Monday, October 26, 2009

One Masala Sprite Please

This is just a "Hello" post with no pics. I haven't had any time to post and my Bhai Phota(Bhai Duj) post is languishing in the draft dungeon. I will be back soon, maybe in a couple of days.

Meanwhile have been eating a lot, a lot. That is what happens when you have too many festivals all conveniently scattered over a single month. Back from a Diwali party of Chole-Puri, Pav-Bhaji, Rasmalai and assorted tid-bits late Saturday night, Sunday we were all ready to go to a lunch spread of Cholar Dal, Enchor-Chingri, Maacher Kalia, maccher matha diye Bandhakopi and the works. Then Sunday evening was a birthday party. This one was special because the hostess is a super cook. Her mutton biryani is US famous if not the world. It was only sheer gastronomic power that made me down two plates of that heavenly biryani even after a late lunch. I couldn't even look at the numerous other items on the buffet table.

What helped afterward is her Masala Sprite, a lovely drink which makes you feel it is digestive(?) and triggers your brain to eat more biryani.

To make Masala Sprite, is very very difficult. It is not everyone's "dayen haath ka khel". Follow the instruction below carefully to prepare a glass of super zingy Masala Sprite

First know what is Sprite. You might have been born to someone like me who deprives their child of such pleasures.

Buy Sprite. A case of canned sprite or a bottle will work fine

Pour sprite carefully in a glass. This can get tricky. Too much will cause overflow and too little dissatisfaction.

Now add a dash of chaat masala, little salt and lime juice and mix well. You have to experiment to get the right proportion. Do the experiment before hand, do not take sips from glasses served to the guests

Have a drink


And lets raise a glass of Masala Sprite to Desi Pundit. I have been invited as a community member to their community -- "a community of top-notch desi blogs, based on consistently creative writing, distinct opinions, and user-friendly design" and I will share some of my selected posts with them in the future. Thanks to Patrix and the team at Desi Pundit for the invite.


  1. Masala punch was what we used to call this drink with masala being the same but coke, fanta, sprite all mixed together in a single glass. Oh, how I crave to have a sip right now :)

  2. Congrats!
    I use to make nimbu panni with sprite well another one to try!

  3. I love the masala soda! Back home, there used to be these goli wali bottles, right? Those with chaat masala were sooooooooo refereshing, and then the nimbu paani/shikanji with chaat masala, all from the thelas/carts! So good!

  4. This has an older version in Mumbai called Masala Thums UP - for a couple of years now, my drink of choice has been Limca, lime juice, a pinch of salt or kala namak and Vodka ;)

    Glad you had a very good festive season - makes November look very patehtic though I must say!!

  5. If you go on telling what you are eating i am going to take a plane and come there too :-)
    I would have never thought of adding chaat masal to sprite.
    Maybe once i should try it.

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  7. Congrats on the Desi Pundit inclusion!

  8. I thought this was very common in the North Indian community, seem every North Indian party had it.

  9. Nothing like a taste from one's growing up days in a foreign land.

    I just had a very calcuttan Chinese at Bombay which is very different from the fare here.

    Have you ever travelled in local trains in the eighties in Calcutta where people used to sell fizzy drink from unbranded bottles tied together in a huge black rubber band?

  10. Sniff, sniff, I have never had masala soda as a child, MY Mom never let me have those goli-soda :( Maybe I should sue her

    I have had spiced nimbu paani a few times but mostly outside drink was Limca or fanta and later Mirinda

  11. Congrats Sandeepa you really deserve that. your write ups are something i look forward to and thats really really true. Keep it up.

  12. ohh bolte bhule gechilam tumi shunecho kina janina amar baba bolen oder coll life e khub famous chilo fatas jol. mane oi soda water kintu mukhe akta ball lagano thakto kholar samay fatas kore awaz hoto bole oi naam.

  13. Funny!!!! I love your humor! I've never heard of Masala Sprite but I want to try it - I'm not a fan of chaat masala, but this will be an adventure worth taking. I'm trying to ban Sprite from my daughter who acts like its crack. Unfortunately, she always gets a stash at any desi party where the aunties are more than happy to pour her a large glass.

  14. Masala sprite i jokhon holo..mutton biriyani tai ba baad jay keno ? Ota r recipe tao ektu jene post koro na plizzzz. "USA-famous" biriyani..sunei lobh lagche je :(

  15. Sayantani

    Otakei bodh hoy goli-soda o bole, naki ?


    I rarely buy such good stuff ;-)


    Ami nijer bari te ja ranna kori seita i post kori. Oi famous biryani amar dara hobe na ;-) Tobe hubby ekta byapok biryani kore, tar ghee'r amount dekhlei mone hoi akka pabo. Kono di seita korle post korbo

  16. congrats!! that's great news.i love sprite with chaat masala or even with jal jeera masala.

  17. congrats Sandeepa, looking forward to many more interesting posts.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Each food spread sound better than the earlier one. :)

  18. Congrats Sandeepa! Your writing is lovely, spontaneous & full of humor:-)

    I have heard of this back in India with Thumbs Up, but then I never got to have much soda back home.

    Will try this one out.BTW: biryani ta shune besh raat 10 tar shomoye khide khide pachey.

  19. hi,

    i am one of those readers who drop by every two days to check if u have anew post but do not comment [just good old laziness here] however, this time i just had to. you have me rolling , right in my cubicle.
    the sprite post was just too much.
    love ur writing style and the goodies that u cook .

  20. "First know what is Sprite" Hahaha ... I pass that test .. but that's it. Konodin masala soda etc khaini.:-)
    Ar Sandeepa ... biryanir ghee er amount dekhe jodi okka e payi .. tahole biryani kheye e nahoye okka ta pelam. Hubby ke bolo public demand e ei weekend e hoye jak. :-)

  21. thnks for the recipe,..;-)will be waiting for ur next post,...

  22. " not take sips from glasses served to the guests"

    Ha Ha Ha that was funny and practical enough since you have tremendous tendency to do that when you experiment.

  23. Congrats Sandeepa and looking forward to some interesting post in Desi pundit..
    masala sprite..hehe.. sounds so much fun and enjoyable...
    hugs and smiles

  24. Sandeepa, i was a eight yr old who'd just come from England. My mom didn't allow me the golis too. I came to calcutta today... and she is not allowing me to stay up and blog

  25. hahahaha that's an amazing idea!!


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