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Moong Dal Narkel Burfi for JFI

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The New Year was here, the JFI for January was close and I was so hard pressed for time that I hadn’t come up with anything yet. Coconut is not something I use in my daily cooking as opposed to something my blogger friends from the Southern part of India do. I use Coconut & Coconut milk in some of my dishes but they are few and I was frazzled as I wanted to make something quick and simple and with coconut and knew not. I would have loved to post Prawn Malaikari as an entry as it is my favorite but that would have defied the true essence of JFI, a recipe that has not been blogged yet.

So I dialed Coconut 911 and my Ma came to the rescue as Mothers always due. This sweet is her baby and she was actually half way through her prep last night for this, when it suddenly struck my dull brain that THIS HAS COCONUT. Hey so this does have coconut, why didn’t I think of this when she said she is going to make it. The year 2006 has taken it’s toll on me it seems, my mind goes blink…blink…boink….
So from my Ma…

Moong Dal Coconut Burfi

What You Need

Split Yellow Moong Dal ~ 1 cup
Shredded Coconut ~ 2 cup . I used a frozen pack but a freshly shredded one is definitely better
Condensed Milk ~ ¾ of a can
Sugar ~ ¼ of a cup of fine sugar
Ghee ~ 2/3 tbsp
Elaichi or Cardamom ~ 5/6 pods. Take the seeds out of the pods and then ground them. Alternatively use cardamom powder

Raisins ~ one for each
Cashew ~ broken cashew one for each

How My Ma Did It

Boil the Moong Dal in a pressure cooker with almost 2 cup of water (enough water to cook the dal but not make it watery)
Take the boiled dal out and drain any excess water if any
Whisk the dal to a fine paste. The paste should not be watery.
Heat 3tbsp of Oil and 1tbsp of ghee in a Kadai/Frying Pan. You can forego the Canola Oil and use Ghee also, we try to reduce our ghee intake and so substitute in many cases.
Add the ground cardamom
Add the moong dal paste and stir.

Keep on stirring at medium heat till the moisture evaporates and the moong dal paste takes on a light brown colour.

Add 2 cups of shredded coconut and continue stirring.
Add 1 tbsp of ghee and fold in the coconut into the moong dal paste

Add ¾ can of condensed milk slowly, stirring the mixture
Add ¼ cup of fine sugar. Depending on your sweet level you may need to add more sugar. If your sugar is a little coarse then you may need to powder it.
Keep on stirring the mixture at low/medium heat. Take care that it does not burn. Add a little ghee if needed

Continue doing this till the mixture looses it’s stickiness. To check take a little of this paste and make a small round, if it sticks to your palm the mixture is not yet done.

Grease a plate and pour the mixture on it.
With a knife make incisions to create diamond shapes. Cool and then take each piece out and decorate with raisins and cashews.

Alternately you can also make round laddoos. You can decorate with icing as I did for the ones in the first pic

Thanks to Ashwini of Food For Thought for hosting Jihva for January and Thanks to Indira of Mahanadi for starting this event

Trivia: Antiseptic fatty acids in coconut oil help to prevent fungal and bacterial infections in the skin when it is consumed and to some extent, when it is applied directly to the skin.


  1. Sandeepa:
    Wow moong burfi looks perfect for JFI . Wow the pictures are great and i can imagine how nicely it will just melt in my mouth.
    Thank you so much

  2. Moong coconut burfi is really different then our regular old coconut burfi....looks good...will try it.

  3. Wow wow, I can imagine the taste of dal, condensed milk and coconut. Wow wow, Iam gonna love it !Thanks Sandeepa, no... Sandeepa's mom for a great recipe!

  4. Sandeepa, great entry for JFI, looks mouth watering. Thanks to mom eh!

  5. hai sandeepa
    what a nice presentation...always moms will be help full in our dilemma..right..:-))
    the burfi is looking great..thanks for sharing....happy new year...

  6. Sandeepa, wow, this so new to me. I think I will increase my coconut intake. Go read what Shilpa says about coconut (, like you I don't use it often but I think I will..hey can i use your Ma too when i need to use 911 service...~grin~

    Thanks for sharing the recipe...~smile~

  7. Sandeepa I can smell the burfi from here!Such a nutritious sweet too!

  8. coconut 911 - hee hee, nicely put.

  9. Hi Sandeepa,

    This laddoo looks great.Very nice entry for JFI.I have drafted a similar recipe too,which I will probably post tomorrow once I take the photos.

    Wish you and your family a Very Happy New Year,and lots of love to your little princess.

    Vini,Venkat and Ananya

  10. Hmm looks great.Thanks for sharing.Wish you and your family a happy new year.

  11. Wow! That is totally new to me. I am from kerala and I am eagerly looking forward to what others come up with for the event. I am so excited.
    Burfi sounds like a must try.

  12. Wishing peace, health, and happiness in 2007 and always. Happy New year to you and your family !

  13. Thanks so much for participating in JFI Sandeepa.
    The burfis look great. Happy new year

  14. Thanks To all of you, your comments make my day
    Have agreat New Year all of you

  15. thats new to me!Sandeepa, after the moong dal roasting, we add coconut milk and jaggery to make a kheer. that too is very nice. Loved ur recipe.

  16. I love moong dal halwa and bet these burfi also taste delicious... wonderful recipe sandeepa..

  17. hey nice burfi..i had both the ingredients, and i was looking for something to come to my rescue..thanks.I'm a big fan of yours...and have added you as my favs. in my,would love it if you visit it sometime:)


  18. Hey SandeepaDi,
    I am a great fan of your blog and have frequently tried out the recipes posted here.I also want to try out the moong dal burfi.While going through the recipe I saw you have listed 1/4th of a can of condensed milk as an ingredient-I was wondering how big a can are you refering to?Please forgive my ignorance as I dare not experiment with the proportions of the different ingredients listed in the recipe.Thanks a lot for the recipe.


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