Sunday, February 04, 2007

Strawberry and a Meme daughter loves them so. She eats them just as they come fresh, juicy and red. When Maheshwari of Beyond the Usual said Fruit of this Month is Strawberry, I knew that was a fruit I always had in my refrigerator. But I didn't want to make anything using them, they are so good and delicious just as they come, I don't have the heart to put them in a pie or a cake. Since a fruit is best eaten fresh I didn't want to present another option to my daughter. She likes strawberries fresh, biting into them, the juice filling her mouth and so let that be so...

Shilpa of Flog & Rosbif had tagged me with a MeMe "5 Things Most people Don't Know About Me". Now I am not very good at Memes but this was funny, so here are some skeletons from my closet

Though I drive a considerable distance each way to work every day, I am afraid to drive on the dreaded NJ Turnpike. Just to avoid the turnpike I have to drive 15 minutes extra :)

Now to dispel some myths -- dear Supriya said I am "fun loving and adventurous". Fun loving, yes but adventurous, have my serious doubts on this one. The most adventurous I am is when we go out to eat, I always end up taking the less trodden path i.e. deciding on something I have never even heard of before and then almost always end up eating what D has ordered. In other walks of life, less said the better.

One more...another blogger buddy Sra said she thought I was cherubic. Now I would love to think what she meant was I had an "angelic demeanor". However what she must have actually meant is I have a "chubby" appearance :) and I must give it to Sra for her insight. I am inclined to put on weight easily, no luck like Shilpa here and have never been skinny.

I have a penchant for no don't get me wrong..what I mean is I just cannot throw/give away stuff as in books, old shoes, old clothes etc., I cling on to them. I still have almost all the issues of the "Anandamela" a very popular children's bi weekly magazine in bengali, I used to subscribe from LKG to High School. My Ma threatens to sell them each year.
Now whenever I have to sort my lil' girl's clothes as she outgrows them, I am tormented. Maybe that's another reason I like computers, just store.

I love, love, love to read fiction both in bengali and english and I like learning as in go to class, take part in hot discussions, do assignment, give test. Strange as it may sound and though I cursed when I had to study, I now realize that I really like the process.

I was in the hospital for the last 17 weeks of my pregnancy, yeah 17 you didn't read that wrong, due to some complications. I was in total bed rest and was allowed to get up for occasional showers only once in a week or so. That experience taught me a lot and made me a better person I think. I now know how important everyday things that we take for granted are and I know when God closes one door he opens another, we just need to have faith and believe.

Ooop six already...stop, stop that's it. I would like to tag IndoSunGod, Sri and Maheshwari if they haven't done this already. Take it only if you want to.


  1. 17 weeks of ur pregnancy!!! must have been somehting!!! But all well that ends well. :)

    Lovely knowing about you Sandeepa. :)

  2. I love how your daughter's red outfit matches with the fruit! Agree, strawsberry best to just pop into the mouth!
    My husband's similar to you, still collects/keeps lots of things. I'm totoally the opposit :D

  3. Sandeepa, nice reading the meme about you, 17 weeks that might have been tough. Strawberries can identify with lil daughter I prefer them fresh too. I tried growing them once, but the rabbits got to them before we did.

    Thanks for the Tag...

  4. Sandeepa, nice to know a little more about you. We seem to be alike - I'm not adventurous unless it involves something to eat either, and am 'cherubic' too - hee hee! But in your case, I also meant cherubic in the entire sense of the word - I imagine you with a baby face. I too am trying not to be a hoarder! Nice meme.

  5. Hi. I am currently writing a master's degree dissertation about the importance of food to memory and identity.
    I have chosen to focus on the Indian/Bengali/Bangladeshi community in London, and am wondering if you know anyone (family, friend, fellow blogger, or one of your readers) who lives in London who would be interested in speaking to or e-mailing me about this topic?
    For those that you ask or those reading: I would be interested in any information/personal stories about the role that food plays in your life. The information you give to me could be anything to do with food-- that a certain recipe brings back a memory of childhood, or that you are a mum and feel it important to feed your family traditional food (or maybe you have decided to get rid of traditional cooking from your home all together), or maybe you have an opinion about the difference between the food served in curry houses and "authentic" cuisine.
    I would be incredibly thankful for any stories that you have to share. Thank you so much for your time in reading this.

