Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Food etc.

The Trip : $XXX

The Room with A View : $YYY

The Restaurant: $ZZZ

Since you guys missed all the food, heres some more yummy Malaysian fare for you

Penang, a restaurant offering Malaysian cuisine is a big favourite of ours. The food is simply superb.
A couple of weekends back we went to Penang at West Windsor, NJ. This is the first time we visited the restaturant at this location. We used to frequent the one at Edison, NJ earlier but I must say this one has a much better ambience.

The service and the ambience was pretty good and the food very good and very nicely presented. This one also offered Thai, but we stuck to the Malaysian menu.

We started with some Roti Telur -- Indian Style Stuffed Egg Paratha with a chicken curry and Satay Ayam -- Chicken grilled in Skewers served with peanut Sauce

For the main Dish we ordered Ayam Rendang, Mango Chicken, Ikon Bilish -- made with anchovies and Pineapple Fried Rice

Ayam Rendang-- A spicy chicken curry cooked with onions, lemon grass etc.

Mango Chicken -- Chicken cooked with shredded mango in a sweet & sour sauce and served in Mango Shell

Fried Icecream-- The dessert was ok though the kids liked it

We carried some leftovers home and we enjoyed them all the more the next day. Say why ?? 'Coz we could lick our fingers and the plate !!!


  1. Seems you had a nice time with some really delicious food :-)

  2. Yumm! Though I'd go for Thai anyday. And I think the way we eat something has much to do with how it tastes. In our house when you clean out a favourite dish with fingers straight out of the serving dish it's called CP! That's short for chanchi-puchi of course! :)

  3. Oh wow, these are some dishes very familiar to me... :) Singaporean and Malaysian cuisines are quite close, so I know some of these, especially rendang, satay and the roti telur.. yummy! glad you enjoyed your meal!

    I've had fried ice cream, too, but find it really greasy! Now I'm getting the urge to make my own rendang (never attempted it before)!!

  4. Sandeepa, that Mango chicken makes my mouth water that too this early in the morning. We love going to a Malaysia restaurant here just to eat their Roti Canai. We had not been there in a while. Time to visit. Look out for Mango chicken.

  5. Thank you so much Sandeepa!!! Are you happy now that we are all drooling here while tucked in all those?!;D

    Glad you enjoyed a feast.Have to look for a Malay restaurant now,bye!

  6. Sushma
    Yeah for me good time = good food :)

    Even I love Thai. But Penang is primarily a Malaysian restaurant, they recently added the Thai but very limited Thai choice.
    A Thai restaurant is always a delight, but Malaysian is very good too, try out, more akin to Indian

    Please do try out the ayam rendang and post the recipe. You should have an authentic one up your sleeves. It was heavenly.

    Like Roti Canai too but Roti Telur is very similar to what is called "Moghlai paratha" in Calcutta, so we always order the Telur

    I am sure your kids will love the Malaysian food. My daughter loves the satay and mango chicken

  7. Hey Sandeepa :)That was a terrific post with a good food review. There was a small restuarant in Cochin,Kerala which was run by a malay couple and it was one of our hot spots during college days. Your post suddenly refreshed my memories ...

    ANd "..We carried some leftovers home and we enjoyed them all the more the next day. Say why ?? 'Coz we could lick our fingers and the plate !!! " I think most of us will agree with u there, especially my husband who took a carry out of burritos last weekend saying he wants to eat it the "desi" way :))


  8. OO those pics look so tempting. I never tasted Malaysian food but after looking at your pictures, I want to try it. I will try to find a restaurant here.

  9. girl...u r teasing me with these pics now:(
    fried ice cream? i have seen some chef making fried ice cream in TV but i dont think i am gonna attempt that for some time:)

  10. Sandeepa,
    Loved your 'Master card' way of description.

  11. hi sandeepa
    seems u have a beatiful trip.the pictures are nice.

  12. I love Penang, We use to have one in Reston down town. My fav's are Gado Gado Salad, Basil fried rice and list keeps on......, CA has lots of malasyain resturants and also lots of vegetarain dishes. I'm not able to find good one here, after the penang closed:(. DC has lots of place to go but parking is big issue:D.

  13. I just love Malaysian food too... have you ever tried nasi lemak? One of my close friends is a malaysian married to a Brit and she always tells me what to order.

    By the way... have you ever tried making macher paturi? I'm thinking of making this soon and I even managed to find banana leaves in a Chinese supermarket!

