Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mashla Muri and Cha -- for a weekend


Mashla Muri is the homebody, gharelu cousin of sexy Jhaalmuri. It doesn't ask much from you. Roast some puffed rice to warm and crisp, add finely chopped onion and green chili. The chili must be the fiery, hot kind. Some finely chopped cukes are most welcome. Next goes some spicy mixture or dalmut.


While you pour the pungent mustard oil, let the tea boil to give you company when you need it most.


With a sprinkle of chat masala and a quick toss of the muri, Mashla Muri is ready, Sit back with your cup of tea and enjoy.

Have a nice weekend.


  1. Dear Bong Mom,

    Is that a tea bag I spy in your pic? Heresy! No good bong can publicly admit using tea bags other than while traveling in trains (Waltair for the winter, Puri for summer). Even CTC is ok, but bags? In a blog called Bong something? Terrible.

    Nice one, Sandeepa, to ease the lingering chicken stew taste out.

  2. Feel like munching some..looks fabulous..

  3. Must try with the mustard oil - I recently used mustard oil to make an omelette - turned out well, though the oil didn't seem to make a difference!

  4. This is new one for me,wish ya happy weekend

  5. he he tea bag ta amio dekhechi tabe tumi to agei likhechile tumi ei bhabei cha pachondo karo. jhal muri ami khub akta bhalo basi na, tabe mashla muri amar fav.akhon muri makahr jonyo muri mashla paoya jay. darun gandho. khunje dekhte paro.

  6. Yummy snack, adding mustard oil is new to me.. Comforting afternoon snack for sure.

  7. All your bong posts make me homesick. Now I must have jhaal moori. I love your authentic recipes.

  8. Just having chai and wishing for some of that spicy moori. So good!

  9. Pyaj ar kancha lonka murir shonge bhaja hoye? Eta toh jantam na! amar o dudh diye kora kore phutiye cha khub bhalo lage ... besh dhaba style. :-)

  10. Love you for this post,(even otherwise).Whenever I land up in Kolkata I try and spot a muriwala first.Its such a great 'nice to be back home' kind of feeling,chatting up with the muriwala as I eat away my first packet of the trip.

  11. I've never had the roasted version, sounds chat para and spicy!

  12. Such fun! One of my favourite snacks:)

  13. I have never had this, but as you mentioned Jhaalmuri, it reminds me a train trip from Kolkat to Bherampur and in the train there was this guy always comming up and down selling Jaalmuri.

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  15. Sandeepa, cha e ektu ada debe please?

    [khete pele shute chaye -types gola]


  16. Akta hectic day r por evening e office er niche muriiwala r samne dnariye akta nijer jonne muri - instructing 'eta dao.. ota dio na'.... muriwala ghor garomkale add kore tukro tukro knacha aam! aha! thanks sandeepa... for being the muriwala ... sorry... wali!

  17. Subhorup

    yeah, it is an Earl grey :) I love the flavor so dunk a bag in my regular CTC + milk tea. Not for me the "halka" Darjeeling Bong tea :-D
    I like my tea with a punch


    Try it, easy and satisfying


    I never make omlettes in mustard oil, don't like my omlette to smell mustardy ;-) Try to get a good brand that will make you sneeze. The other day I saw an Indian ad, proclaiming "First pressed Mustard Oil"., soon there will be EVMO. Don't go for all that and ask around for a trusted brand.


    really, I thought you would surely have had this

  18. Sayantani

    yehhhh, you remembered, love you girl :) yes, Earl Grey + CTC is my favored blend :) Muri Mashla, eikhane to pabo na :(


    If you don't have mustard oil, try some pickle oil. That too adds a great taste.

    Thank you

    Awww, it goes so good with chai, doesn't it ?


    Ami ei ta te bhaji ni. Kintu majhe majhe pyaj ar shukno lanka alada bheje murir sathe meshai, setao khub bhalo hoye


    My jhaal-muris back home has to be on the train or at least on a bus ride. For this reason alone I look forward to going to the in-law's place from Kolkata :)


    Nothing new with the roasted version. The puffed rice gets limp after storing a while and so I roast it dry to get back the crispiness


    And you sure must have access to all kinds :)

  19. Finla

    yes, yes, yes...that is the right place to eat JhaalMuri. Where were you going ?


