Thursday, February 04, 2010

Incredible India ?

Saw this ad on You Tube. Absolutely had to share

And then there was this which I heard a month back. The Indians in this talk probably don't know about the India on the first Video


  1. I don't think we can say incredible India when we see that second video. I was shocked to hear some of the things which are done to the kids and woman.
    What i like more is what she said in the end of her speech, that it is nice to discuss about this in the AC hall but not nice to to take thekids home or give work or let our kids be in the same class.
    That video sure open up ones view.

  2. I almost threw up and was in tears listening to that little girl in the station with her intestines out.
    OH MY GOD!! What is wrong with our countrymen who touts themselves as the most pious, cultural, civilized? They are getting worse as the time goes, I don't see any hope until there will be many women like this one and she has been brutalized too.Only thing I can help is by donating to her cause. I don't think I am brave enough to stand beside her and fight with her, it takes some guts to do for what she is doing. It's easy to talk and it's another thing to do as we say!!

  3. Yes Asha That lady sure has guts. I couldn't hear it all the first time, it was so gut wrenching. Even then I didn't see the pics, I couldn't bring myself to see some pics, innocent kids as old as my oldest.

    HC Two sides of the same coin. There is beauty and then there is this. And that is true for all countries.

  4. Forgive my cynicism Sandeepa, Incredible India should have had a byline - "inaccessible to most Indians" no wonder it is presented in the eyes of a visiting foreigner!.

    The second one I did see sometime back and I it bothered me terribly, can only echo Asha's views from above.

  5. Indo

    So true, isn't that incredible :-) That is why I put both of them on the same post.The Indians in the second can't even dream of India in the first

    Saw that very expensive train , but then I think this ad was developed for tourism

  6. Have heard about Sunitha, don't think I can even bear to see the video!

  7. Where did you get this? Can't say anything ... shudder. That question mark is so approprite on the post title.

  8. Sharmila

    A colleague had sent sometime in Dec. It is from TED talks

  9. Saw the second video when my friend mailed it to me...It is really heart bleeding.

  10. Perfect title.
    About Sunita story: reminds one of the local story happenned here three months back! Now the gal goes through many physc test, etc...
    What she said: We are probably hearing from many years, abuse, rape, etc... still India didn't improve! Probably her speech video should be transal in all dialects.
    God Bless her!

  11. I think it is difficult to put the two together in any type of similar context. They are definitely different in terms of what effect they are trying to have on people. The incredible India vid is an ad and its beautiful. Even though a tourism ad skips the internal problems which might be going on in a place but then that is the whole point of selling some thing like that. I am surprised on how good the ad is and how it describes India as an adventure. I am not sure how much money was spent on making the ad but it is pretty well done compared to ads made my tourism boards overseas. The 2nd video covers sensitive issues that exist in India. Both videos are moving in some way.

  12. Visiting your blog after a fairly long time. You are right, the first video seems to have really been made for tourism purpose, but a nicely made one. The second one has the true pragmatism of the other side of the coin. It was admittedly difficult to watch the second video. But then like you said it is true for all countries - there is a good and bad side to things.

    Sorry to digress, but saw the last post as well on Fish Dumpukht. You mentioned about Salmon, can we substitute Tilapia or Catfish ?

  13. These stories cause me to lose faith in fellow men and to question how many of them are good :( How many are good? Do the bad outnumber them? These sick things happen everywhere, and so many men are involved :( I am losing faith daily :(

  14. Heart Breaking! how much more do we women have to suffer.. hats off to this girl!

  15. I saw a movie recently and looking at the atrocities caused to them oh God I couldnt really take it... But its nice that you threw some light on these aspects!!!

  16. I totally agree that the second video makes our hearts bleed.
    But I dont think such crimes are limited to India. I was equally shocked when I heard of the Austrian father who sexually assualted his own daughter for years and made her give birth to 3 or 4 of his children ... all in the basement of his house.

    My point is India and outside India, the whole world, has such animals waiting for opportunity to exploit any innocent girl...

    I personally request all of those who have young daughters (right from toddlers to any age)... do not let your children alone with known or unknown men..I have heard of cases where fathers close friend abused a 3 year old girl.... I guess we need to try to keep our girls educated on such sexual abuse whenever they are ready.... Its not a sin to teach them to be cautious...

  17. ya u r right sometimes it hurts to say incrdible india...:-(

  18. Cham

    Where in CA ?


    Definitely, the first ad is very beautifully put together as far as an ad is concerned.
    And the second one though speaking about India, is actually a global curse


    I am not so sure about Cat Fish. If you can get Tilapia whole cut into steak pieces, that will work perfectly. IT might be ok with Tilapia filet, let me know if you do it


    But look around and there are good ones out there too. I posted it because I was very impressed by this lady.


    No definitely not. It is all over. But I like the work she is doing

    TS, Notyet, Abhi, Ramya

    Thanks for your words

  19. I had to force myself to think about all the good men I know personally... My mother was molested by her uncle and has always been quite distrustful of men... Seeing these things just infuriates me! I know there are good ones, but the bad ones do a great job at covering up and appearing normal and people need to remember, they look normal, may lead what appear to be normal lives and most will get away with it :(

  20. Very upsetting second video but I can't say I was shocked by any of it as my mother works extensively with children of sex workers. What's really incredible is that the Western media never discusses the real issues when it comes to India. We either get the polished nonsense of the first video or the equally polished one dimensional view of films like Slumdog. Thanks for bringing this to the fore...

  21. Sandeepa...I begun seeing the video..and then read the comments. Realised that I didn't have the stomach to go through it.

    Reminded me of the many who protested against the way Slumdog Millionaire showed India. The truth is difficult to stomach

  22. Yet they say rape need not always be brutal.

    Btw, linked this to my blog, if that's a problem let me know and I'll remove it.


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