  14. Can you tell me where is the best Indian chinese available in Edison. The type which you get to eat in Indian roadside that taste. I plan to make a visit to Oaktree Rd etc. But need some guidance. Could you let me know.

  15. MishMash
    Yeah "desi" way brings out the "asli" taste specially with stuff like the SAyam Rendang and Ikon Bilish

    Do try, you will like it

    I didn't like the fried ice cream much though :(

    Suma & Swapna

    Never tried Gado Gado salad, shall look for it next

    Yeah I like Nasi Lemak too, but this time we didn't order any
    Macher Paturi, kala patay mure, wow, nah ami try korini, kokhono kala pata notice korini.

  16. Kausum

    In OakTree there is Ming (Mughal's cousin, bhai, bhatija something) Very good ambience, but a bit pricey

    Nanking is a new one. Have branches at Oak Tree and more. Haven't been to the one at Oak Tree but have visited other branch. Service was bad but food was good enough

    Szechuan Garden in Parlin, NJ -- Google for the address
    Claims the cook is from Tangra, Kolkata. Was initially Calcutta Styled now calls themselves Desi Styled. Food is good specially the shrimp dishes and the shrimp cutlet, ambience ok, not high end.

  17. Haha...Loved the way you presented it..I've never tried Malaysian food before...! something new to try, the next time I am in NJ....you know, we have a direct flight from Newark to St.John's...you should come here sometime too!

  18. Haven't tried Malay food in here, but in Singapore I did. Love them! Never forgot that stuffed egg paratha, very filling though. Fried ice cream!!! Looooong time no see! Sound like an excellent restaurant, all the food are nicely presented!

  19. Hey Sandeepa,
    this is very unfair.I just cant stop my mouth from watering.hmmm lovely pictures though.Hey you had a pretty good view out of the window na..cool obviously you might have had a lovely time na...

  20. Fried ice cream..mango chicken..yummylicious.This post was my kinda "Master card" to Food fiesta.Thanks Sandeepa.

  21. Sandeepa, thanks for sharing your lovely photos & story!! Somehow I missed you are in NJ? Malaysian would be fairly new for me too -- looks great but my fav. is the ocean :)

  22. Nice take off on Mastercard, Sandeepa. The room with a view pic was nice.

  23. Hi Sandeepa, I don't know about authenticity because I never really liked my mom's version of beef rendang, so I'll have to set out on my own and look for a "real" recipe! :)

    But if you're impatient to try it out yourself, check out (type "rendang" in the search field):

    In any case, I'll try making a chicken version some day!

  24. Sandeepa, you've got my taste buds literally craving for all those delights...you must have had a ball...

  25. Trupti
    Hee, hee...I think you should find a malaysian restaurant in St. John's too

    Since you are in NJ, give Penang a shot

    Thanks it was very refreshing.

    The mango chicken and the rendang were too good, really

    Malaysian is closer to Indian cusine in taste and I bet you would like it. I have never tried the vegetarian options though

    Sra, Sunita, Sumitha
    Thanks that I could tickle your taste buds :)

    We had chicken rendang, I don't eat beef, so shall look forward to your version and meanwhile shall check out the link

  26. OOh looks like you had a bash!I love thai but it has been sooo long since I had thai..we used to got to a thai restaurant near to North brunswick.Just loved the food there!never tried malaysian food though,gotta research a bit here and see if we can get veggi food at malaysian restaurants!

  27. Glad U had a wonderful time and all these dishes look so nice that i want to go a Malaysian restaurant this weeend!!!!
    I have this fried ice cream in a chinese restaurant in Chennai... still dont have a clue how it is cold inside and hot outside.

  28. Yummmmmmmmmm!Time to make plans for our weekend Dinner.

  29. Nice trip! Thanks for sharing the pics.

  30. Your description about the recipes is wonderful.I haven't tried malaysian food before.I didn't see any penang restaurant in this new brunswick area.I am planning to visit the restaurant in edison this weekend.Thanks Sandeepa.

  31. Hi Sandeepa,

    We have a Penang Garden here in the Bay area. I wonder if it is the same branch. The next time, try their house special fried rice - heavenly doesn't even begin to describe it :)

  32. Hey Sandeepa
    Gado Gado is a vegetable salad, served with spicy peanut dressing and hard boiled eggs. I order without eggs:D

    Penang's taste really good.

  33. Hi Sandeepa,
    penang--- Food paradise!!! We visited 2 years back and enjoyed very much..


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