Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Brown Rice Khichuri for JFI

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It was a Friday.

Friday the 13th, no not the 13th actually the 10th, Friday the 10th

The rains were lashing the mountains, the wind howled around the cliffs, the ominous dark clouds hung around low, a precursor of the unknown future.

As the evening drew closer, mists rose from the sea and engulfed the land. Across the sea sounded a shrill whistle and then…


...Nothing happened except for Brown Rice Khichdi in my pressure cooker.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The Khichdi man of the house aka D was in charge of the kitchen.

So when he said he wanted to make “Khichuri”(there is a recipe of khichuri down in that post) I thought why not, could send this on to JFI. To add a twist to the tale, I asked him to use brown rice and of course he flatly refused, declaring that Brown Rice does not a Khichuri make and some such fundae.

After much cajoling I asked him to browse the blogs for inspiration.

Some amount of time pass and Googling later, he finally declared he DID have a brown rice khichdi recipe, blogged by some Punju Scientist girl. Of course I knew it was none other than our dear Musical and her Khichdi.

So brown rice Mothaan di Khichdi was transformed to the Bengali Khichuri with Brown rice and also loads of other veggies like cauliflower, potatoes, tomatoes and what not. D followed Musicals' recipe (he says) but used green Moong and Red Masoor instead of Moth, he added veggies which is usually added to a bengali style khichuri, also he tempered it the bengali way. It was delicious to say the least.

There was no recipe though as Bong, non-scientist, guys do not note down measures while making Khichuri, such things are the domain of only Punju scientist girls

Next time he makes it, I will surely try to scribble and update this post for my own good.

This is my contribution for JFI-Rice hosted by my dear friend Sharmi of Neivedyam and of course created by Indira of Mahanadi

And now again Ta da...the Awards that have been raining like Poori-Bhaji in the blogosphere

Two of my dearest friends, Indosungod of Daily Musings and Sia of Spice Corner has sent two lovely awards my way. Thanks to both of you, you are the greatest. Thanks to Bharathy , I just saw she passed on one too. There is a downpour now it seems.

I would really like to pass this on to everyone who takes time to visit my blog, leave their comments, encourage me, discourage me and make me feel so much at home. But then most of you have already been awarded this for the wonderful bloggers that you are.

The Thoughtful Blogger Award is for “those who answer blog comments, emails, and make their visitors feel at home on their blogs. For the people who take others’ feelings into consideration before speaking out and who are kind and courteous. Also for those bloggers who spend so much of their time helping other bloggers design, improve, and fix their sites. This award is for those generous bloggers who think of others.”

I would like to pass this on to (names are in a random order)

Sups of Spice Corner
Shn of KitchenMishmash
Coffee of The Spice Cafe
Sra of When my Soup Came Alive
Trupti of The Spice Who Loved Me
Mallika of Quick Indian Cooking
Prema of PremasCookBook
Sharmi of Neivedyam
Pilgrim of The Shadowy Waters
Sunita of Sunita's World
Sig of LiveToEat

I would like to pass on this to these awesome bloggers who left behind a friendly trail but have been busy lately. This is a gentle nudge for them

Shilpa of Flog&Rosbif
Hema of VegConcoctions
Maheshwari of Beyond The Usual
Chandrika of Akshyapatra
Shivapriya of MyCookBook
Lera of Myriad Tastes

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Now an award for bloggers who inspire, who make you cook when you don't want to, who force your hubbies to cook weird stuff, the Motivational Blogger award for Coffee and Musical (on the aside, I am doing this under duress). I would also pass this on to Jugalbandi because they really inspired me to blow up an egg in the MW today, I am doing it for sure.

Update: While I am online searching for good lobster places up North before I have even started the journey,and what do I do, but check Blogs.And so I see one more award comes my way from lovely Mandira whose blog was one of the few that inspired me into blogging last year.
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Thanks Mandira and yes I do Think a lot, as in "Think what I am going to eat next"
I pass this on to bloggers who I think, think too if not about what they will eat but what others will eat

Asha of Foodies Hope
IndoSungod of Daily Musings
Nandita of SaffronTrail
Indira of Mahanadi
Roopa of My ChowChow Bhath

Since these awards are only for bloggers alone I am not able to pass them on to many non-blogger readers of my blog, whose comments really encourage me, it makes me happy if I have touched their lives in some way and I would really like to say a warm Thank You. I am no great cook, but I find happiness in food and through my blog I try to present a snippet of a life, memories, hopes intermingled with cooking. I want my daughter to have a childhood embroidered with smell of home cooked food so that she can have memories like this when she is alone out there in the world. And so I Thank all of you who take precious time to come and visit and let me continue weaving memories fragrant with the smell of food.

