Monday, July 20, 2009

7 Day Challenge -- 2.0


My packed lunch today

I had other posts in mind for this week, posts that have been sitting in my draft. But then something happened last week.

For the first time ever I met a blogger in real life. For whatever reason I have never taken a blog friendship to the next level with e-mails, chats, social networks, phone calls and then live. Occasional e-mails yes but nothing beyond that.

So even when I told her that I would be happy to meet her I wasn't too sure. But am I glad that I did. It was wonderful really and it didn't feel like meeting a stranger at all. She was extremely sweet and got me and S some delightful presents. The Tulika books for S are a treasure.


I made a complete bengali meal for her and the menu was Rice, Dal, Begun Bhaja, Jhinge Chingri Posto, Pathar Mangsho and Aamer Chaatni, the dessert didn't happen.

But her no-grains/limited grain diet for the last 12 years inspired me and I thought of doing the 7 day challenge again this week. Kay's post gave me the final shove.

Summing up the Challenge is simple points

* No Grains
* No Sugars
* No Alcohol
* No Processed Food
* Regular exercise
* Fruits and veggies except Potato
* All lean meat and fish
* Fast for 18 hours

As I had mentioned earlier my main problem was the large amount of prep work that I needed especially to pack lunch etc. So I am keeping it simple this time.


7 Day 2.0 Challenge Menu

7 Day 1.0 Challenge Menu

I got 6-7 packets of frozen vegetables, different blend like Italian, California etc. They are not processed, just chopped and frozen. I am going to steam them and pan roast them for lunch. Different spices and difference in vegetables will bring in the much needed variety. I will have a simple Dal or soup along with it. Dinner will be grilled veggies and salmon on most days. Snacks will be Kala Chana and Papad. I am going to have Tea twice a day. Also I am going to have a little honey on some days.

Steam Veggies according to package Direction

Heat 1 tsp of Olive Oil in a heavy bottomed pan

Flavor the oil with minced garlic and chopped green chillies

Add some chopped red onion and saute till onion is soft.

Add spices like Garam masala or Corriander powder or anything else that you fancy.

Add the veggies. Add salt and saute at medium to low heat till veggies are done to your liking


  1. Yeah, me too - chatting in comments was as far as I went, maybe emails occasionally to a handful. Now thanks to Facebook, I do have more personal contact with some of my blogger buddies.
    Sra would be fun & chatty, I'd think. Funny how you have images of people based on their blogs.
    I use the steamables a lot - frozen veggies that can be stemed right in the bags they come in. Very convenient. Good luck with the challenge, San

  2. hi sandeepa,
    wishing u luck with the challenge :)Glad u could meet up with one of the blogger friends :) the gifts are lovely!

  3. Nice to know that you met Sra......wish u luck for the challenge....

  4. Good Luck Sandeepa:-) All the food that you made are my favorites & i feel like eating them so bad:-(

    Knacha aam kena achey, kalke i chatni banabo.

  5. Isn't she really cool..i felt completely at home with her...She is also the first blogger i have met...there are a few more i would love to know how it is. I have tons of frozen veggies in my ref..but a few days back i made a stirfry with Bird's eye - stir fry veggies (had sugar snap peas in it)..i think was the yummies combo till date...i removed all the mushrooms :D..and just added a can of chickpeas with pav-baji masala...yum..i think i should make it again...LOL
    Enjoy the will do great i am certain...

  6. I too enjoyed meeting you, Sandeepa. It was pleasant and very rewarding. As for this post, I can feel my head swelling already, so I won't dwell here much longer. Trust you got my mail sent the day after.

  7. Yeah I am sure she's a great person to take up your blog friendship to the next level. Such a sweet female she is and her humour and tone adds spice to the conversations. Those gifts are lovely and Sra I was searching for you here and now I know where were you ;) te bengali meal looks really elaborate to impress her!

  8. I love stir fries with lots of garlic. And I like these challenges of yours ... get to know a lot. Good luck. :-)

  9. I'm glad you met her. I have and she's a good friend now.
    I admire her perseverance with the diet and now I'm admiring you too. :)
    Maybe I should take up a challnege like this. It would be do me some good! ;)

  10. The stretching-shrinking phase of my body never I'm trim, in the next few days, those extra pounds pile up...I really admire those who stick to regimes. All the best with your challenge...I'm sure you'll keep to it. You and Sra must have had a lovely time. Loved your Bengali menu :-)

  11. Hi sandeepa good luck for the challenge & let me know then I will also try to start it . & yes lovely gifts & the food menu sounds delicious ( at least amer jonno ) .

  12. Hi Sutapa,
    You have given me an idea, I had been thinking of doing a diet regime for quite a long time, but never found the zeal to do so. Now I have somebody to look forward to.

  13. Awesome!! For some reason, making a mealplan is very nerve wrecking for me. Good luck with the diet!

  14. oh wow Sandeepa.

    Isn't it wonderful to meet a fellow blogger for real! I've met some bloggers twice... and Sra is one of them. :) You don't ever think even for a moment that you haven't met her before.

    Good luck with the diet. :)

  15. Wow! what an amazing spread that seems like! :)

    Good luck with your plan - I need one too, to put on weight - I have several health issues which dont let me gain weight (and please don't say "you lucky so and so", its really frustrating!) and I am feeling really exhausted of late and have resolved to do something about it!


  16. Hi,

    Good Luck with the challenge!! Keep it up.

  17. Hi Sandeepa
    I always read your blogs and enjoy them as well as the recipies.I am a Bong like you ,working mother of 2, a boy 51/2 year old and daughter 21/2 year old.
    I was reading about your challenge and I also want to loose my weight and reduce my waistline.I saw your diet was No grains so I was curious.I knew white rice,white bread one should avoid but what about if u eat brown rice,wheat bread.
    Does grains cause one to gain weight ?

  18. I read some of those books in Strand when I visited last week. They are nice ones for a kid:). I would love to have begun bhaja too - my fave!

    Did you feel any invigorating difference after the diet?

  19. hello dear..first time here....
    wow you actually met a blogger friend and that too an amazing one...her diet look like a real discipline...wishing good luck to you....but i have a query...kala chana is a grain, dals and papad also....hoe do you differentiate which one are to be eliminated...
    i was just curious....i am on a moderation diet myself n my healthy food blog is all about that...

  20. The Only One

    Whole grain is definitely good and I don't think it increases weight. the No-Grain diet basically tries to curb your cravings by elimination all grains, sweet and starch from your diet


    Dal is a lentil, a legume not a grain. So is Kala chana and papad made of Dal

  21. thanks ...i was going by the you are eliminating the cerials only....
    yeas starchy grains induce cravings sometimes ...

  22. I have become fan of your blogs...great...reminds me of Julie and Julia a lot...except you will be the Julia...hahaha Thank you for sharing your experiences

  23. I'm surprised how much your style of cooking is similar to my home in kolkata though I have always been a probashi, did not have a mom to teach me cooking but my love for bengali food and literature has opened up kolkata for me. I meet a lot of bengalis and share home cooked meals but yours is the only one which is cooked exactly the way I do and with exact spices. Btw my hometown is Maniktala Kolkata. Any coincidences there? Would love to know.

    1. Nope. We are probashi bangalis too but my mother's mama bari was in the fulbagan area. Even my Dida spent most of her life outside Kolkata. I think it might be the probashi touch which is familiar


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