    Thanks :)


    Achcha, achha porer bar ada thakbe, eibar eitai khao :)


    Knacha Aam ? Bah, eita to darun idea. Ar ki ki thake exactly bolo to.

  20. My DH favorite but never used mustard oil and onion. This one is quiet popular in KA too...

  21. Gosh....haven't had this in so long!!! My mouth is watering. I love your photographs.

  22. My neighborhood mall stocks muri in lovely cones priced at Rs.10. We at work are addicted to it. But tell me the difference between Jhaal muri and Masala muri.

    1. Anjali,
      Can you please give me the address and telephone contact of the shop where Masala Muri packed in cones can be purchased???

  23. Anjali

    Jhaal muri has a few more stuff going into it, cucumber pieces, roasted peanuts, coconut pieces etc. Also the road side one has its own charm.
    The Mashla Muri is the everyday home style muri that we have.
    The one you are talking about, is it called "Mobile Muri" ? A friend got some cones of that name from her last visit, looked pretty but nowhere near the real JhaalMuri.

  24. Oh My Gosh!!!! Your recipes hit so close to my childhood upbringing! I love JhaalMuuri...and yes, masala muri and chai was a classic combination in Jamshedpur!

  25. Feel like munching on those crunchy muri...great for the monsoons.

  26. I never thought I would enjoy raw mustard oil until I tasted the Jhaal Muri. Now I am going to try this Masala Muri soon.

  27. Ami O tea bags hi use kori bidesh'e thakle..jhaalmuri/mashla muri and garam cha deadly combination..Halidiraam er Aloo Bhujia add kori majhe-2 aro jomme jaye :-D....hugs and smiles

  28. Oh yes Sandeepa! that is what it is called Mobile muri :) and it din't strike me at first why they called it mobile, now I know. Ok if that's not authentic then can I join you for the snack? :P

  29. Anjali

    ha, ha ain't I anal about such stuff :-D But No, seriously, even mine is NOT. The real deal is the muriwala, go, scoot, get one, in B'lore it might not be easy.

  30. Anjali

    Oh, okay, wait. Ask Sayantani, she knows about a "muri'r mashla", that is available in India. If you mix that with your muri you might get the real taste. And if she is vouching for it I am sure.

    I really, really want you to taste the real JhaalMuri. It is like Vada Pav, I like the ones I get here at Hot Breads but they are not the real deal i would gorge on in B'bay after work.

  31. Sometimes we would use the "oil" left over from sour/hot oil pickles. If mentioning brand names is not inappropriate, Pachranga Mixed Pickles in the 28oz can has oil & juice to spare. Priya red chili pickle is spare of oil but great flavor for the muri, since adding oil pickle is acceptable, i.e. you can add dalmoth like the various "Punjabi Hot Mixes" plus some chopped pickle & juices, AND green THAI type chillies (aromatic) and as many or as few other things as Sandeepa indicates.

    If you are feeling calorie challenged, please boil up some Russet potatoes, mash, and flavor simply with powdered roasted cumin seed & black salt. Shape into UFO-like patties, dip into BESAN batter & deep fry. This is Alu-r Chop,a "must" accompaniment, along with "Beguni", thin slices of eggplant dipped in Besan & fried.

    In times past, the besan & sattu in India used to be ground fresh each day by the vendors. This allowed for inimitable flavor & crispness missing in the packaged material.

  32. sandeepa, murite knacha aam ta besh tak tak hote hobe. muriwala day alu, sosha, tomato (bhije hole hobe na), onion, lanka, narkol if u like, peanuts, dry roasted chola, sedho chola (very imp - i like it), then lanka guro, muri masala, sorsher tel and lebu (if u have immediately). bhujia on top.

  33. Hello..

    My first visit to your site and I find such a yummy post!! Thank You.. and I am hooked on your site for sure :)

  34. can somebody tell me where will i get those "mobile muri"

  35. @Bong Mom
    You can make muri masala at home too.
    If we ever run out of it before we make a trip back to cal...we make it ourselves.

    Just add dhaniya seeds, zeera and a wee bit of saunf to your typical bengali garam masala...roast and grind.

    That's what they use in Russell Street.

    Hope this helps :)


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