This is for all of you who cook and find joy in it (don't kiss me, kiss all cooks ;-))

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Going away up North for a few days, see you once I am back with a easy breezy recipe for a dessert, and no it's not a custard

Trivia: Macrobiotics, meaning literally "big life," is a spiritual, nutritional, and therapeutic system that focuses on the interrelationship of mind, body, spirit, and society. Whole foods, such as brown rice, are central to a macrobiotic diet, and many of the first customers and owners of the alternative food stores were students of macrobiotics. Macrobiotic principles are Pan-Asian in origin, dating back several centuries


  1. Other than Khichuri, a must in Bong household on a rainy day! or a bachelor's first and easiest choice! I am truly honoured by this award.

    start of speech-
    I would like to thank, Wordpress, blogger, sandeepa who have decided to appreciate me. I would also like to thank other people like god, goddesses, my stars .... (And the speech goes on~!)

  2. Mwaah! Well, you did say 'Kiss the Cook', din't you?

  3. Sandeepa:

    You are really thoughtful, sweetie and totally deserve the award. and hey, khichri with vegetables is my favorite food: i usually use moong-masoor daals and frozen vegetables to make khichri. will try it with Bengali style tempering this time. he he, i know that girl, some Punju scientist ;) and thanks for the "motivational" blogger award, dear :-D.

    ooh, and khichri is a MUST on a rainy day, with some pickles and crispy chips or papad, its surely a delight!

  4. Thank "Q" Sandeepa, this is my second award:). Its feels really nice. I have been busy lately so din't get chance to do anything with my blog and buddies:(. Will post it soon I can.
    BTW khichuri looks nice. Never tried anything with brown rice. I had few times in resturants (plain one) but din't like.

  5. I dont know whether I should appreciate you for the opening para of this post, or for the awards...or for that dessert recipe or if I should kiss u (kiss the cook) or thank you for passing one of those awards to me as well!!!! I guess that pretty much contained what i wanted to say :))))

    Enjoy the vacation....come back with lots of photos and ofcourse shadow pic of Lil S too :D


  6. and ofcourse share that dessert looks quite an easy breezy type ":)

  7. awwww, so sweet of you dear. many thanks to you dear for the entry, the award and the lovely custard. Congrats on the well deserved award.

  8. LOL!! I agree, awards are raining Cats and dogs these days but you deserve it!:))
    Hubby cooked this Kichuri,cool! Looks delish.I love Brown rice,specially in Adai.Healthy and tastes better than white rice too.
    Enjoy the break!See you when you are back:))
    Btw, I am not afraid of Friday the 13th!Haha!

  9. LOL... awesome post san. how can u say nothing happened? D cooked kichidi n that too from one of our blogger's recipe:) tell D that i am a techie girl;) may be he will trust me enough n cook something from my blog too;) LOL...
    thanks for sending me another award sweetie. my hall of fame is surely expanding;) have a wonderful vac n come bk with a bang:)

  10. Wow, the brown rice khichudi looks tempting. Enjoy your vacation to the North, will miss your regular updates on the blog.

  11. So cool that D cooks all this for u ;-) Brown rice khichuri sounds innovative!
    Congrats on the awards dearie!

  12. Thank you soooo much Sandeepa for my thoughtful award. And what's this about you not being a great cook? You are great and I would know because I have tried your recipes. khichuri darun dekhthey... D ki thomar man?

  13. Thank you! Thank you! Award in duress Humppph!!! :P

    Can i have that bowl in which you have served Khichuri for an award ;) I will make khichuri myself and serve in it. :P

    Have a wonderful vacation!!! And come back with more pics!!! :)

  14. Hey, that kichuri is looking really good! Its always nice when the better half cooks....hehe.


  15. Lovely Kichuri and that write up. Hubby cooked kichuri must be tasting yumm ;). I envy you. My one does not even enter that zone...