  6. Hi Sandeepa

    Loved reading your meme. My first experience was driving on the NJ Turnpike. So my fears vanished that day itself. What are the English fiction titles you have read so far? I love reading too.

  7. WOW!! Glad you are out of that 17 weeks' in one piece!:))
    Great to read your MeMe!! I think most foodies are little which is quite okay as long as we healthy and happy!:)Enjoy the Strawberries!

  8. hi sandeepa
    great idea to give fruits as they are to kids..i also like it.but if my kid don't take some fruits if i give like i will convert them into some thing and will give.ur daughter is a good girl:-))
    in the hospital for 17 weeks!!!!!!
    it is horrible right/i can understand..any way u are allrigt now .right?what u have said is perfectly correct.we must have faith in god..
    will u drive on ur own to reach office..great..nice to hear more about u .benagali girl..:-))

  9. Love the picture. Beautiful snap.

  10. Awww!!! see those lovely hands, love to see her snap one day:). No kidding 17 weeks!!! That's true that's how we appreciate things which we take them for granted. Thanks for tagging me Sandeepa...This is the first time I been tagged!!! he he he. Kind of excited and nervous.

  11. What a great Meme...Sandeepa, really nice to know you some more.
    I second you on the NJ turnpike...yikes, I'd rather get my teeth pulled than drive on that.*well,u know what I mean*

    Lovely picture of your daughter's hands!

  12. Coffee
    Yeah you got to do, what you got to do :)

    Thanks a lot, and isn't it amazing how couples balance out each other ?

    It will be nice when summer comes, to see all that you grow :) Are you doing the GBP ?

    hee hee that's so nice to get to know some one who is almost alike. How are you trying not to be a hoarder ?

  13. Postgrad
    Are you focusing only on Bengalis in London ? Shall let you know if there is someone I find

  14. If I haven't worn it in the last six months, I give it off. If it's old, old, letters, I read them again, keep the best ones and throw the ordinary ones off - I just did that recently after about 15 years! Sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and do it!

  15. Sandeepa,
    Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. I would really appreciate your help if you know anyone, or if you could put the word out on your blog (which is lovely by the way!).

  16. Sandeepa, we must be psychic! I bought strawberries on Friday, and was thinking of blogging about them too, but ended up just gobbling them! :) Thanks for taking up the meme! I've never been skinny, by the way, and do retain water, if that's any consolation, haha!

    Re your pregnancy, wow, it must have been tough, but I'm glad you got through it safe and sound!

  17. i loved reading ur MEME:) girl, 17 weeks in hospital... my god!!! that must be something to remember for lifetime han?!!
    i too am a hoarder. i really don't feel like throwing any of my stuff as one or the other sweet memories are attached to them:) and u should see my pantry and fridge for that matter;) i try not to hoard things but i really cant seem to stop it also:)

  18. Sandeepa,
    nice Meme gal. Oh boy!!! 17 weeks of your pregnancy. That might have been tough isn't it? And about being scared to ride on NJTurnpike, I am too. My hubby is like if you can drive on 287 then why not NJTurnpike and I am like no It just appears to be scarry.

  19. Hi Laksmik
    I have tried to comment several times but it fails :(
    I am a big fan of A.Christie, Gerald Durell and J. Archer and Grisham. Also likes Indian Authors specially R.K Narayan, Chitra Banerjee Divakurani, Jhumpa Lahiri. Recently I started liking Amy tan, but she has few books.BNot much time these days to read but over last year I read "Memoirs of A Geisha", " The Kitchen God's Wife" and finally "Da Vinci Code"

  20. Swapna
    My daughter eats only certain fruits she likes, mostly citrus, but she is fussy with veggies

    Asha, Trs, padmaja

    looking forward to your Meme :)

  21. Shilpa, Supriya
    And now you come out with your secrets , aha ?

    Do you take 287 to your school ?

