Thursday, August 02, 2007

Strange Stories, Amazing Facts

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Amazing Fact

Fact 1: I did not, repeat DID NOT plant any cherry tomatoes this year. I did plant regular sized tomatoes

Fact 2: I GOT a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes from my tomato plants this year. I DID NOT get any regual sized tomatoes this year

Strange Story

I did plant a lot of cherry tomatoes in 2005, and a row of them in 2006, NONE in 2007

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Note: Since my little daughter has been under the weather, blogging has been disruptinve. She is doing fine now and normal programming will resume soon. Normal might not mean frequent though.


  1. I'd say just one of life's surprises! Hope your baby keeps well!

  2. i say tomato pickle;) why dont u send me some? ;)

  3. Hope she feels better soon. Poor baby. I always thought tomatoes were really difficult to grow - you seem to have done really well! By the way, I am making your aloo posto, masurir dal combo on Saturday for guests. I'll let you know how it went...

  4. Glad she is getting better,take care her and yourself too.Blogging smogging comes later!:)
    The seeds from the previous crop! I pull them out every year so they don't clog up my veggie patch! I love those Cherry tomatoes,beautiful in salads.Enjoy the surprise bounty and have a great weekend with S,will get to spend some time!:))

  5. Hey take care of your daughter and hope she is feeling a lot better by now!!

  6. Wow Sandeepa, it probably took one long year for those cherry tomatoes to make their apperance they look lovely though.

    Hugs to little S for a Speedy recovery. We miss the mommy but take your time and Hugs to little S.

  7. love and best wishes to li'l S. Good to know that the sweet little one is doing better. You take care too.

    The cherry tomatoes looks so good San!

  8. Is this a story of a mislabeled tomato plant? Take care of yr li'l 'un.

  9. Thanks Nandita, Mallika, Padmaja, Mystic & everyone for dropping by.

    Sups, great idea, I will if I get some time

    You are right Asha and indo. Didn't do enough pulling it seems :)

    No labeling Suganya, what Asha and Indo said, crops from yore

  10. Hope little S gets well soon.... And nice loot there... who cares if you planted or not, you can never have too many tomatoes... cherry or not :)... and next year don't plant any and you will have a whole lot of regular tomatoes, just a prediction :)

  11. Hope your baby doll has a complete and rapid recovery. Sending kisses and get-well-soon wishes her way!

  12. checked ur previous post in detial:) awww... so sorry to know little S is not keeping well. just yesterday vani of mysoorean mentioned that even her little doll has developed ear infection. take care of little S n urself san. sending u both hugs and kisses:)

  13. awww...what happened to my sweetie she getting better now..? sending her my warm hugs :)


  14. haha!!! i say tamayto !!!! with a tilt at the second t....hehe

    am glad that ur li'l one is doing well hugs for her :)

    Thanx for dropping by on the photoblog, Sandeepa......i have been here every other week , only did not leave a comment behind. Tried out pasta from the turned out decent. Thank u :) that i have my summer vacations going on, hoping to experiment more in kitchen..todays menu is aloo dum ..thanx to u :)

    and yes i did take classes this summer...hopefully next sem will be my last :)

  15. and that looks like a real bumper crop :)

  16. They look so pretty spilled out on the deck like that, Sandeepa!! I have heard that tomatoes can come back to haunt you -- I should be so lucky! Enjoy them! Happy to hear the baby's feeling better, too :)

  17. hey, so many cute looking tomatoes. I too say tomato pickle.
    hope the lil one is feeling good. take care

  18. oh such lovely tomatoes nature always suprises us he he :) glad your d is fine now. take care dear :)

  19. Hey, hugs to lil' S. i hope she's feeling better now.

    and those are lovely tomatoes! and them growing just by chance makes the whole thing even more amazing!

    You take good care, dear!

    love to lil' S and you,

  20. I'm sorry your little girl has been unwell. Of course, the blog must wait. In meantime, we are well fed with these beautiful tomatoes.

  21. Darun dekhte hoyche tomato gulo. I hope little S gets better soon so that you can get back to blogging.

  22. i do hope your lil girl gets well soon..... there's nothing more upsetting than an unwell child.....

    the bounty looks eager to know what you are going to make of them!!

  23. :) Surprises are good! You can send me some;) Hope your baby is fine now.

  24. Hope your daughter's doing well today. Cherry or not, they're your own! What's that liquid on the wood? It doesn't look like water.

  25. Ha ha...a belated crop I guess! Enjoy it. And hope your daughter's back to absolute normal very soon!

  26. Lots of hugs to li'l S... i hope she gets well soon and i am waiting to hear one of her many snippets from you. :)

    As for the tomatoes.... should I emal you my adress? ;)

  27. That's nature, I guess...hope little S recovers soon.

  28. Sig
    You shouldn't talk of loots with what you have got ;-) Wow what a loot :)

    Thanks from all of us :)

    Yeah got to know about Vani's M from your comments and left her a message too

    Thanks so much and she is doing pretty well now. Even the appetite is almost back ..."knock on wood"

    Did you like tle aloo dum ?

    That was a good one. Yeah haunt is what they do

    Never tried tomato pickles before. Thinking of trying one

    Thanks and yes S is better now

    But you know I really didn't want any cherry tomatoes this year and so didn't plant any. My regular tomatoes hardly came :(

  29. Susan
    Thanks so much and I yearn to get back to blogging :)

    Thanks, ar ki ranna korle tumi ? Tumi ki US e te thako ?

    Same here, I am eager to know what I am going to make too :)

    Ok done, sent :) Now blame the mail

    What are you trying to imply :) ? That IS water, it had rained an hour ago

    Mauritius e ar koto din ?

    Saw that lovely tomato pickle you made, you have enough, so no more for you, ok :)


  30. rMissed your posts as I had been li'l away..
    Pretty looking tomatoes..:)..And those peach trees down there..:)

    Hope your daughter is fine by now..

  31. lovely tomatoes u got there :)

  32. Hey Sandeepa
    Hope lil S is feeling better now, I have been sailing on same boat with nish... last week he was on"Hunger Strike".. will post my exp's is DMC soon.

    Give he smoothie if she likes. I gave it to nish and it was much better compared to other store bought juices. Home make butter milk also works really well.

    BTW those tomatoes are beautiful.

  33. Hi Sandeepa, did not know that the little angel was not feeling well. Hope is back to her regular self soon.

    You take care and know that we are here for you.

    You do have a bumper crop of tomatoes... hmmm... wonder what you're going to make :)

  34. This week was very busy at work sei jonne roj baire khawa hoyche. Hah, ami Seattle e thaki aar Microsoft e kaaj kori. I love reading your blog. Ami o tomato gaach lagiechi bagaane and looking forward to them becoming red from green. Seatler dike elo janiyo and we can meet up.

  35. Take care Sandeepa, the cherry tomatoes are lovely. Viji

  36. Aww..!! Poor little S! I hope she is feeling better, San! I read you post about the fever and emergency room & all that! It must be so traumatic for all of you, na? We really miss the support system we have in India, don't we? Hang in there, S! I live in central NJ. Please let me know if I can help. You can email me at ginnymeow at gmail dot com.

  37. First time over on your blog Sandeepa and think it is one of the most vbrant blogs I have seen. Loved so many of the posts and particularly the panipuri slide show.
    Would like to invite you to my Blog Picnic event

  38. Great to see you back n glad that ur daughter is getting better...I really envy those cherry tomatoes...can I have some?

  39. Awesome pics! Hope your daughter is hale and hearty now.


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