  16. This piece made me laugh. Thanks for the award, and have fun on your trip.

  17. Is that chena payesh, dunno if I've got the spelling right

  18. The cooker whistled just when it was getting interesting.:)
    Congrats on your awards and just loved the Khichri photo!
    And loved your 'Kiss the cook' mat too

  19. Congrats on award and enjoy reading this post. Viji

  20. hehe that is soooo funny, the recipe from a Punju scientist girl... :D ... beautiful presentation! Congrats on the awards, and thanks for mine too <blush> :)

  21. Sandeepa, congratulations on the awards - and what's that about not being a great cook??!! Yeah - right!

    Khichudi looks great - I have a packet of brown rice which after one meal it was obvious folks at my house would not lap it down like good ol' shaada bhaath. I'll try this khichudi using it.

  22. I thought you were going to narrate a scene off Harry Potter and all you have to say is kichuri?? ;) Just kidding! Congrats on the award. Lucky you, you get the husband to cook for you! Have a great vacation. I'm waiting for the dessert :)

  23. Sandeepa, now I am off to meet this Mad Scientist hmm Punju Scientist blogger friend who had a Khichuri recipe worthy of Khichdi Man 'D'. I am sitting here laughing aloud early in the morning and DD is asking "What wrong amma?"

    The Brown Rice Khichuri with the Pappads must have vanished in a jiffy I am sure.

    Congrats on those awards! and have fun up North!

  24. The Pilgrim

    have a better speech you are the only non-foodie in that list !!!

    mwaaahh to you too, you cook don't you :)

    Try adding gobi & aloo & pearl onions to Khicdi, it makes it awesome

    No one liked B. Rice at home too, but I have a whole packet. That's why we try out these stuff. BOth the Fried Rice and the Khichdi come out well with B. Rice

    Ha...ha... you have to wait and if I forget the recipe the wait is longer, but it takes 5 mins and nothing on the stove...have patience sweetie :)

    Thanks :)

    I knew you were not afraid of Friday the 13th, that is why i said Friday the 10th, now better be afraid:)

    With a techie blogger at home, I am not sure if he has as much faith on techie bloggers as the scientist ones. But yes Kannadiga, techie girl from UK may tip the scales for you :)

    Brown Rice diye Khichuri is a pretty good way to use up the brown rice lying in your pantry,a brown rice fried rice tastes yummy too

    Yeah D cooks, and incidentally loves cooking :)

    Yeah D is the only Man in the house :)

    Do not get so materialistic. First I give you two awards and a khichuri and all you want is the bowl. You try to undermine these great awards :)

  25. that bowl of khichuri looks awesome and oh-so-filling :)
    congrats on the award!

  26. Kanchana
    You would know, your better half whips up such beautiful meals

    He he...hubby likes cooking but because of my blogging hungama he doesn't enter the kitchen much, because then I ask him to measure and such which he obviously does not like :)

    No not chena payesh, takes 5 mins, so would fit your 20 min express meal perfectly

    Thanks :)

    Thanks :)

    You deserve that and more for sure

    Exactly amar barite o tai hoyeche. That is why we are trying out these stuff. But both Khichuri ar Fried rice is really good with B. Rice. BTW there is a Brown Basmati which tatstes better it seems

    Haven't had time to read HP yet. Carrying it up North, to see if I can read it if I get some moments of peace and quiet

    It tatsed really good. I am usually not a big Khichuri fan unlike D who loves it. But I was hungry and with all those veggies it tasted great. No clues as to who ate the leftovers though. D even loves cold Khichuri

  27. Thank you for the award dear.. ;-) I saw it while checking my Technorati ratings.. thanks for not giving up on me, heh heh :) I really need to move that bum of mine! It's been ages since I last did a WFF!

  28. Hi sandeepa...
    ur Brown rice Khichuri is looking awesome...Nice picture...Nice try...

  29. Thank you Sandeepa. Lot of thinking is involved in planning,cooking, typing and presenting too and of course eating!!:D
    I appreciate it:)

  30. Mmm khichuri - all that lovely(?) rain and Ihavent made khichuri even once. Must make it with ilish maach bhaja ! What's an alternative for brown rice in India ?

