful trip to the Amish countryside. Last thanksgiving I had done a similar one. Have fun.

  7. Sandeepa, that is indeed a simple and delicious recipe. Enjoy your visit to Amish country. I have never been there. I thought you were visting my neck of the woods and thought I could meet you !!

  8. hi,

    nice recipe. mom at home ake it by addding little besan too.
    this too looks great.
    thanks for your comment on my blog. thanks for being around.:)
    keep posting nice recipes :)
    Stay tuned

  9. I love this shaak, many thanks for sharing. I too add gram/besan flour. I also like it with leftover rotis, makes a lovely lunch....peace..~smile~

  10. hi sandeepa,
    somewhat i'm bit partial to radish as the whole house smells...u know;) well,may be i need to change my view at some point of time:) may be soon i will try radish with ur recipe as its tested and tasted;)

  11. Hi , thought I would visit you quickly,I am still at the beach!

    Wonderful dish and have a great time, Sandeepa:)

  12. hi Sra & Rooma,
    I was telling my ma, how you guys make radish greens with dal and she said even we Bongs sometimes grind the chana dal wet and then make it with greens, it's called "chapri"

    This is very easy only the chopping part takes a little time

    Maybe should try that once


    yeah sure someday...:)

  13. indo,
    I always thought you were somewhere around Lancaster

    Pooja & Dilip
    Thanks, this Besan thing with greens is new for me

    Yeah me didn't like radish too. But these red ones are so good that I even eat them raw.

    Hey blogging from the beach too :)
    Enjoy your vacation, the weather is so good

  14. Thanks for sharing these! I was sure something good can be done from radish leaves, I just didn't know what till now :)

  15. Dear Sandeepa, I don't know how to express my joy at finding your blog. I am second generation bengali medical student living away from home and tearfully craving "Ma's" cooking. The same old food at Indian restaurants no longer satisfy me. I made this Mulushaak for the second time today, thanks to the overgrowth of the radish plants I planted in my garden.

    This blog helps me realize how simple food can be great and how you always always can find love in Ma's cooking. You have inspired me to someday start my own blog as I love to cook and entertain. Thank YOU Thank YOU


  16. Hi
    I am a bengali and a mom like you .I love your blog and am so excited at finding Bengali dishes on the internet and those recipies that my mom used to cook.Keep it coming and I love ur posts.Also if you coulld have step by step pictures that will be awesome.

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  18. I love the process. Nothing beats how preparation is going to be made.

  19. I love greens! Actually I gathered green recipes :) I love you post!

  20. I have always been a fan of green. Great process in the preparation. I can hardly pronounce the name but I am sure it is going to be very delicious.


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