  22. Now, I know you better by 5 things :)

  23. That was fun to read. We want more!We want more!

  24. Sandeepa...fresh strawberries, i like them too just like that.That was nice meme.I bet your lil' girl is worth that 17 weeks of bedrest.she is a cutie..i can say it just by seeing her hand..would love to see her picture..:)).One thing that we have common is holding onto things..though H makes sure i get rid of things every year.Now my biggest problem is my lil' one's outgrown clothes..Thanks for tagging me, will post it soon.

  25. Nice to know u thru ur meme. 17 weeks of bed rest is too long and would have been pretty tough..Its true that we have to have faith. I too love fresh strawberries..

  26. Sandeepa I am not really sure whats up with blogger, sometimes it makes commenting hard but Firefox always worked. If you are Grisham fan you will like this author Michael Malone (Times Witness) a lawyer/police/south racism kind of story a good read.

  27. Sandeepa, Those cute little hands again:) Are'nt they well worth the 17 weeks in the hospital? It must have been tough, but I am glad you are through that phase. Loved your meme. I take a longer route, just to avoid getting into the freeway here in Florida, a retiree's paradise. A cadillac carrying an old man at least 70 years old, driving at 45 in a 60 limit is a very common sight here:) I can't even imagine how bad it must be up where you live.

  28. Hi there....long time no see (on my part)...i am sorry...anyway great meme...always a delights to know about my fellow buddies....take care sweet lady...~smile~

  29. Nice knowing you Sandeepa. It was fun reading your MEME

  30. Wow! 17 weeks??!! When I was diagnosed with placenta previa, my doc had warned me of the possibility of bedrest at the hospital. Thankfully that did not happen. You poor thing, it must have been so difficult for you! Glad that everything worked out well!, Sandeepa!

  31. Hi sandeepa, reading your meme made me giggle. I am a totally unadventurous bhithu. And the 17 weeks story has now put me off having children for life... ha ha!

    By the way, I am a bangali in London if the post grad studnt is interested. Best way to contact me is

  32. Kausum
    So you are back

    Yeah you see, I like that. Look at the brighter side when life throws up a challenge and ponder I did

    Yeah sure, why not. Dil Mange More :)

    Waiting for yours

    Now that I look back it seemed abreeze so it was ok I guess :)

  33. Hema, Dilip, Krithika
    Thanks :)

    Hey I too had previa but it got pretty serious. Thank God everything went well for you.

    No please !!!!! Don't get scared, these things are random and now when I look back it doesn't seem bad and I would do it again just for that little girl of mine.
    So please please I would die of guilt if my experience biases someones opinion

  34. Hi Stephanie of Postgrad

    Here are two Bengalis in & around London

    As Mallika so kindly put up her e-mail in her comment for you. She has a great blog, so do check it out
    Her e-mail :

    Another bengali has this blog
    I think she is somewhere around London too, not sure

  35. Hi Sandeepa,
    It is lovely to read about you. 17 wks' of bed rest - your daughter had given you quite a hard time then. But I am sure she is worth all the pains you had to go through. Since your daughter loves strawberries as it is, one suggestion here. You guys could try having Strawberry with vanilla sugar. Before putting the strawberry in your mouth,just plop it in a bowl of vanilla sugar; it will be coated with sugar all over.Smells heavenly! I caught this bit in one of the Martha Stewart episode.

  36. Its always good to know someone a bit more than you already know because you come a little more closer.... so good to read about you Sandeepa. You are indeed a nice person, who is a commited wife and a very loving mom. And you very rightly said that, " When God closes one door he opens another".:D

  37. Hi Sandeepa..nice meme.enjoyed reading it.when we were in NJ,my hubby used to say the same thing-driving on NJ turnpike is a nightmare!

  38. Sandeepa, I just followed Shn's meme post here; hence, the late comment. I feel exactly the same way about the Turnpike -- HATE it, especially between Secaucus and Woodbridge. It's an ugly road with ugly accidents. You are right to avoid it.


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