  31. you deserve all the caccolades and more, dear sandeepa. i love you and your blog.

  32. I Love the way you dress -up your post with beautiful story-telling skills. I like to read it from start to finish...its fun to see our better half to cook something new for us...yours is not an exception...He is experimental too...give my regards to him. And also congratulations on those truly deserve them


  33. the brown rice khichuri looks delicious Sandeepa. I make it atleast once a week... or try to ;) There is another award waiting for you at my blog. Congratulations :)

  34. Nice pic...The dish looks delicious :-)

  35. You, you, you! setting us up with that gripping opening and then laughing at us! I love it :)

    Have a good time up north.

  36. I decided to rectify being the non- foodie blog. I wrote about Jalebi's on my latest post :)

  37. Hey thank you dear...congrats on your well deserving award...Enjoy the vacation and Lil S (an upcoming cook...).

  38. !!Woooow!! Thanks for making my sleepy blog a rock star *hug*hug*. That is my first blog award =D. Now I have to come back and post something.

  39. hope you are having fun wherever u are vacationing!!! :) and hope the new camera brings tons of i know whom to turn to for pointers when i will be buying an SLR for myself later in life!!! :)

    and dropped by to tell u, i tried aloo posto from your blog the other day....i could not grind the posto into a fine paste in my no-good grinder but despite the grainy posto, my husband did approve of it .....the part that he grew up outside Bengal makes it easier for me to experiment with Bengali cooking :DD makes him less fussy, and makes my life tons easier... he does not have much of a choice anyways :DD

    Thanx for the recipe ...and may i kiss the cook too in gratitude???? :DDD

  40. With all the rains here, khichuri has been a simple and delicious lunch option during the weekend. I like it with alu bhate and bhaja, and I am happy to say my wife (who is not a Bong) loves it too!

  41. Sandeepa, thats so sweet of your hubby...and with brown rice... thats quite unique...congrats on your awards

  42. Yumm..khichdi and that too with brown rice! Congrats on the award and have fun in your vacation.

  43. i love the bowl u have served khichuri in :)

  44. hi sandeepa
    Congratulations on the awards!!!!!
    Waiting for the dessert recipe!!have a wonderfull vacation!!

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Hope you are having a grand time "up north," Sandeepa. Don't know where you are except that I did read "lobster" in this post. My husband and I are off to Maine next week, where we spent our honeymoon. Hope you write about your trip when you return.

  47. That was so sweet of D...tell him the khichuri looks fab...congrats on the awards and thanks for passing one over to me...enjoy your vacation...

  48. congrats on the Award dear!!!u sure deserve it.
    khichuri with brown rice looks good and the dessert too. have a happy vacation.

  49. Nice entry...great looking dish :-)

  50. the khichari looks relish! congrats for the awards and you rightly deserve it gal :) thanks for passing on will try blogging soon. lot of things going on my side i am not able to keep with blogging!

  51. Kichuri seems to be the in thing nowadays!Have a fun vacation!and u deserve all the awards u have got.U are a thoughtful blogger.:)

  52. saw ur entry in the round up. interesting :)

  53. Hey Sandeepa, juz now saw ur comments on my blog, I wanted to learn how to wear saree in Bengali style, I hope you understood. I wanted to drape it in your traditional way, I tried n tried but no clue where I am going wrong..can you help me in this?

  54. Thanks a tonn! Sandeepa! Loved that link so much and they have other ways of wearing a sari too...Mind blowing!
    I have to try this soon (not the recipe ;), but the saree) hahahaaa!

  55. Thanks a ton for that thoughtful comment Sandeepa- and for finding me worthy to pass on an award- i appreciate it very much

  56. I thought I came and left a comment... but I can't find it :-)

    I so agree about the measures... S wants me to blog about his cooking as well, but he can't remember what he put in let alone how much!!

    Nice recipe.

  57. Great recipes! I wanna share mine from my favorite cookbook: Simple French Food. Try them! And give some feedback.

  58. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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