Friday, May 07, 2010

Giveaway Winner

Yippeee!!! The winner of the giveaway has been decided by It is SS @ SS Blogs here.

I don't know why she says here, I mean shouldn't it be there.

She doesn't blog here, but there. You get it there as in there at SS Blogs here. Yeah go visit her and tell her that she has won and give her your best wishes so that she can run as much as she likes.

Congratulations SS and you will be receiving your $80 gift certificate from CSN Stores soon.

Thanks to everyone who participated and played along. Thanks also for all your valuable inputs. Though I must warn you, this blog is ruled by a meanie autocrat who does not abide by the principles of democracy. So she might just dish out what ever is cooking in her kitchen and her family is eating without a thought for the options chosen by readers.

And all those who said "keep doing what you are doing" or something like that, do you guys know me, like in real life ? Like do you know that I am not a sucker for change and I do things my way and that my toe nail needs to be trimmed ? How the heck did you know that I will just do that, i.e. "keep doing, what I am doing".


  1. LOL! Do your thang as only you can do Bongmom and step away from "BHANG"! hahahahahhaha!!
    (I remember some people getting confused with "Bong" and "Bhang" when they see your URL!!)

    A very happy Mother's day. Trish is home, so looking forward to Sunday too. Have fun, see you on Monday!:)

  2. you are absolutely hilarious!

  3. Sandeepa. You are just too funny!! Now give us some food!

    Congrats SS!

  4. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! :D Thanks Sandeepa! And goodness.. all the confusion about here and there could only have sprung from your keyboard! :D :D

    Thanks again! May Bong Mom's blog live very long!

  5. Hehehe, u re a crazy gal! Happy Mother's Day - Hope u get pampered by your little Angels :)
    Congrats SS :)

  6. Lovely post dear, gave me a laugh :)

  7. Gosh ... did you see the number of comments for the giveaway post! Congrats to SS! :-)


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